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So this here is the to-do list, the resource list, the stuff-I've-made list... Generally that big sticky post you see at the top of all the Sims blogs. It also has a wishlist, but I'll start with something slightly more grown-up than that.

To Do )
Content Posted Elsewhere )
Resources )
Wishlist (this section subject to random additions) )

In an effort to de-clutter the front page of a million stickyposts, here's where to find some of the more useful doodads I've posted in the past.

In-Journal Useful Links:

The Great Hair List: Where to find what I've made, plus status on hairs (or hats or beards) I'm working on.
Medieval Pregmorph Reference List: Links to Medieval meshes that don't have pregmorphs or originally didn't have pregmorphs but have since been updated. If you know a mesh that's gotten a bump, leave a comment.
Medieval Hat and Headwear Resource List: Medieval hats that exist, extant hats need updating for one reason or another, and hats that do not exist yet, but should.
Medieval Clothing Conversion List: Medieval clothing meshes that have been converted to other ages or custom bodyshapes, plus lists of meshes that haven't been converted but gosh they should be because that'd be awesome.
Medieval Resource List: Sims 2 Content: If I didn't make it myself, I downloaded it from somewhere in here.
Big Medieval Reference Post: Hat's long, messy Medieval research essay. No Sims content, just history, re-enactors, and me babbling.
Simple SimPE Tricks: How to make your Body Shop content do what you want, with a few Build Mode tricks, too.

And here's something I feel kind of silly about posting at all:

Behold the Tip Jar!

In case you feel like dropping me a buck or two, should you have a buck or two to spare, so I can do things like make sure my Photobucket bandwidth doesn't run out.
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But I've still got goodies for you.

1. Clean Underwear!
2. Le Chausseur 4!
3. Rogue's Gallery Separates!
4. Hair Dump XIII!

Sorry I missed my annual last-possible-day-for-Christmas-gifts day... but I didn't miss it by much, at least?

Simming has taken a back seat to reality for a few months; I'd like to thank everyone who donated back in October and November while my cat was so sick. It took a massive load off my mind, and I'm deeply grateful. For those who are interested, an update! ) Short version is, Harley is doing really well.

And now that she's out of the woods and holiday guests are back in their own homes, I'm free to let the housework slide and play Sims... oh, until about the end of the month. My sister's having a baby, and Weird Auntie Hat accepts her role as babysitter.

Oh, also, I'm aware there may be problems with some of my older hairs. I submitted a counter-claim to Mediafire today; this time it's someone claiming to be from Funimation rather than CBS who suspects I've got episodes buried in my pixel-hair.
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So, yesterday was the Twelfth Day of Christmas, and today is the last possible day you can give someone a Christmas gift before it's officially late. Like last year, I have goodies for you!

1. And Dagger (82 colors each of hooded and hoodless cloaks on a Cynnix mesh)
2. Seven Signs of Aging (Slig and modified SkyGuy15 Old Age masks)
3. Scraps post

And that does seem a little skimpy compared to last year, but remember I did put up Smoke Bomb and a pair of hair dumps, now with 100% more working links! And I am seeking meshing buddies for mostly shoe swaps and age conversions so I can get more all-ages menswear done. And a couple of hairs. Because obviously I haven't done enough hairs, right?
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In the Middle Ages, everybody wore hats. Male and female, young and old, rich and poor, everybody had a hat or a hood or both, and I have even seen pictures of people wearing a hood, a coif, and a hat. I mean, without a hat, how could you tell Robin Hood from Link? Sims 2 has been out since 2004, and people have been playing Medieval games and writing Medieval stories (like the excellent Kingdom of Lothere) for nearly that long, and there's still a decided lack of Medieval haberdashery in general, much less really well-made stuff.

So I have made a list! And today I have decided to give that list its own post.

This is a database-slash-wishlist, because not only do I want to link to all the awesome hats that exist for Sims 2, I want to link to some of the awesome possibilities for hats that the Middle Ages could inspire, and... well, I kinda want to point out which hats exist, but could use an overhaul (or are historically inacurrate-- though usually I only complain when they're wildly inaccurate). If you know of any hats I've missed, please let me know! If you find inspiration in this list and decide to make a hat, especially an accessory hat, please let me know, because if you make it, I will recolor it. (I make no promises as to when, but I will recolor it.)

The Medieval Headwear Wish/Resource List )
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Did you know the GoS July Monthly Theme is Yesterday Is History, a catchall historical theme? Yeah, I'm working on a huge content dump. Trouble is, it's mostly underwear. So far:

CF-EF barefoot short smocks in 8 linen colors
CF-EF short smocks in 8 linen colors with chausses and garters in 82 color combinations
TF-EF braises with breast bindings in 8 linen colors

All complete-ish (I need to do some category-and-tooltip fiddling on the bindings and braises). But still in progress:

TF-EF braises and tuttensacks after the Lengberg Castle finds in 8 linen colors (I am working on the textures now)
CF-EF slim shifts in 8 linen colors
CF-EF loose shifts in 8 linen colors

And then, goddammit, I am making bottom-only kirtles with top-only shifts, stockings, and plackets in all 82 colors, because I will have done ALL THE UNDERWEAR. (I actually hate making underwear. I hate it so much. I've always hated making, even just sewing it for dolls, because it is boring. But I NEED it to make everything ELSE work, so what can I do? Underwear first, and then the fun stuff, that way if the underwear needs to show I already have those textures finished.)

A similar list of things is planned for men, but might not happen in time for the theme:

CM-EM barefoot braises in 8 linen colors
CM-EM braises in 8 linen colors with chausses in 82 colors
CM-EM barefoot shirt in 8 linen colors
CM-EM shirt in 8 linen colors with chausses in 82 colors (men apparently need that much more underwear than women I don't know)
CM-EM long smock in 8 linen colors

And then 82 bottom-only chausses and 82 top-only tunics, naturally. Although I'm actually not sure if I have the men's shirt and smock meshes I want for all the ages I need, my own copy of my to-do list has big question marks for the child sizes.

Really, I just need to get that said. Things are happening. Progress is being made.
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So! These are Medieval, Castaway, or East Asian (and occasionally fantasy) meshes that were created without pregmorphs. After that list, there's a list of meshes created without pregmorphs that were later given pregmorphs by talented meshers. Meshes that were created with pregmorphs in the first place are not included on this list. Please feel free to comment if you can think of any meshes I've missed.

This is not a wishlist. I neither use nor intend to use all these meshes for anything. I still want to keep the full list around as a database, and maybe as inspiration-- if you want to learn to make morphs, there are plenty of options here! But it's my blog so I'm putting a *star* next to the meshes I desperately want pregmorphs added to, anyway.

Medieval Pregmorph Resource List )
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So, aside from my main stickypost, I have a Hair To-Do List, a Pregmorph Reference List, and a Hats and Headwear Resource/Wishlist. This post is going to be MOSTLY a wishlist, but secondarily a resource post, partlyy because I want to kind of streamline my main wishlist. If I put all my clothing conversion wishes in there, I'd be... Well, I'd have a very long and untidy wishlist.

Age Conversions )
Custom Body Shapes )
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Okay, I think I've put this off long enough. I'm sure I've missed things, but this is a good solid overview. I may add more later. And none of my own content is listed here, but... you're on my Dreamwidth. Click the Downloads tag, and suddenly there's everything.

I'm not really sure how I want to do this. )
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Reference, not resource-- there is no Sims 2 stuff linked here, just a lot of SCA and nerdy research and other such goodies.

Since my particular area of interest is clothing, that's most of what I'll be linking to here. But first let me admit that this is in NO WAY a comprehensive overview of the ENTIRE Medieval period, which lasted from around 400 to around 1500 AD, depending on how close to Rome you were. )
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Over the last week or so, I've been revamping my post-dated stickyposts to make linking to them and reading them easier. While I was at it, I kept getting bitten by the writing bug. My brain apparently decided recently that I just really need to write a lot of HTML. Anyway, because these won't turn up on your reading pages even in December of 2037, for anyone interested, I have...

Streamlined the main stickypost and updated my to-do list to reflect the new goal of CLOTHE EVERYONE EVER
Done nothing to the Pooklet'd Hair Masterlist because everything's on it and none of the links are broken
Separated the Medieval Pregmorph Reference List and described it as a reference list rather than a wishlist
Separated the Medieval Headwear Wishlist, which is half wishlist and half reference post, because I loves me some hats
Separated the Medieval Clothing Conversion Wishlist which includes a ton of meshes I don't use, but I'm leaving them on the list so I can link to them if they get converted
Finally written a Medieval Custom Content Resource List although I'm sure it's woefully incomplete, as it mostly has what I've bookmarked
Finally added a new Medieval Reference Post, showcasing in general the sort of research I do for my own game. There are So. Many. Links.
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OHGOD okay I have a sudden request list and it's all age conversions and/or sexyfeet and/or pregmorph additions.

I mean, mostly because I think I just figured out how to totally streamline my clothing to-do list AND unify the look of my game and bring you Medieval clothing that layers effortlessly from the scantest of scanties to big wintry fur coats.

1. Sexyfeet and Shoe Swaps
A. Kalynn's CU Simple Shift, found here. (Tapping at the Window or Past Eight O'Clock.) Silvain provides!
B.Heget's Perfect Tunics (straight sleeve, both lengths) with FantasyRogue's poulaines for TM-AM (I thought I had them. Turns out I do not)

2. Age Conversions
A. TO CF: Cynnix's edit of Needlecream's edit of a Liana dress, found here. Cynnix provides!
B. TO CM: Cynnix's edit of Ophelia's cross-less edit of Aligeth's Friar Tuck with FantasyRogue's Poulaines, found here. Cynnix provides!
C. TO CF: Beryllium's Frig Dress, found here. Cynnix provides!
C. To CM: Heget's Perfect Tunics with long and short fitted-sleeve tunics (steal the sleeves from these girls' gowns!) with poulaines, and a short, basic-sleeved tunic (01/02) with poulaines.

3. Morphs
A. Pregmorph: Bloom's Bigger Rounder Pregnant Belly TF True Nude, found here. (It explodes. Pls halp!)* Turns out it was my default version, not Bloom's original. But Cynnix provides!
B. Pregmorph: Skell's Happy Holidays Euro Santa Robe, AM (TM if you want), found here.
C. Cocomama's TF Plantsim Conversion, found here.* Cynnix provides!
D. Tiggerypum's AM Alpha Tunic, found here. (TM at mesher's discretion; other shapes need morphs but this post is about Maxis shapes) Cynnix provides!

4. Combinations and/or Other
A. Cocomama's Wide Fur Coat Long (find Dicreasy's AF pregmorph here) is something I very much want for winterwear, but I need:
i. TF Conversion with Pregmorph Dicreasy provides!
ii. CF Conversion Cynnix provides!

B. K8 of Parsimonious's Fairy Witch Gown is an awesome fantasy style, but I feel it needs:*
i. AF Pregmorph Cynnix provides, at that link!
ii. TF Conversion with Pregmorph Cynnix provides again! Same link.
iii. AF & TF conversions made into Apartment Life witch defaults Morganna provides, but still at the same link!
iv. CF Conversion Cynnix provides!

D. The Sims 2 Store Castle Set Knight could use a gender conversion (just fix the necks; under that much padding everyone looks the same); I'm not dying for it but it would make the heraldry sets nice and symmetrical. Cynnix provides an AF conversion AND an AM pregmorph, PLUS Androgyny versions!

* = I have no new texture plans for this mesh but desperately want it edited anyway.


LAYERS. Thanks, Heget, for that idea. I want to be able to make my Sims' underwear chausses match their casual chausses. I want all the colors and styles to coordinate. I want underwear that fits under the casual clothes, and I want everybody to have at least three different options (before even looking at color) for every clothing category, regardless of age or gender. My list of partially-completed things to do looks like this at the moment:

Diapers, smocks, and smocks with coifs for infants
Diapers, smocks, and shifts for toddlers
Braises, braises with chausses, shirts, shirts with chausses, and long smocks for CM-EM
Braises with simple breast wraps, braises with German breast bagges, short smocks, short smocks with hosen and garters, and long shifts for CF-EF

At least three, maybe five everyday outfits for infants
At least three, maybe five everyday outfits for toddlers

Top-only tunics for CM-EM
Bottom-only chausses with poulaines for CM-EM (same as I've already done, only in all 82 colors I use)
At least three, maybe five full-body cross-class outfits, CM-EM

Top-only shifts with contrast placket for CF-EF (Silvain is on this, meshwise)
Bottom-only kirtles with wide lacings for CF-EF (again, Silvain is on it)
At least three, maybe five full-body cross-class outfits, CF-EF

Cocomama's Fur Coat as outerwear for CF-EF
Skell's Euro Santa Robes as outerwear for CM-EM
At least two Gym-exclusive outfits for CM-EM
At least two Gym-exclusive outfits for CF-EF

Heraldic plate for YA-EM, maille with surcote for TM-EM, and maille with tabard, formal surcote, and servant's livery for CM-EM
Heraldic plate for YA-EF, maille with tabard for TF-EF, and sideless surcote and servant's livery for CF-EF
Better-Researched Viking Hangeroks for CF-EF, with accessory treasure necklaces

And then I'm still trying to give swimwear some thought. In the Middle Ages, swimwear was either 'underwear,' 'skinny-dipping,' or 'what you were wearing when you fell in the water.' And while I don't object to that, I also can't ever remember which category is 'swimwear' on the friggin' Clothing Tool, so I feel like I ought to add SOMETHING visually distinctive, really.

Heraldic sets will come in the seven colors that were legal heradrly in the High Middle Ages (red, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, and white), with and without devices, underclothes without hose will be in sixteen eight linen colors, underclothes WITH hose in at least 82 (I may do some parti-colored hose, I have ideas), and all regular Casual-Maternity-Formal-Gym-Outerwear outfits will come in about 82 colors. Anything I can texture-reference will be texture-referenced (and I want your opinion: I want to do very modest nursing slits on some TF-EF shifts and smocks. Would you rather I do versions with and without the slits or could you care less?) to save space, and I'll be pulling my no-bust-shading trick again so that if-or-when conversions to other body shapes happen, I can just texture-reference away with no worries.

I think I really need to separate the Medieval Pregmorph List from my wishlist, though. There are a lot of meshes on it I don't really use, or would love to get rid of, but it's still a useful reference for what meshes made without pregmorphs got them, and which ones still need them.
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The Feast of Epiphany on January 6th marks the day the wise men showed up to bask in the glory that was Mary's twelve-day-old baby, Jesus Christ. It also traditionally marks the very end of the Christmas season (yesterday was the twelfth day of Christmas), and is the very last day you can give a Christmas preset without it being technically late. (In fact among some Catholic families today, it's a tradition to wait for Epiphany for Christmas presents, adding almost two weeks of sales to the shopping season, on the grounds of "Baby Jesus had to wait for his presents; so do you.")

And I wouldn't really know about any of that if Disney hadn't written a damn song about the holiday-- in Medieval France, this would've been the Feast of Fools. This was a real thing. ... Probably without the pole dancing.

So, here are my not-quite-late presents to you guys.

1. The Front-Laced Lady (83 simple kirtles for assorted body shapes based on Sherahbim's Lady gown)
2. Du Lac Revisited (Du Lac tunics for CM, and cotehardies for Maxis CF Aquilegia's Androgyny AF, AM, TF, and TM)
3. Bundles of Joy (my first offering of non-default infant clothes) PLEASE NOTE: Sexyfeet smocks and diapers seem to have fallen prey to Mediafire's nonsense. I have submitted a ticket but their 24-hour turnaround time is not so very fast at all. Please be patient, I'm trying to fix it (as even when I re-upload with different file names, they get taken back down)
4. Cross-Pollination (Cocomama and Kittylynn's Plantsim content smushed together like chocolate and peanut butter)
5. Baby Steps (82 toddler kirtles with Aligeth textures, plus bonuses)
6. Home is his Castle (48 mostly-Maxis recolors of Buggybooz's Nooks and Niches)
7. Scraps Post (the bits and bobs that didn't really fit into larger posts. No in-game pics.)

Only seven posts, but there's a LOT of content in them.

Please let me know if I screwed up any links anywhere-- I've been through everything repeatedly, but fresh eyes are always good.
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Because if it's up by Epiphany, it's technically still in time for Christmas.

DONE (except for pictures and things):

1. 48 mostly-Maxis, all Medieval recolors of Buggybooz nooks and niches
2. 86 Simple Toddler Kirtles
3. 16 toddler diapers in shades of rag
4. 16 INFANT diapers in those shades of rag (with and without sexy feet)
5. 82 Infant blankets
6. 16 Infant smocks (with and without sexy feet)
7. 82 Du Lac Cotehardies for CF
8. SynapticSims Magneto Helmet for YA-EU in twelve shades
9. 82 Du Lac Tunics for CM
10. Repositoried Du Lac tunics and cotehardies for TF and TM
11. 82 Du Lac Cotehardies for Androgyny AF, TF, AM, and TM
12. Aquilegia Royal We all ages, both genders (not started)
13. Other people's Plantsim conversions pinned to Seasons (for Cynnix)
14. Castaway Stories clothes AF swimsuit on Bloom's sexyfooted meshes (for Eva)
15. 83 Front-Laced Kirtles for...
Maxis CF, TF, and AF
RenGal v2 CF, TF, AF, and maybe EF

WIP (and why):

1. 83 Front-Laced Kirtles for...
Androgyny TF, AF, TM, and AM (awaiting mesh tweaks)
Athletic Girl TF and AF (awaiting mesh tweaks)
2. Beards, Pooklet'd (not started)
3. 166 Infant long kirtles (one set with coifs, one set without) (awaiting meshfix)
4. 166 Infant short kirtles with itty bitty shoes (not started)
5. 16 Infant Smocks with coifs (with and without sexyfeet) (awaiting meshfix)

PLANNING STAGES (will most likely not be done by Epiphany):

1. 82 Front-Laced Kirtles with placket (like this) for...
Maxis CF, TF, and AF
Androgyny TF, AF, TM, and AM
Athletic Girl TF and AF
RenGal v2 CF, TF, AF, and maybe EF
2. 82 Side-laced Gowns for...
Maxis CF, TF, and AF
Androgyny TF, AF, TM, and AM
Athletic Girl TF and AF
RenGal v2 CF, TF, AF, and maybe EF
3. 82 Side-Laced Gowns with rucked skirts (like this and this) for...
Maxis CF, TF, and AF
Androgyny TF, AF, TM, and AM
Athletic Girl TF and AF
RenGal v2 CF, TF, AF, and maybe EF


1. Lilith's blush hairlines as binned full-face makeups?
2. Wood For Sims Big Barn Kitchen Islands as Recolors (instead of stand-alone objects wth WFS)?
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Whoo okay so.

I have an upload or two brewing (did some colors of Buggybooz's niches. And by some I mean, like, forty), but I also did some housekeeping, in that I tidied up my Sticky Post. I'm actually considering putting the wish-and-resource lists into their own posts, but I've added some projects to my to-do list (expect clothes again before too long; I've got toddler gowns in the works), started a Medieval Pregmorph section that may not be completely up to date (I got an adult male, an adult female, and a teen female Sim pregnant, then checked every mesh I have for pregmorphs. It took for-freaking-ever) but DOES have links to a metric fuckton of older Medieval-ish meshes that have been updated with pregmorphs. Feel free to shower me with links if you know where to find other Medieval pregmorph updates. I think I forgot Dicreasy's.

... Er, I lost part of a sentence somewhere-- anyway, I also threw together a wishlist as long as my arm for meshes I'd love to have converted to different ages, AND a similar wishlist for the three custom bodyshapes I want to use. That's in the stickypost, but right here I'm going to post a pared-down version. Feel free to ignore this if bodyshapes aren't your thing. )

So yeah, that's a thing. Oh, also I discovered this, which probably everybody else has seen before... but it's new to me, and it kind of thrills me because at least as a female example, it's REALLY close to my ideal for a plump bodyshape. (One step heavier than the Maxis fatmorph. It's perfect, it blends in well with AG/RNR (one, maybe two steps burlier than the Maxis default) and Aquilegia's Androgyny (same as Maxis from the waist seam down). Dang, man, I think I have to go make a request or a collaboration post at Garden of Shadows.
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Okay, so that took a lot longer than the few weeks I thought it would, but I've been in Lurker Mode for a long time. Lots has happened out in, you know, non-internet reality (including a kitchen remodel that Mom and I have been wanting for ten years, guys, do not remodel your kitchen if you aren't absolutely positive you have other places to put all the stuff that goes into your kitchen for at least a month, and also plenty of food that can just go straight from the fridge to your mouth), but this is a Simming blog and you guys deserve Simming posts. And boy oh boy, do I have Simming posts for you. I didn't actually stop CREATING while I was on hiatus, I just sort of stopped keeping up with... lots and lots of things. And in the last week or two, I finally started posting them-- I just decided to keep the posts private until I'd uploaded everything I had ready to go. If you don't want to scroll through my DW, you can just click these handy dandy links:

1. Hair Dump X Part One: The Franchise Reboot, Part Two: Hair Dump From the Black-And-Blue Lagoon, and Part Three: Nobody Expects the HAT Dump!
2. Sign of the Plumb Bob (Nichellerj's Plumb Bob Necklace with way too many recolors)
3. I Feel The Earth Move (selected Yuxi Oblivion, Druid Wow, and Kativip MS and LS floors as terrain paints)
4. The King Is In His Counting-House (Non-depreciating face-value coins on Worship4ever meshes)
5. Du Lac Cotehardies and Tunics (TF-EF recolors of Cynnix's Laced-Sleeve Gown and TM-EF recolors of Cynnix and Oph3lia's edits of Aligeth's Robin Hood Tunic)
6. Never Enough Thatch (Bon Voyage Thatched Roofs in select Project Mayhem and Any Color You Like actions)
7. Through A Glass Darkly (Medieval leaded recolors of Mustluvcats's Privacy Film)
8. Hangerock (twelve very simple Viking apron dresses on a Trapping mesh)
9. Invoking the Spirit (Bonehilda-as-Spectral-Assistant defaults (with [personal profile] faechangeling), Bonehilda outfits, and K8's Fairy Witch gown EA'd)
10. Le Chausseur, la Deuxième Partie (Chausses and braises for Aquilegia's Androgyny, Aquilegia's Improved Fatmorph, FantasyRogue's bottom-only chausses, and Cynnix's age conversions of FR's bottom-only chausses.)
11. Bonne Nuit (A dozen chemises with ZoeJ textures)
12. The Modest Lady (Sherahbim's Lady gown simplified a bit)

So there's that.

I will also still be in lurker mode for a while in terms of the general Simming community-- I do love and I have missed the social aspect of Sims 2, but it's actually pretty daunting to say 'today I will start keeping up with everything!' I will be trying to keep up with comments and private messages here a lot better, and I still have a lot left on my to-do list, so it should be a lot easier to get in touch with me. (I do not promise prompt replies, but I promise I will reply. Unless I can't tell you from spammers. There've been a LOT of spambots on my DW lately. Some of them have actually said quite complimentary things, even if they are halfway to incomprehensible.)

Like an idiot, of course, I decided to post this on a day when I'm planning to run errands, but I'm out of ready-to-upload content and I don't want to make you guys wait any longer.

I'm also looking for someone to help me with object creation-- recolorability and indoor shadows in particular. I think I've almost got that buyable-toybox-toys project licked, but the indoor shadows are giving me fits and I'd hate for folks to have to clone a new toy every time the world needs a recolored rocket ship.
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Here is a list! It is a list of hairs I have or plan to have Pooklet'd and then, shared. If you find lists boring, you should skip this entry.

This is the list right here. ) Current Count: 415 of 415 Finished.
The Redux Section ) Current Count: 16 of 16 Finished
Medieval Hats (Some Hairs, Some Accessories) ) Current Count: 25 out of 29 Finished
Stubble and Beards ) Current Count: 32 out of 32 Finished

Total Current Count: 457 of 460 hairs (and hats), 32 of 32 beards

Comments are temporarily DISABLED due to a spambot that leaves a dozen or so nonsense comments every. Single. Day. Feel free to PM me (I can take openID messages, too, from your LJ or blogspot or whatever) if you have an issue you'd normally want to address in this post.

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