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Okay, I like to have a bunch of stuff for you to download come Epiphany, because... I like to, and it's a good excuse to Get Stuff Done. However, I've just noticed that Mediafire has finally changed how their links work-- instead of the new, readable URLs and the old random URLs working equally well, now only the readable links work. I've updated everything in the Supernaturals tag, and I'll be going over the actual Downloads tag over the next few days. It's the hair dumps that'll take me the longest. I'll re-code my Secret Santa gift when I've got, you know, all my other links fixed.

(I know, I know, I should get a Sims File Share account and ditch Mediafire or use it to mirror, but part of me feels like if I have to re-upload everything, then I should go through it all and edit special characters out of filenames.)

Anyway, if nothing else, I hope to have a new hair dump up on the sixth. I have a couple other things mostly or partly finished! We'll see if I get them into any shape for uploading.
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I got my desktop reassembled!

Couple of minor hiccups with things like having to go into BIOS and change a setting I did not and still kinda don't understand so Vista installation would finish, six years worth of Windows updates having to install at once, and so many drivers, but I'm up and running and a good chunk of tomorrow will be spent installing Sims 2 and possibly SC4. ... And all my Sims-related programs. I honestly might have more programs for Sims management and customization than I do for anything else I do on the computer. SimPE and a mess of plugins, Wardrobe Wrangler, Compressorizer, HomeCrafter, Hack Conflict Detection Utility, Delphy's Download Organizer, Clean Installer, Collection Creator, NPC Replacer, and I keep thinking I should get the Lot Resizer. Shoot, a bunch of my non-Sims programs, I got for Sims-related purposes (Irfanview, Bulk Rename Utility, Audacity, frickin' Photoshop).

I am so, so ready to be able to make things properly again. Full-sized keyboard, enormous monitor (the laptop is kinda letterboxed, so I can see a lot from side-to-side but I scroll a lot), comfy sitting arrangement, all the RAM, and I know all the old mistakes I made and I'm totally ready to never make those again and instead make all new mistakes.

And after a basically-five-month enforced hiatus from Serious Sims Creation, I bring lessons you can learn from my misfortune! Cut for Learning Experiences. )

I feel like I've got more of my life in order than usual, it's nice.

(Also we got a kitten, because there was a cat-shaped gap in the household and it's been years since we've had a kitten. Her name is Penelope and I could babble about her, but this week her most fantastic feat has been jumping five feet straight up into the air to climb onto my computer armoire. We've had cats for as long as I can remember-- sometimes a lot of cats, I'm thirty-six and the late 80s and early 90s saw a lot of unfixed kitties at my house-- and I have never lived with one as dedicated to 'find the highest point of all the things' as Penelope.)
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I've only got one tester so far, but so far, everything is working for that tester.

AND I can add custom interactions to the mod! I've had the instructions for it for a while, but I hadn't actually gone and tried to mess with any BHAVs. That means I can do a G-Rated Religion expansion pack for each Sims expansion pack, giving you more actions that can be banned or allowed by each in-game religion.

Anybody know if regular playable Sims can steal anything besides newspapers, gnomes, and (with a hack) hotel towels? I've got five sets of behaviors I can add ban/allowable actions to-- Pathfinding Fail Tantrums (I may re-name that Anger or something, but I have to find something else to ban under it and beg my tester to see how it works), Theft, Violence, Indiscretion (gossip, bragging, gross out; manners failures, basically), and Disrespect (nag, insult, annoy, I'm planning to add pranks; petty meanness). In the Vanilla mod, Violence has the most interactions banned, and Theft and Pathfinding Tantrums have the least, which is why I'm hoping to find more stealing-based actions to make bannable.

I'm going to go through the Prima guides hopefully tonight and make notes on expansions, but if you have suggestions about custom interactions, I'm all ears-- especially if you'd be willing to help test them.
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Hard drive itself: Still failing.

But today I pulled on my big-Simmer pants and fired up the desktop to go grab the last of the files I forgot, which went swimmingly (albeit with a few "OH GOD WHAT ARE YOU DOING BACK EVERYTHING UP AND SHUT DOWN" warnings from the computer). Grabbed the screenshots I was missing but had resigned myself to losing forever, the one writing project that lost a scene in the shuffle, one set of clothing recolors that got missed in the original upload, a surprising number of fonts, and a few random files that were sitting around, all un-backed-up. ... Then I spent the rest of the day organizing my passport drive. (If you are in a position to afford one, get yourself a passport drive and back up to it regularly.) I've got enough unreleased content (if not screenshots, yet) for a smallish Hair-And-Beard dump, and due to my reduced computing circumstances, I'm now looking for testers for:

A) G-Rated Chris Hatch Religion by Hat and Larky (requires Apartment Life or M&G)...
B) the ACR V2 Final version of my aging mod.

I'm also looking for a BHAViorist to tie some prayable objects into said Religion Mod and/or combine interactions of a couple of custom wedding arches, but that's less 'content I want to make/release' than it is 'content I want to play with.'
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Okay, so I am out of town until the eighth, probably functionally until the ninth, because Mom wants to a) meet her first grandbaby and b) be in Disneyland for her birthday, and those two things are conveniently adjacent. I've got the laptop, but I never got all the expansions or even SimPE installed on it, so my creating abilities are seriously curtailed until I'm back home again.

However! Cynnix has reappeared, and brought with her some Child conversions of that mesh I need, so I'll be able to put up a MUCH more complete set of men's underwear than I'd worried!
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I've been crossing things off on my original post, but here's where I stand on The Last Great Men's Underwear Post I Hope To Make (Barring Bodyshape Conversions):

Files Made:

80 Braises with Bare Feet as Undies, Swim, & Sleep (Child through Elder, Maxis Male, Androgyny Male, and Androgyny Female swimwear meshes)
24 Braises with Bindings as Undies & Swim (Teen through Elder, Androgyny Female swimwear meshes)

820 Braises with Chausses as Undies & Swim (Child through Elder, Maxis Male, Androgyny Male, and Androgyny Female blockfoot swimwear meshes)
246 Braises with Bindings and Chausses as Undies & Swim (Teen through Elder, Androgyny Female blockfoot swimwear meshes)

246 Bottom-Only Chausses with Poulaines as Casual, Maternity, & Outerwear (Child-Elder, FantasyRogue's mesh and Cynnix's conversions)

Got Everything I Need:

246 Top-Only Tunics Casual, Maternity, & Outerwear (Child-Elder, FantasyRogue's mesh and Cynnix's conversion)
24 Shirts with Bare Feet as Undies, Sleep, & Swim (Child through Elder, Heget's Perfect Tunic 02 and Cynnix's conversion)
246 Shirts with Chausses as Undies & Swim (Child through Elder, Heget's Perfect Tunic 01 and Cynnix's conversions)

Total Lack Of Meshes:

24 Loose Nightgowns for Men as Undies & Sleep (Child and Teen conversion and morphs added to Heget's Alpharobe or AM and TM conversions of Cynnix's Wide-Sleeved Sexyfeet Amaryll Strapdress, or basically any long, loose, straight-sleeved, smooth-collared, sexy-footed, texture-referenceable robe mesh for Child, Teen, and Adult/Elder males.)

In short, I am four or five two or three meshes away from a set of 1,464 files that will complete everything I ever do with men's chausses and braises that isn't for a custom bodyshape, plus a set of 492 separates for boys, teens, and men that you could use to make 6,724 different color combinations for each age.

I still need to fix tooltips and replace textures in my masters and texture-reference the destined slaves, but I could have it all done by Valentine's Day.
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Eight linen colors braises with bare legs for CM-EM (done)
Eight linen colors Androgynous braises with bare legs for TM-EM (done)
Eight linen colors Androgynous braises with bare legs for TF-EF (done)
Eight linen colors Androgynous braises with breast bindings and bare legs for TF-EF (done)

Braises with 82 colors of chausses for CM-EM (done)
Androgynous braises with 82 colors of chausses for TM-EM (done)
Androgynous braises with 82 colors of chausses for TF-EF (done)
Androgynous braises with breast bindings and 82 colors of chausses for TF-EF (done)

Bottom-only chausses with poulaines in 82 colors of chausses (and a smaller variety of shoes) for CM-EM (done)

Eight linen colors shirts with bare feet for CM-EM (Lacking CM Mesh)
Shirts with 82 colors of chausses for CM-EM (Lacking CM Mesh)

Top-only tunics in 82 colors for CM-EM

Eight linen colors long loose nightgowns with bare feet for CM-EM (pretty much lacking anything but a couple decent ideas for meshes)

The textures for everything but the tunics are complete and ready to go; I'm down to button-pushing in Body Shop and then replacing crunched-up textures in SimPE (and slaving at least the non-child chausses, because when it's twenty colors, not slaving is no big, but when it's eighty-two...).

And, okay, quick questions: Would you rather I get the TM-EM nightshirts with and without chausses done and hope for child conversions at a later date, or continue begging for CM conversions of assorted Perfect Tunics and release all the scanties in one big lump? I'm shy four conversions and some morphs, and then I can add CM-EM shirts with bare legs, CM-EM nightgowns with bare legs, and CM-EM shirts with 82 colors of chausses to that list up there.

Also, would anyone be frustrated with me if I started categorizing appropriate separates as Outerwear as well as Casual (and where morphs allow, Maternity)? Anything with long sleeves pairs nicely with the cloaks.
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Updated the hair to-do list. Incoming in the next dump will be:

M&G Achilles, Nouklet'd, two variations
M&G David, brightened for better color match

HCove TS3 Teddy (or you can go to HCove's tumblr and get it now; the mesh was a 300 followers gift and I did the textures because HCove asked for volunteers)
HCove TS3 Practical Curls (likewise)
HCove TS3 Surf Swept

Trapping TS3 Wavy Afro F, three variations
Trapping TS3 Wavy Afro M, three variations
Trapping TS3 Dreads Long F, two variations
Trapping TS3 Dreads Long M, two variations
Trapping TS3 Braided Long F
Trapping TS3 Braided Long M
Trapping All-Ages AL Witch Hats, three variations
Trapping All-Ages AL Wizard Hats, three variations (maybe. See cut for why maybe.)
Rose 028 Redux

Helga 76 FtM by Narusia

Callum All-Ages oFB Pixie
Callum/Cynnix All-Ages OFB Pixie FtM

And I won't swear that's everything that'll be in the next hair dump, that's just what I've been working on recently. I've been thinking of re-doing some of my old headcoverings, too. There are a couple that could use more detail, and a few things I'd dearly love to do that... don't appear to exist. If you're curious as to what hair-or-hat meshes I'd give my eyeteeth for... )

But hey, I'm up over 400 hairs now! And I can't tell if that's a point of pride or if I should just sob quietly.


Aug. 11th, 2013 07:45 pm
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I would be coding posts right now if my game hadn't crashed before I got all the pics I needed. Currently reloading.

Does anyone know if there are CM conversions of Heget's Perfect Tunics around? I don't seem to have any, which is going to make getting the menswear side of my to-do list done. (Not that I need all of them, either. In fact I need to go through them and figure out which ones I DO need.)
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Short smocks with hosen are done, and I'm working on separate tops with hosen-- that'll be at least another couple of days, I need to texture reference. AF is done and I've got all my info copied... but I also want to see if I can categorize separates for Maternity. And then I have to make bottom-only kirtles (base textures are done, actually) because it doesn't make sense to release tops without bottoms. Still debating on whether or not I want to add belts; I can't add aprons to these bottoms because I'd have to change the alpha. I am SUPER PROUD of my lacings.

The announcement is, I finally got my fanfic DW up and running! Well, up and strolling in a leisurely fashion, anyway. Currently it's all Monster High and Transformers (Beast Wars and 2007 movie) fanfiction, mostly one-shots and vignettes, so if you like stories based on media based on toys that won't take you all day to read, I am apparently your girl.

Oh, and also, I found this on Crab's tumblr and wanted to link it here, too, because this blog is equal parts Sims and historical nerdery, and finding out that same-sex marriage was a thing the Catholic church did in the Early Middle Ages, man, that is the kind of awesome historical nerdery that I thrive on.

EDIT: Yep, separates work in other categories! I don't know if they work okay without being flagged as Casual, or if they work in CAS (because I only flagged things for Maternity, like a ninny), but they work in the Plan Outfit dialogue! (This is very exciting, because if anyone ever does a rucked-up top-only dress with two groups, I can make it so everybody can throw an extra dress on over their everyday bottom-only dress of choice.) Onwards to wide-laced short-sleeved bottom-only kirtles!
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Le Chausseur la Troisième Partie is proceeding apace, but I'm of two minds about something. See, part of the next installment of Hat's Chausserie is top-only shifts for to go under bottom-only dresses. Eighty-two of them will have plackets with matching stockings (my wide-laced kirtles won't have stockings on the alpha, so you'll get an extra bit of coordination in the sock area), but I'm not sure what to do with the eight chausse-less recolors for more usual tops. Stockings to match the shift? Stockings in neutral shades? Stockings in a variety of reds, arranged in order of richness to coordinate with the shifts? (Red stockings seem pretty popular.) Feel free to weigh in and help me out; I'd like to do the blank ones before I move on to placketed.
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Did you know the GoS July Monthly Theme is Yesterday Is History, a catchall historical theme? Yeah, I'm working on a huge content dump. Trouble is, it's mostly underwear. So far:

CF-EF barefoot short smocks in 8 linen colors
CF-EF short smocks in 8 linen colors with chausses and garters in 82 color combinations
TF-EF braises with breast bindings in 8 linen colors

All complete-ish (I need to do some category-and-tooltip fiddling on the bindings and braises). But still in progress:

TF-EF braises and tuttensacks after the Lengberg Castle finds in 8 linen colors (I am working on the textures now)
CF-EF slim shifts in 8 linen colors
CF-EF loose shifts in 8 linen colors

And then, goddammit, I am making bottom-only kirtles with top-only shifts, stockings, and plackets in all 82 colors, because I will have done ALL THE UNDERWEAR. (I actually hate making underwear. I hate it so much. I've always hated making, even just sewing it for dolls, because it is boring. But I NEED it to make everything ELSE work, so what can I do? Underwear first, and then the fun stuff, that way if the underwear needs to show I already have those textures finished.)

A similar list of things is planned for men, but might not happen in time for the theme:

CM-EM barefoot braises in 8 linen colors
CM-EM braises in 8 linen colors with chausses in 82 colors
CM-EM barefoot shirt in 8 linen colors
CM-EM shirt in 8 linen colors with chausses in 82 colors (men apparently need that much more underwear than women I don't know)
CM-EM long smock in 8 linen colors

And then 82 bottom-only chausses and 82 top-only tunics, naturally. Although I'm actually not sure if I have the men's shirt and smock meshes I want for all the ages I need, my own copy of my to-do list has big question marks for the child sizes.

Really, I just need to get that said. Things are happening. Progress is being made.
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A lot of blather that's only tangentially related to Sims behind the cut. This isn't a personal-venting blog but I need to bitch and this has affected my Simming. ) For those of you who are only here for Sims, I won't hold not clicking the cut against you. I'm not even interested in what's behind the cut, it's just enough of an obstacle that it needs mentioning. Long story short, instead of four or five days with my home office (where the Simming computer lives) full of Guest, it's been eleven days and will be twelve before I get it back again. Possible nun-based goodies by the weekend if Guest-based departure goes smoothly and on time.
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Educational and amusing.

And DAMN, I want her hat.

Honestly, every clip I've looked at has impressed me in terms of historical accuracy. And I mean, it would impress me for a movie with a moderate budget, and this is an educational comedy clip show. Comedies always seem to put a surprising amount of effort into accurate costuming.

Horrible Histories clips on YouTube have been most of my weekend-- I'm particularly fond of their Historical Wife Swap skits. Also fun is Terry Jones's Medieval Lives, which the BBC made available in its entirety on YouTube, although I remember having some trouble with them randomly stopping. Still worth watching, just remember that aside from Monks and Troubadors, Mr. Jones focuses mostly on Medieval English lives.

ANYway, sorry for falling off the map again, May rose up with things I had to do in the real live physical world. I had a doll show to work, a trip out of town, a birthday, Mom goes back to work (she's been on disability since September, I think, for shoulder surgery) on Tuesday, and I have a week or two before my brother ensconces his fiancee in my home office, where the Simming computer lives, for a brief but ill-defined length of time... but before they turn up, I hope to have a small hair dump and some nun outfits (long story) to share. Hair to-do list has been updated with what I got done and what's still in the plotting stages.

And, hey, does anybody know how you go about extracting clothing meshes? Is it just go in, grab the appropriate GMDC, GMND, CRES, and SHPE, extract them, and make a new package, or is it more complicated than that?
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Well, if my luck and mojo holds out, there should be beards this weekend.

But okay, I'm doing this three ways: Unbinned, Binned, and Binned & Townie Friendly. I know what I'm doing for grays for townies, but I need a little advice on beards for TEEN townies. The thing is, I can't give you mix-and-match townie and non-townie for different ages, so my question is, should I:

A) Don't townie-enable any facial hair for teenagers.
B) Only townie-enable light facial hair for teenagers.
C) Just townie-enable all facial hair available for teenagers.

Teens don't get meshed beards, just the stuff painted directly on the face, like makeup. We're looking at five concentrations of stubble, and the basegame beards called Beard (which is a full beard, but a short full beard), Goatee, Mustache, Sideburns, Van Dyke (chin only), and Wispy (a lot like the goatee, but much lighter). If I had to pick which ones counted as 'light' for me, I'd go with stubbles one through three, the sideburns, the Wispy beard, and then I'd stare at the Van Dyke for a while.

I'm working on townie-enabling the meshed beards for now, since they don't have teen ages.
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520 files made and renamed.

Next up, if I don't lose my sanity, fixing tooltips (and some textures), and that'll be Version One of each beard done. Version two will be binned; version three binned and townie-enabled. You'll be able to mix and match, but not have multiple versions of each beard, because five hundred and twenty files is a lot of files.

Also, despite the fact that I am now down to SimPE monkey work instead of Body Shop monkey work, no promises on when the Beard Dump will be ready. The HARD part is coming up with cute names for the damned things, and I am surprisingly incapable of posting anything without the cute name.

But there is one other doodad I have lurking in the recesses of my folders I got permission to post, so that might go up first.

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When you have two two meshes, for which you came up with two different textures, but they'll totally both fit the other mesh, the answer is always 'two of everything,' right? Especially when it's beards?

(Slightly more serious question unrelated to beards: does a teen female untuckable top without vacuum-formed breasts exist, with or without morphs? There are two in-game but one appears to be the nude top (which means mine has nips) and the other is like, bikini-top nude, particularly noticeable on the fat morph. Because that, a pregmorph, and a shoeswap is all that stands between me and planning TWO sets of CF-EF Medieval separates.)
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So there I am, looking at my clothing to-do list after getting textures done for TF-EF gartered knee-high hosen and short shifts (tomorrow, probably CF stuff. WHY are kids' legs mapped so differently augh). It's a nice Works document with tables and everything, very easy to look at. I feel organized. I'm making notes, going okay, this underwear needs to be swim, this needs to be nightclothes, maybe I'll be smart and not put chausses in the nightclothes category so I can tell underwear, swimwear, and PJs apart when I use the clothing tool, but then I start looking at the rest of the list. I go to the Heraldic section, add Cynnix's MtF conversion of the Store chainmaille, then skip to the Other section, and add Androgyny bound chausses in 82 colors, because those are things I need to do again, and my brain whispers to me:

"You know, if you had the right meshes, you could do heraldic livery for your androgynous Servos."


"It's not like the Androgynous Servos came with separate formalwear meshes. You don't have to do a full makeover with the Clothing Tool, you can JUST change their formal and winterwear."

I don't even know how to change my Servos back into Servo clothes without an unlocker! Or how to effectively undo a Servo facial makeover!

"You were gonna make heraldic livery for lords' servants anyway."

OH MY GOD I HAVE UNDERWEAR TO MAKE and then separates and then outerwear and then at least one more full-body thing for CF-EF and two more for CM-EM, and THE REST OF THE HERALDIC STUFF and new Viking dresses and gym clothes. My Servos look awesome naked!

"They do, but you could even just take the regular Servo mesh and an unlocker and make painted-on heraldic BADGES for them. That would work for Casual, too, so you know who that Servo belongs to."

Okay, so I'm going to close Body Shop and Photoshop and go take the garbage out now, before my brain comes up with any MORE brilliant ideas. Should have the rest of the Front-Laced Lady kirtles up this week-- that's Athletic Girl and Androgyny, for those of you with your fingers crossed. I need to check meshes (Cynnix has been AMAZING you guys, all hail Cynnix) and edit a few preview pics.

(There WILL be a shitload of underwear soon. Don't ask me when soon is, I'm trying to be organized and get all my ducks in a row with textures I know I'll need for multiple projects, first.)

Hey, quick question, if I'm offering both barefoot and socked versions of a particular shirt, shift, chemise, or smock, how many linen colors is reasonable? I have CS5 now so I can run Aelia's Eco actions, and I'm torn between eight realistic linen colors or the same sixteen shades-of-rag I did for toddler and baby diapers and smocks. I figure if I stick to eight colors, I might actually USE all of them when it's time to do the eighty-two colors of chausses.
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OHGOD okay I have a sudden request list and it's all age conversions and/or sexyfeet and/or pregmorph additions.

I mean, mostly because I think I just figured out how to totally streamline my clothing to-do list AND unify the look of my game and bring you Medieval clothing that layers effortlessly from the scantest of scanties to big wintry fur coats.

1. Sexyfeet and Shoe Swaps
A. Kalynn's CU Simple Shift, found here. (Tapping at the Window or Past Eight O'Clock.) Silvain provides!
B.Heget's Perfect Tunics (straight sleeve, both lengths) with FantasyRogue's poulaines for TM-AM (I thought I had them. Turns out I do not)

2. Age Conversions
A. TO CF: Cynnix's edit of Needlecream's edit of a Liana dress, found here. Cynnix provides!
B. TO CM: Cynnix's edit of Ophelia's cross-less edit of Aligeth's Friar Tuck with FantasyRogue's Poulaines, found here. Cynnix provides!
C. TO CF: Beryllium's Frig Dress, found here. Cynnix provides!
C. To CM: Heget's Perfect Tunics with long and short fitted-sleeve tunics (steal the sleeves from these girls' gowns!) with poulaines, and a short, basic-sleeved tunic (01/02) with poulaines.

3. Morphs
A. Pregmorph: Bloom's Bigger Rounder Pregnant Belly TF True Nude, found here. (It explodes. Pls halp!)* Turns out it was my default version, not Bloom's original. But Cynnix provides!
B. Pregmorph: Skell's Happy Holidays Euro Santa Robe, AM (TM if you want), found here.
C. Cocomama's TF Plantsim Conversion, found here.* Cynnix provides!
D. Tiggerypum's AM Alpha Tunic, found here. (TM at mesher's discretion; other shapes need morphs but this post is about Maxis shapes) Cynnix provides!

4. Combinations and/or Other
A. Cocomama's Wide Fur Coat Long (find Dicreasy's AF pregmorph here) is something I very much want for winterwear, but I need:
i. TF Conversion with Pregmorph Dicreasy provides!
ii. CF Conversion Cynnix provides!

B. K8 of Parsimonious's Fairy Witch Gown is an awesome fantasy style, but I feel it needs:*
i. AF Pregmorph Cynnix provides, at that link!
ii. TF Conversion with Pregmorph Cynnix provides again! Same link.
iii. AF & TF conversions made into Apartment Life witch defaults Morganna provides, but still at the same link!
iv. CF Conversion Cynnix provides!

D. The Sims 2 Store Castle Set Knight could use a gender conversion (just fix the necks; under that much padding everyone looks the same); I'm not dying for it but it would make the heraldry sets nice and symmetrical. Cynnix provides an AF conversion AND an AM pregmorph, PLUS Androgyny versions!

* = I have no new texture plans for this mesh but desperately want it edited anyway.


LAYERS. Thanks, Heget, for that idea. I want to be able to make my Sims' underwear chausses match their casual chausses. I want all the colors and styles to coordinate. I want underwear that fits under the casual clothes, and I want everybody to have at least three different options (before even looking at color) for every clothing category, regardless of age or gender. My list of partially-completed things to do looks like this at the moment:

Diapers, smocks, and smocks with coifs for infants
Diapers, smocks, and shifts for toddlers
Braises, braises with chausses, shirts, shirts with chausses, and long smocks for CM-EM
Braises with simple breast wraps, braises with German breast bagges, short smocks, short smocks with hosen and garters, and long shifts for CF-EF

At least three, maybe five everyday outfits for infants
At least three, maybe five everyday outfits for toddlers

Top-only tunics for CM-EM
Bottom-only chausses with poulaines for CM-EM (same as I've already done, only in all 82 colors I use)
At least three, maybe five full-body cross-class outfits, CM-EM

Top-only shifts with contrast placket for CF-EF (Silvain is on this, meshwise)
Bottom-only kirtles with wide lacings for CF-EF (again, Silvain is on it)
At least three, maybe five full-body cross-class outfits, CF-EF

Cocomama's Fur Coat as outerwear for CF-EF
Skell's Euro Santa Robes as outerwear for CM-EM
At least two Gym-exclusive outfits for CM-EM
At least two Gym-exclusive outfits for CF-EF

Heraldic plate for YA-EM, maille with surcote for TM-EM, and maille with tabard, formal surcote, and servant's livery for CM-EM
Heraldic plate for YA-EF, maille with tabard for TF-EF, and sideless surcote and servant's livery for CF-EF
Better-Researched Viking Hangeroks for CF-EF, with accessory treasure necklaces

And then I'm still trying to give swimwear some thought. In the Middle Ages, swimwear was either 'underwear,' 'skinny-dipping,' or 'what you were wearing when you fell in the water.' And while I don't object to that, I also can't ever remember which category is 'swimwear' on the friggin' Clothing Tool, so I feel like I ought to add SOMETHING visually distinctive, really.

Heraldic sets will come in the seven colors that were legal heradrly in the High Middle Ages (red, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, and white), with and without devices, underclothes without hose will be in sixteen eight linen colors, underclothes WITH hose in at least 82 (I may do some parti-colored hose, I have ideas), and all regular Casual-Maternity-Formal-Gym-Outerwear outfits will come in about 82 colors. Anything I can texture-reference will be texture-referenced (and I want your opinion: I want to do very modest nursing slits on some TF-EF shifts and smocks. Would you rather I do versions with and without the slits or could you care less?) to save space, and I'll be pulling my no-bust-shading trick again so that if-or-when conversions to other body shapes happen, I can just texture-reference away with no worries.

I think I really need to separate the Medieval Pregmorph List from my wishlist, though. There are a lot of meshes on it I don't really use, or would love to get rid of, but it's still a useful reference for what meshes made without pregmorphs got them, and which ones still need them.
hat_plays_sims: All I did was crop-- go read Bite Me by Dylan Meconis, you'll laugh. (Default)
Because if it's up by Epiphany, it's technically still in time for Christmas.

DONE (except for pictures and things):

1. 48 mostly-Maxis, all Medieval recolors of Buggybooz nooks and niches
2. 86 Simple Toddler Kirtles
3. 16 toddler diapers in shades of rag
4. 16 INFANT diapers in those shades of rag (with and without sexy feet)
5. 82 Infant blankets
6. 16 Infant smocks (with and without sexy feet)
7. 82 Du Lac Cotehardies for CF
8. SynapticSims Magneto Helmet for YA-EU in twelve shades
9. 82 Du Lac Tunics for CM
10. Repositoried Du Lac tunics and cotehardies for TF and TM
11. 82 Du Lac Cotehardies for Androgyny AF, TF, AM, and TM
12. Aquilegia Royal We all ages, both genders (not started)
13. Other people's Plantsim conversions pinned to Seasons (for Cynnix)
14. Castaway Stories clothes AF swimsuit on Bloom's sexyfooted meshes (for Eva)
15. 83 Front-Laced Kirtles for...
Maxis CF, TF, and AF
RenGal v2 CF, TF, AF, and maybe EF

WIP (and why):

1. 83 Front-Laced Kirtles for...
Androgyny TF, AF, TM, and AM (awaiting mesh tweaks)
Athletic Girl TF and AF (awaiting mesh tweaks)
2. Beards, Pooklet'd (not started)
3. 166 Infant long kirtles (one set with coifs, one set without) (awaiting meshfix)
4. 166 Infant short kirtles with itty bitty shoes (not started)
5. 16 Infant Smocks with coifs (with and without sexyfeet) (awaiting meshfix)

PLANNING STAGES (will most likely not be done by Epiphany):

1. 82 Front-Laced Kirtles with placket (like this) for...
Maxis CF, TF, and AF
Androgyny TF, AF, TM, and AM
Athletic Girl TF and AF
RenGal v2 CF, TF, AF, and maybe EF
2. 82 Side-laced Gowns for...
Maxis CF, TF, and AF
Androgyny TF, AF, TM, and AM
Athletic Girl TF and AF
RenGal v2 CF, TF, AF, and maybe EF
3. 82 Side-Laced Gowns with rucked skirts (like this and this) for...
Maxis CF, TF, and AF
Androgyny TF, AF, TM, and AM
Athletic Girl TF and AF
RenGal v2 CF, TF, AF, and maybe EF


1. Lilith's blush hairlines as binned full-face makeups?
2. Wood For Sims Big Barn Kitchen Islands as Recolors (instead of stand-alone objects wth WFS)?

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