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Good news, I got bit by the Sims bug again!

Bad news, in the midst of making a buttload of Medieval and passably-Medieval accessories, my hard drive failed. (Well, it's a six-year-old computer and this is the first real problem it's ever given me. I really don't feel TOO bad.) I'm on the laptop, which runs Sims but not well, and anyway doesn't have everything installed because last time I simmed on this machine, I was making custom CAS sets. I WILL be replacing the hard drive, which doesn't look all that difficult, and I was able to back up most of my data (I hope to be able to grab the rest of it, I just haven't, yet), but I'm not sure exactly when I'll be able to get everything together. Fall is one of those 'oh god, so busy' times for me.

Because I know people get concerned and it's been about a year since she got sick, Harley's doing fine. Seriously, her vet appointments are now twelve weeks apart (she's due for one in October), and she gets as clean a bill of health as any critter with lymphoma could possibly get every time. We did head down to Disneyland for three days in July, with Harley, which was... honestly actually easier than dealing with the six-month-old baby and the eighteen-month-old toddler on the same trip, despite the adults outnumbering the babies more than two to one. I'm actually looking forward to traveling with her more often. Harley handled eight-to-nine hours in the car like a champ (the first twenty minutes of the trip down, she was antsy, but once she realized we weren't going to the vet, she basically rotated napping spots) and after an hour or two to settle down she had pretty much adopted the hotel room as her own.

She has also adopted my nephew. If he cries, she comes to investigate. She's slowly teaching him how to pet the kitty, not grab the kitty's fur and pull. (She's blowing coat because it's summer, so mostly he just comes away with a handful of shed hair. Still, the sooner he learns to pet instead of pull, the happier every mammal within grabbing distance will be. He's given me a few good pulls, too, and I don't shed seasonally.)

Okay, so if you're not curious about the cat, you can skip that part and go straight to the downloads. Depending on when I can get a new hard drive, this and a tiiiiny hair dump may be the last from me for a while; it's harder to work Body Shop hotkeys on the laptop, and actually trying to run the game makes my poor little 'oh I only need it for travel, it doesn't have to be a powerhouse' laptop run hot enough to keep soup warm.

Before we duck behind the cut, I want to say that recolors of these accessories are TOTALLY welcome. Just be sure to credit not only the Simmers involved but also the folks who made the original replicas, if you recolor the replica jewelry. And maybe link me? I do so love shiny things. ALSO! Don't do paysites; some stuff uses Pooklet and Aelia's actions and they say no; most of the rest is photoskinned replica jewelry and while having pixel versions for Sims might count as parody or fair use (because it's educational!), only the jewelers are legally entitled to make money off their hard work.

Fair warning: you cannot layer glasses-bin accessories that use the same mesh (which I didn't know when I started this project). You get one shot with each mesh, no matter what I do to the bin numbers. Ordinarily this doesn't matter, but with the alpha-editable Liana Sims set, things get a little limited unless you can use Bon Voyage jewelry to layer different earrings and necklaces. Once you can do that, the mesh matters less than the jewelry type.

Tl:dr: Glasses-bin, one item per mesh even if it's otherwise layerable; BV Jewelry, one item per jewelry type per Sim.

Also, due to my current reduced computing circumstances, I can't actually check that I got the BV jewelry binned right. Would that I could! If I put things somewhere where they don't belong, let me know and I'll fix it. (Likewise let me know if I mangled any links. Happens, sometimes.)

Well, let's stop dithering and get to downloading!

Long Chain with Pendant
Aikea-Guinea AF Longer Necklace | Young Adult-Elder | Female | 143 Polys
So, something like 90% of today's jewelry accessories are Medieval replicas. Sure, they're photoskinned, but I hope you'll agree with me that jewelry is one of the places where straight-up photoskinning (at least from a good photograph) is acceptable for Sims.

Usually the ladies' mesh doesn't clip on too many outfits. Busty or plump body shapes may have problems. The accessory version is flagged for casual, formal, outerwear, and maternity, and the Bon Voyage version will be under Necklaces.
DOWNLOAD Accessory | DOWNLOAD BV Jewelry

Long Chain with Pendant
Aikea-Guinea AF Longer Necklace | Young Adult-Elder | Male | 143 Polys
Okay, yep, these necklaces are the same as the ladies' versions, to the point where you could slave them, were you so inclined (and wanted to keep everything). Who have I stolen from today? Well, the Black Death pendant (actually a brooch), Holbein Pendant, and silver Reliquary Cross are from Danegeld, the Bishop Cross, Spilla, and Bijou pendants (Spilla and Bijou are actually brooches) are from Aurifabrum, and the Catherine of Aragon pendants are from Tudor Jewels (although the emeralds were cut from the Sapphire & Sage version of the same pendant).

The men's mesh can clip raised or layered clothes; it looks neat on some outfits, like it's being worn under a coat, but frequently it just disappears. The swatch is shown on the Sims 2 Store chainmaille, though, so there's more leeway than it sounds like. The accessory version is flagged for casual, formal, outerwear, and maternity, and the Bon Voyage version will be under Necklaces.
DOWNLOAD Accessory | DOWNLOAD BV Jewelry

Men's Alpha Necklace
Aikea-Guinea's Male Alpha Necklace | Young Adult-Elder | Male | 156 polys
Behold, as close as I can come to a livery collar or chain of state with current meshes! The images are both from Tudor Jewels (though to see the Richard III chain of office you might have to click through to their Pewter Replicas site), and unfortunately they do distort a bit.

They also clip like a son of a gun on many, many meshes; you want something that fits close to the line of the body. Again, the accessory version is flagged for casual, formal, outerwear, and maternity, and the Bon Voyage version is under Necklaces.
DOWNLOAD Accessory | DOWNLOAD BV Jewelry

Accessory-Only Rings
Silver | Copper | Brass | Bronze | Iron | Pewter | Tin
Aikea-Guinea's Stackable Rings (lower only) | Young Adult-Elder | Unisex | 194 polys per ring
Here's a thing I learned! In the Middle Ages, there was no such thing as a ring finger. If the ring fit the finger, you put it on. Mid-knuckle rings were a thing, too. Check out the reliquary of Saint Blaise over at Medieval Rings to see a particularly stacked example. Rings were a piece of jewelry you could wear and admire without a mirror, and if they were a precious metal, they were an easy way to transport your wealth. I really should've done the upper stacks, too.

I did not bin these for Bon Voyage because, alas, Bon Voyage only lets me bin for thumb, index, and pinky rings (although you have two options for right-hand index rings). They come in literally every metal I have ever heard of being used in Medieval jewelry, to appeal to all possible classes-- and anyone who wants to wear a little bit of iron to keep the goblins and ghosties away. These CAN be slaved, but if you want to slave the gold rings... slave to something on the left hand as a master, the pinkie and thumb rings are mapped to a different bit of the texture and I didn't realize that until I got to my first recolors on the right hand.

Gold is what you want to wear in the Middle ages (and is pictured above; the rest are linked). Save up for it if you can, and plenty of people went for gold gilt over silver if they couldn't get gold. Silver shows up periodically in extant jewelry, as does silver gilt over tin, but really, people seemed to have saved their silver for practical items, like spoons or plates or goblets. (Silver is great for food-service items, as it's naturally anti-microbial.) Copper isn't quite a precious metal, but it turned up in jewelry now and then; brass was a solid step down from gold-gilt over silver. Bronze is more seen as hardware than as jewelry (belt buckles, cloak clasps), but there's no reason it couldn't be jewelry. Iron isn't so decorative-- but it's still iron, and proof against fairy enchantments. Pewter isn't really a good metal for rings, but it was the metal for Medieval pilgrim badges. And tin, well. You can pretend it's silver, can't you?

They're flagged 0x0000027F, and I will admit I'm not sure what that comes to, except that it doesn't include outerwear (and probably includes Gym instead of Maternity, but I understand rings tend to end up in jewelry boxes during pregnancy anyway). These do not have custom thumbnails (there are eighty rings. I'm just not up to that), but they do have descriptive tooltips. (If you want to make custom thumbnails for these, let me know and I'll send you my raw screenshots of the hands.)

Folding Wooden Spectacles
SAU/Daum Prida Eyeglasses 02 | Child through Elder | Unisex | 128 Polys
Eyeglasses start turning up just before 1290, both for reading and for plain old vision correction. Boxes and boxes of eyeglass frames like these have been found, suggesting that the folding wooden frames were replaced more often than the specially-ground lenses. Like a big silly, I didn't keep track of where I found the glasses I modeled these after, but you can get a nice overview of early eyeglasses right here.

These are flagged for casual, formal, maternity, gym, and outerwear.
DOWNLOAD Accessory

Pinc-Nez Eyeglasses
SAU/Daum Prida Eyeglasses 02 | Child through Elder | Unisex | 128 Polys
Metal was more in use for eyeglasses meant to stay on during strenuous activity (the folding wood or horn versions had to be tied to the head with string for them to stay on). These are Daum's original textures (especially the gold), I just tweaked them to make them a little rounder, tint the glass a little greener, and then recolored the heck out of them. You don't get all the same metals as you got in the Aikea rings, because I like multiples of four and I really wanted to include tortoiseshell and mother-of-pearl.

These would be workable for later periods, as well. They're also flagged for casual, formal, maternity, gym, and outerwear.
DOWNLOAD Accessory

Ladies' Alpha Pendant
Drpixel alpha necklace | Teen through Elder | Female | 150 Polys
This is a very flattering little necklace that hangs just below the collarbone. It works really well with most female meshes, but once you start getting into busty or heavy bodyshapes you may see some clipping. The funny thing about necklaces is, although I've made a BUNCH of them, they weren't really all that popular in the Middle ages. Now, we see lots and lots of pendants, but where we modern folks look at a pendant and think "That must go on a chain around the neck," and think ourselves creative when we swap out the chain for pearls or a ribbon or beads, Medieval folks were temporarily stitching those pendants to hats or their necklines.

These are flagged for casual, formal, and outerwear (got 'em uploaded before I realized I hadn't flagged them for maternity), and the Bon Voyage versions are binned as necklaces.
DOWNLOAD Accessory | DOWNLOAD BV Jewelry

Men's Alpha Pendant
Drpixel alpha necklace | Teen through Elder | Male | 150 Polys
As with most of the Proper Medieval Jewelry in this dump, all these textures are pillaged from replica sites; the V&A pendants, tudor reliquary, and Holbein pendant are from Danegeld, the Jane Seymour and Catherine of Aragon are from Tudor Jewels, and unfortunately I no longer remember where I found the amethyst and amber pendants, and they may not be 100% accurate (but they're of a plausible design, which is frequently good enough). Because these are so tight to the neck, they don't clip very much.

For some reason the men's versions are only flagged for casual and outerwear. Adjust your categories before you clone! The Bon Voyage versions are flagged as necklaces.
DOWNLOAD Accessory | DOWNLOAD BV Jewelry

July77 081203 AM Necklace | Young Adult-Elder | Male | 569 Polys
Okay, I may have mentioned that silver wasn't a super-popular metal for jewelry in the Middle Ages, and I swear to you I was not fibbing-- at least for most of Europe. Vikings loved the stuff. (They loved gold, too. Vikings wore as much of the best of everything as they could get ahold of.) Variations on the theme of Thor's hammer, the mighty Mjolnir, were very popular, and still look pretty darned spiffy today. These are all replicas from Danegeld based on archaeological finds. This mesh is the only one I've found that fits over the cowl of Aligeth's Robin Hood tunic.

These necklaces are showerproof (0x000013FF), which I didn't realize but it means they stay on in all outfits including naked, as accessories. As Bon Voyage jewelry, they're binned as necklaces.
DOWNLOAD Accessory | DOWNLOAD BV Jewelry

Norse, But Not Mjolnir
July77 081203 AM Necklace | Young Adult-Elder | Male | 569 Polys
But it's not like Thor's mighty (but oddly short-shafted-- seriously, that was Loki's doing, as were most of the jokes about what else might be short) hammer was the only possible pendant for a sliver-loving Viking to wear. All of these (except, I think, the longboat, which I can't remember where I found) are from Danegeld, too. And Gungnir, for the record, is Odin's spear. To swear something while touching Gungnir is to make a completely unbreakable oath.

These, too, are showerproof, and the Bon Voyage versions are binned as necklaces.
DOWNLOAD Accessory | DOWNLOAD BV Jewelry

Byzantine Jewelry
Liana Jewelry Set | Teen through Elder | Female | 617 Polys
These are technically Medieval without falling into the 'look' we think of as Medieval. However, as I was rummaging around the internet, looking for Medieval jewelry, I found these and just sort of fell in love with them. My Sims must have them.

They are both originally just earrings, and the textures come from extant examples, not replicas. They just... also needed to be pendants. And why do you get the earrings, the necklace, and the necklace-and-earrings? Because you can't layer accessories that use the same mesh, even if they're otherwise layerable. I'm both very sorry and deeply disappointed, but you just can't do it. I tried. If you want to layer things that use the same alpha-editable mesh, you have to be able to use Bon Voyage jewelry.

These are flagged for casual, formal, maternity, gym, and outerwear as accessories, and the Bon Voyage versions are binned as RIGHT EARRING for just earrings, NECKLACE for just necklaces, and LEFT EARRING for the full sets, in case you want to add another necklace.
DOWNLOAD Accessory | DOWNLOAD BV Jewelry

Jane Seymour Suite
Liana Jewelry Set | Teen through Elder | Female | 617 Polys
Thank you, Tudor Jewels, for your high-quality photographs of your high-quality replicas. These are, technically, a little late for my game, but I'll take 'late and exists' over 'exactly precisely period and still imaginary' any day of the week. The necklace is based on a portrait of Jane Seymour, although I admit I forgot where the pendant was supposed to go (it hangs from the collar, not the second necklace) when I was placing things. Adding earring versions of the pendant is out of period but I feel like it sort of completes the look. (I am, however, a modern person so my ideas of jewelry are fairly modern.)

Like it says on the free space, accessory versions can't be layered, because they're on the same mesh.

The flagging is again, casual, formal, maternity, gym, and outerwear. For Bon Voyage, the earrings are RIGHT EARRING, the necklaces, pearls, and collar are NECKLACES, and the parures (suites with earrings, although this mesh has room for a ring and a bracelet, too) are LEFT EARRINGS, in case you want to add more necklaces.
DOWNLOAD Accessory | DOWNLOAD BV Jewelry

Miscellaneous Earrings
Liana Jewelry Set | Teen through Elder | Female | 617 Polys
The usual suspects rear their heads for textures; 8x6, Cluster, Hex, and Petal are from Danegeld, Henry VIII (no really, it sholdn't be 7th, that's a typo in the picture) is from Tudor Jewels, and Cushion is from Acanthusleaf Designs (credited in the tooltips as Medieval Jeweler because I only wrote down their URL), and the ruby Cabochon is... honestly a contemporary earring I found on Google while searching for cabochons.

Earrings weren't actually hugely popular in Europe in the Middle Ages, likely because high-born women covered their hair and ears. Earrings in artwork were meant to denote that someone was from ~*Exotic Places*~ like Byzantium or Africa or Persia or somewhere even more eastern (and thus, closer to Eden and more fascinating). But hey, I love jewelry and there aren't enough hairs that cover the ears to skimp out on the earrings.

Accessory versions are flagged for casual, formal, maternity, gym, and outerwear. Bon Voyage versions are binned as Right Earrings.
DOWNLOAD Accessory | DOWNLOAD BV Jewelry

Miscellaneous Necklaces
Liana Jewelry Set | Teen through Elder | Female | 617 Polys
These have the same 'chain' as my Plumb Bob necklaces. The Princess Elizabeth pendant is by Tudor Jewels (predictably) and the garnet pendants are Acanthusleaf Designs. I plopped the biggest one that'd fit on the alpha down first, decided it was ludicrous but I loved it, and THEN shrunk it. So two versions are possible.

Accessories will show up for casual, formal, maternity, gym, and outerwear. Bon Voyage versions are binned as necklaces.
DOWNLOAD Accessory | DOWNLOAD BV Jewelry

Pearl Drops
Liana Jewelry Set | Teen through Elder | Female | 617 Polys
Based on a pair of earrings from Danegeld, I couldn't resist doing a pendant, too. They're just so simple and clean and appropriate... pretty much forever. This is not period jewelry, this is timeless jewelry. And of all the goodies I've slapped onto this mesh, this one looks particularly age-appropriate and charming on teenagers.

Blah blar blah casual formal maternity gym outerwear. For Bon Voyage, earrings are RIGHT EARRING, the necklace is a NECKLACE, and the set is a LEFT EARRING in case you want to add another necklace.
DOWNLOAD Accessory | DOWNLOAD BV Jewelry

Skell-Inspired Circlets
Marja TSM Tiara | Teen through Elder | Female | 226 Polys
Yeah, the Pearl and Opal text got swapped on the picture, so, strike that, reverse it. Sorry! Anyway.

When Skell recolored this tiara for use in a Fortune and Romance dream sequence, she nicked the trim off a Sims 2 Store Castle Set surcote, and it worked really, really well. I was originally going to just use her textures, but for some reason I decided to do my own-- and I overdid it, using that trim not only the band but the dinky little frame around the gem, as well. So while there's a strong resemblence to Skell's Dina tiara, I really did cut and skew and squish and warp all the textures myself. They're siblings, not clones.

This isn't super-accurate, but the gem is plumb bob shaped so it's Simsworthy, and also it's so shiny. The pearl is photoskinned from a glass pearl found on Sapphire & Sage, and all the gems are photoskinned from actual gems (although the opal I found may or may not be synthetic).

Accessory versions will show up for casual, formal, maternity, and outerwear, while Bon Voyage jewelry is binned as an eyebrow ring. This means you can't pair it with other hats or crowns I've made.
DOWNLOAD Accessory | DOWNLOAD BV Jewelry

Imperfect Straw Hat
Front | Left | Back | Right | Upshot
Compatibility: Female Hairs | Compatibility: Male Hairs | INcompatibilities
Modish Kitten Floppy Hat | Young Adult-Elder | Unisex (cheaty) | 460 Polys
The shape of this hat is GREAT. This is roughly how Medieval straw hats looked-- scroll down a bit or check out June and July. This is very close to the right hat. Sure, it's a little... big, and sure, I flipped the Gender value from ladies-only to free-for-all so it sits closer to the forehead on men, and sure, it's not available for kids or teens, and it's a little high, and it doesn't fit either the male or the female head perfectly...

But again, it exists, and I'll take 'imperfect but here' over 'flawless but imaginary' any time. And it sits pretty well (if a little high) on a LOT of hairs, including all my ladies' headcoverings. (But if someone WERE to make a multi-age version where the mesh sits lower on the head and makes allowances for male and female skulls, I swear I'll do it all over again.) I'm not sure why I did a full Pooklet, besides inertia; but for periods where you might want a straw hat (or a straw hat base to decorate), maybe some of those darker colors will work for you. If you just want natural straw, I recommend the bonus colors, Incendiary, Safety Fuse, Volatile, and maybe Fission, Grenade, and Comburent.

Accessory versions are available for casual, formal (for some reason), maternity, gym, and outerwear (for some reason). Bon Voyage versions are binned as eyebrow rings. You can't layer them with any of my other hats or crowns.
DOWNLOAD Accessory | DOWNLOAD BV Jewelry

Left Hand Rings
Sim Chic Accessory Ring | Teen through Elder | Female | 110 Polys
A lovely low-poly alpha-editable left-hand ring! These are all photoskinned, and you may recognize some of them from the earrings they match, while others I haven't used anywhere else. I wish I could find more ring meshes for more fingers. Sure, the Bon Voyage bin is a little limited (if there's some brave modder out there who can fix that, I'd love to know), but I haven't found any alpha-editable right-hand rings for any fingers (if there's some brave mesher out there who can fix that, I'd love to know).

Petal, 8x6, Hex, and Garnet Cluster are from Danegeld. All the rest are extant examples of Medieval rings rustled up from various auction sites, and the Byzantine rings are from Medieval Rings. Rubies were lighter and brighter in the Middle Ages, frequently more pink than red, while garnets were redder and clearer. The Byzantine garnet seems to be a particularly dark example, but that may be part of how it aged.

Accessory rings are flagged for casual, formal, maternity, and outerwear, while Bon Voyage versions are binned as left hand pinkie rings, as that was the closest I could get to the ring finger on the left hand. They won't interfere with wedding rings, as Sims wear those on their middle fingers. They do not have custom thumbnails (I made the images, though, so if you want to do the coding for me, let me know and I'll send them along).

There doesn't appear to be a separate mesh for the Teen age, so that one might not line up flawlessly.
DOWNLOAD Accessory | DOWNLOAD BV Jewelry

Romantic, Inaccurate Necklaces
Veranka TS4 Romantic Necklace | Young Adult-Elder | Female | 878 Polys
The second-highest poly count of the post, but still under a thousand and I still think it's worth it. I had a LOT of fun combining my assorted jewel textures and figuring out which beads went with what teardrops. You get silver and gold variations with each teardrop gem, and pearls, garnets, or emeralds on the beads. Sometimes I went for the most Medieval look (pairing garnets and sapphires); sometimes I went for what made me go 'ohhhh yes, that is pretty.' And sometimes I did extra versions, doing all-pearl variations for the pearl and the amethyst teardrops.

These have a Medieval feel, or at least a 'dang look at the size of that jewel' feel, but the mesh isn't an accurate thing. I don't care. It's beautiful and I like it. These use the same gemstone textures as the TSM circlet.

Accessory versions are flagged for casual, formal, maternity, gym (for some reason), and outerwear. Bon Voyage versions are binned as necklaces.
DOWNLOAD Accessory | DOWNLOAD BV Jewelry

Wildflower Crowns
Spring Side | Summer Side
Compatibility Sampler | INcompatibility Sampler
Xenoria Rose 3t2 M1ss Duo Tera Flower Crown | Teen through Elder | Unisex | 3440 Polys
Ye-ah, this one actually takes the cake as far as poly count goes... but for the level of detail, I still find it fairly reasonable (just don't go pairing it with 20K hairs and sexyfeet and trees and thirty-seven Sims on one massive lot unless you know your computer can handle it).

But you know what, I love these. The leaves are oak, ash, and thorn, and I found a site that detailed when, over the course of a year, the photographer found which wildflowers blooming (in I think it was Germany?). Since their photos weren't close or crisp enough for me to use, so I ended up writing down a few flower names for each bit of each season. Though I Google Image Searched desperately, I don't think they're all actually wildflowers and I'm sure some of them are way bigger than nature allows... but I like how they all turned out. They're the single most tumblr thing I've ever made, and I mean that in the best possible way.

They sit beautifully on most hairs, too-- only REALLY thick hairs, or hairs with massive high ponytails, manage to clip them. They are elf-ear friendly.

Accessory versions are flagged for casual, formal, gym, and outerwear (for some reason) for all, with maternity for adults, as well. Bon Voyage versions are binned as eyebrow rings-- no wearing them with hats or other crowns.
DOWNLOAD Accessory | DOWNLOAD BV Jewelry

Thank you for reading and for downloading! If you've made it all the way down here, I have one last thing to mention: because I have to buy a new hard drive, I have to rattle the tip jar.

If you want to chip in to help make my new hard drive a kickass hard drive, or maybe to get the last two gigs of RAM my desktop has room for, or to help me get the parts I need to finish refurbishing my kiln, or even if you just want to throw loose change at me while shouting to post pictures of my cat, I would dearly appreciate it. (Also, I'm willing to exchange requests within my skillset for $5-minimum donations-- it's not pay content because everybody gets to download it for free in the end. Message (OpenID PMs should work) or email me at almightyhat AT yahoo.com to hash out details if you're interested.)

Date: 2015-09-14 04:33 pm (UTC)
wakahisadmanami: (Default)
From: [personal profile] wakahisadmanami
STUNNING! I'm always looking for jewellery, and BV-binning makes me super happy :D I can't wait to use them!

Welcome back!

Date: 2015-09-14 05:32 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Welcome back! Glad cat is doing better :) Tip try and use same operating system on new hard drive as defunct one as it makes it easier to hook it up as a secondary to get stuff off of it. Barring that, hook it up as a secondary on somebody else's computer and grab the stuff off of it. At least that is how I have always done it. Somebody else more computer savvy might be able to tell you better advice.

Date: 2015-09-14 09:21 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] lissasims
Beautiful! I recently started using jewelry on my sims, and I can't get enough of it. The link for the pearl drops set doesn't work though.

Date: 2015-09-15 07:33 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Wow! These are awesome. Thank you very much.

Date: 2015-09-15 10:48 am (UTC)
heavenbows: (Silver | Cool story bro)
From: [personal profile] heavenbows
Wow, these are amazingly gorgeous! I've been in a bit of a slump with the sims 2 recently, but these might just get me going again.

Thanks so much for all the wonderful content you give us. I hope you can get your computer situation resolved soon!

Date: 2015-09-15 07:07 pm (UTC)
eefje00704: (Default)
From: [personal profile] eefje00704
These are all so great, thanks so much!

And don't worry, replacing a hard drive is actually really easy!

Advanced Lego

Date: 2015-09-18 02:18 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] miros1
Yes, it's similar to Lego Mindworks... 2 screws, 2 wires, the new one is in, 2 screws, one wire, the old one is a "slave" to finish retrieving your stuff.

Awesome stuff, I was thinking about recoloring the flower crowns! Thanks much!

Date: 2015-09-15 07:07 pm (UTC)
oeselian: (Default)
From: [personal profile] oeselian
Hi,nice to see you again.Glad to hear that your cat is doing well.Accessories are great too!

Date: 2015-12-16 10:58 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Ahh this is amazing! Thank you so much for the BV stuff!


Date: 2016-03-04 11:10 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] kingdomofmarlowe.com
Hi Hat! I love this collection but I've had a little trouble with the ladies necklaces, even though I've checked the meshes and they seem fine to me, they still turn blue? It's really frustrating as I would love to have my sims dressed up nice. I have the ultimate collection, so all eps and sps. Please get back to me when you can :)

Re: Necklaces

Date: 2016-03-10 10:29 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
From what I can tell all of them? The short and long necklaces. I checked the meshes following that tutorial and they seem fine, I've just deleted the accessory cache so I'm going to try again... Everything else worked fine, although I did have to use the objectplaceholder for the tsm tiara.

Re: Necklaces

Date: 2016-03-14 06:06 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Okay so the long necklaces seem to be working, but the short female ones are still flashing blue after exiting and re-entering game..

Re: Necklaces

Date: 2016-04-25 02:51 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I think its something with my game/graphics card. I looked at the meshes and they seem fine at least from what I can tell from the tutorial to fix blue flashing.

Date: 2016-08-16 04:10 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Ahhhhhh *rolls around on the ground* This is great for my 1920s sims. They do love to throw on as much bling as they can and much of this fits in just perfectly with the theme. Thanks so much!

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