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Small update to G-Rated Religion, or rather its expansions. Jadesim discovered a problem with University's Streak Dance For interaction, which I didn't notice because I'd tested the InTeen version and missed my missed value-change. Grab this file to properly ban Streak Dance For under Indiscretion, and let it overwrite the original. The full downloads have been updated.
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And while I'm posting things I've been tweaking for literally years, have this:

Hey, it's the It's The Proportion ACR v2 Final controller! Click back there to read the whole post again, or click here to just grab the mod.
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Because Veetie had to drop from this year's Blind Date event (because health; and I honestly am not fussed because I had to drop out of my second Secret Santa ever), I was supposed to end up with a Super Blind Date. However, because my wishlist is patently ridiculous (I know, I know, but my theme is SO SPECIFIC that I like to give people who maybe aren't used to the Middle Ages a lot of options), Shasta instead asked literally everyone who had volunteered as a Super Blind Date if they could make me one little thing, instead of swooping in with a full pinch-hitting.

Everyone said yes, and I'm still kinda gobsmacked about it.

You can find the gifts here.

The last gift I got was from ElfPuddle, who tried very hard to figure out how to default clothing, a new skill for them. ElfPuddle didn't quite make it, but sent me all the bits they'd gathered-- and I do know how to default clothes and hair (I just don't have the time to make literally everything I want for my game, more's the pity). So ElfPuddle sent everything they got done, I did a little bit more and then discovered I don't know how to do defaults with LESS groups than the originals, but maybe somebody else knows what they're doing.

On the other hand... I got some recolors done?

Gown Swatch
Hair Swatch
Hair Turnaround

So what you have above is K8's Fairy Witch gown (2,334 polys, with AF pregmorph and TF & CF conversions by Cynnix) and Trapping's All-Ages AL Witch Hat (1,265 polys, probably requires Apartment Life) in Neder's Neutral Red Mage colors, tweaked by ElfPuddle and tweaked some more by me (I fiddled with a sleeve and some laces and made the stomacher burgundy to help break up the red). I've included what should be an extracted mesh so you can use the witch hat if you don't have Apartment life installed, but I can't check it.

This was intended to be a Matchmaker default replacement, because one of the things I've been doing lately is trying to strip as much Accidental Racism out of my game (and my brain) as I can. Job one is changing my collection of Far East stuff to a collection of Actually Japanese stuff (I'm aiming for Heian Japan but I'm not going to be terrifically picky), but coming in a very close second is clearing out the ethnic-slur-for-Roma stereotypes. (Yes, the title Scarlet Witch was chosen with my tongue so far in my cheek it almost counts as a piercing.)

But we failed at defaulting, Elfpuddle and I, so instead it's just a nice stand-alone gown-and-hat set.

Gowns are available for casual, maternity, outerwear, and formal. Hats come binned my usual way, with a gray for each color because it's easier for downloaders to remove one rather than add one if they want to re-bin (go ahead and re-bin, Shrapnel makes a nice brown and both Safety Fuse and Comburent could pass as blonds, you do you). Not compressorized because I forgot.


And if you think you can fix my default replacements for the Matchmaker, I welcome and encourage you to beat up my files to do so. (Maybe I screwed up starting with the FT version instead of the NL one? But everything says 'grab from the latest EP you have,' so I dunno. I swear I've defaulted this way before, just... with more groups instead of less.)

Hey guess what!

Rugrat0ne did the thing!

So you can now grab Rugs' default of my edit of ElfPuddle's edit of Neder's Red Mage textures on Cynnix's edit of K8's FairyWitch gown and change your Matchmakers from pink-and-orange Halloween costumes to crimson-clad mages of indeterminate morality! Includes a working copy of the extracted AL Witch Hat mesh for non-Apartment-Life users; apparently mine flashes blue because I don't know what I'm doing. Uploaded that one separately just in case you want witch hats in your pre-AL game, but don't want the default. (Makes my other Pooklet'd witch hats work for pre-AL games, too!)


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Computer: Thanks to generous donors, I have a new hard drive AND two more gigs of RAM! I'm waiting on an anti-static wristband to arrive from overseas (our local Radio Shack closed and apparently when you need computer-fixin' gear these days, you do not go to Best Buy. You go to Best Buy when you need a phone or a tablet or a dishwasher), and then it'll be time to put the whole thing together and reinstall all my everything.

Cat: According to my sister I've been thinking of Harley as being like two years older than she is. Evidently she's pushing fourteen, not pushing sixteen. Either way, she's definitely a senior citizen somewhere in the human-equivalent of her eighties, which makes her recent health dip kind of scary. Cut if you don't want to read about old-lady cat health. )So depending on when the wrist strap arrives, I may still be focused on Harley for a while even after reassembling the desktop. (And yes, if you still want to support Harley financially, donations are welcome.)

Sims: Ye-ah, pretty much nothing. I've made a CAS and a YACAS-- well, I say 'made,' it's actually 'refined and fixed,' but the laptop still isn't a proper gaming computer, and taking screenshots is a pain in the ass on this keyboard. If it turns out anyone is interested in refined versions of the custom CAS screens seen here (with the orange tapestries), I'd be happy to upload them.

I do have, for those of you who enjoy Medieval research as much as I do, a delightful if slightly profane post on the nature of Chivalry, which is not so much about treating women like incapable ninnies (thanks, Victorians) but more a system of checking your knight privilege, and this equally delightful/profane post on courtly love, which is basically a reverse-friendzone where the goal is to be as nice as possible to a married lady with the expectation she will never deem you worthy of joining her in adultery.

(The author leaves out one of my favorite aspects of courtly love, which is that it helped encourage knights to bathe regularly. Vanity is sinful, after all, and it's easy, after a hard day's knighting, to just sort of skip all that pesky grooming on the grounds that it's totally virtuous to get so greasy that candles flare when you walk by, honest. Vanity being sinful, however, doesn't miraculously change the fact that other people can smell you, and that you don't deserve to be in the same room as Lady Hotness if you smell like you sleep on a mattress stuffed with onions that the cat regularly pees on. Getting all spruced up to impress Lady Hotness means that Sir Loin of Beef is doing his part to make the Great Hall smell like a smoky, pet-friendly bar-and-grill and not a smoky, pet-friendly locker room.)

I've also got this newsletter debunking the whole 'women never worked outside the home in the Middle Ages' thing, and providing lists of guilds that women could and did belong to.
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My Blind Date was GodLimpingBy, and the goodies I made for 'em are up for download!

(Most of the content is going to end up here, either with more of the same or in an altered state, but a) I'm not up to that yet and b) I'm not reposting GLB's private hair dump unless GoS has issues again.)
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But I've still got goodies for you.

1. Clean Underwear!
2. Le Chausseur 4!
3. Rogue's Gallery Separates!
4. Hair Dump XIII!

Sorry I missed my annual last-possible-day-for-Christmas-gifts day... but I didn't miss it by much, at least?

Simming has taken a back seat to reality for a few months; I'd like to thank everyone who donated back in October and November while my cat was so sick. It took a massive load off my mind, and I'm deeply grateful. For those who are interested, an update! ) Short version is, Harley is doing really well.

And now that she's out of the woods and holiday guests are back in their own homes, I'm free to let the housework slide and play Sims... oh, until about the end of the month. My sister's having a baby, and Weird Auntie Hat accepts her role as babysitter.

Oh, also, I'm aware there may be problems with some of my older hairs. I submitted a counter-claim to Mediafire today; this time it's someone claiming to be from Funimation rather than CBS who suspects I've got episodes buried in my pixel-hair.
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Bathroom stuff! Tarox's Medieval toilet (for garderobe-building purposes) and the Parsimonious Souk in the Bath set (garderobes, bathhouses, and also with a nice tile you could build some super-phenomenal spas). Go and grab 'em because they're awesome!
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Over on The Big Trade-Off, I made some Piggi-wood recolors of the ATS Beachhouse Nursery for Eltanin, and I think they turned out pretty well. Here's the title card:

I'll edit this entry to be a proper full post later.
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Corrected reversed gender information and added a section on Bon Voyage Jewelry to my SimPE Tricks post. If you've ever wanted to change how already-jewelry-fied goodies are binned, whether that's as a different kind of jewelry or for a vacation location, I got your back! (Also Swooptie does, too, because that's where I learned about it.)
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Lookit lookit SKELETONS

Yes, some part of me IS in fact still the six-year-old who thought the skeleton drinking wine on Pirates of the Caribbean (the ride; I was WAY older than six when the movies came out) was the funniest thing in the entire universe.
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My Blind Date for the Garden of Shadows Valentine's swap was [community profile] junky and I got SO SPOILED, and I made a bunch of themed goodies, but here is the thing that has me going "I must link, and link immediately": Lace went and made Pregmorphs for the RNR, Androgyny, and Athletic Girl Tig alpha tunics I made for the 2011 GoS Advent.

Also I got a whole slew of FLOORS with BOARDS that don't stretch out into infinity! OH YES FLOORS, BABY.

Time to go update the pregmorph resource list!
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GambitsObsession over on GoS has released a bunch of default replacement unintialized Servos to coordinate with Amaryll's Androgynous Servos, and my oak androgynous Servos are among them! That means no more of this:

I'll edit the post to include that link, because DANG it's been a while since folk started kicking around that project!
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So, I wander away from Sims for a few weeks (it happens. I mean, I did a mini show, got sick, went to Disneyland, wrote a 40,000-word Aladdin fanfic, got an AO3 account, and next weekend is Halloween and my last doll show of the year, I've been busy) and GoS goes down. Alarming! So here's me late to the 'guess I better make some backup posts for my GoS exclusives' party.

This post is only for hiders, and it is a goddamn hider-y masterpost. )
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If you downloaded the wide-laced placket kirtles and spotted this UV issue:

You should know Oph3lia very graciously fixed it for me. The original post has been edited, but you can also grab the fixed meshes at either of these links:

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Short smocks with hosen are done, and I'm working on separate tops with hosen-- that'll be at least another couple of days, I need to texture reference. AF is done and I've got all my info copied... but I also want to see if I can categorize separates for Maternity. And then I have to make bottom-only kirtles (base textures are done, actually) because it doesn't make sense to release tops without bottoms. Still debating on whether or not I want to add belts; I can't add aprons to these bottoms because I'd have to change the alpha. I am SUPER PROUD of my lacings.

The announcement is, I finally got my fanfic DW up and running! Well, up and strolling in a leisurely fashion, anyway. Currently it's all Monster High and Transformers (Beast Wars and 2007 movie) fanfiction, mostly one-shots and vignettes, so if you like stories based on media based on toys that won't take you all day to read, I am apparently your girl.

Oh, and also, I found this on Crab's tumblr and wanted to link it here, too, because this blog is equal parts Sims and historical nerdery, and finding out that same-sex marriage was a thing the Catholic church did in the Early Middle Ages, man, that is the kind of awesome historical nerdery that I thrive on.

EDIT: Yep, separates work in other categories! I don't know if they work okay without being flagged as Casual, or if they work in CAS (because I only flagged things for Maternity, like a ninny), but they work in the Plan Outfit dialogue! (This is very exciting, because if anyone ever does a rucked-up top-only dress with two groups, I can make it so everybody can throw an extra dress on over their everyday bottom-only dress of choice.) Onwards to wide-laced short-sleeved bottom-only kirtles!
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In the Middle Ages, everybody wore hats. Male and female, young and old, rich and poor, everybody had a hat or a hood or both, and I have even seen pictures of people wearing a hood, a coif, and a hat. I mean, without a hat, how could you tell Robin Hood from Link? Sims 2 has been out since 2004, and people have been playing Medieval games and writing Medieval stories (like the excellent Kingdom of Lothere) for nearly that long, and there's still a decided lack of Medieval haberdashery in general, much less really well-made stuff.

So I have made a list! And today I have decided to give that list its own post.

This is a database-slash-wishlist, because not only do I want to link to all the awesome hats that exist for Sims 2, I want to link to some of the awesome possibilities for hats that the Middle Ages could inspire, and... well, I kinda want to point out which hats exist, but could use an overhaul (or are historically inacurrate-- though usually I only complain when they're wildly inaccurate). If you know of any hats I've missed, please let me know! If you find inspiration in this list and decide to make a hat, especially an accessory hat, please let me know, because if you make it, I will recolor it. (I make no promises as to when, but I will recolor it.)

The Medieval Headwear Wish/Resource List )
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This is my new favorite tumblr:

People of Color in Medieval Art History.

I have been learning a lot and because I love learning, I want to share it. (Although I will say, if you are a history nerd who happens to be white, be prepared to be deeply disappointed in the way you were taught history. ... Well, more disappointed.)

Heads Up!

Jun. 23rd, 2013 08:02 pm
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Just tossed a few hairs up on GoS, for the June theme. They'll probably be going into a Hair Dump later (I also did M&G David but that was more of a color match than a retexturing), but for now... well, they're up now!
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So, I have a Simming LJ I don't use for much beyond watching, adding what Medieval content I find to memories, and occasional commenting. Well, the amazing Hafiseazale has been slaving... oh, all kinds of things I use ALL THE TIME lately. When I asked about requests, Hafise agreed to slave a whole mess of Thunderwitch animals from Blacky's Zoo...

... And you can find them here, because Hafise managed to slave 'em FAST. There are elephants and moose (or elk, I'm not sure) and penguins and panthers and sheep and all kinds of goodies.
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Educational and amusing.

And DAMN, I want her hat.

Honestly, every clip I've looked at has impressed me in terms of historical accuracy. And I mean, it would impress me for a movie with a moderate budget, and this is an educational comedy clip show. Comedies always seem to put a surprising amount of effort into accurate costuming.

Horrible Histories clips on YouTube have been most of my weekend-- I'm particularly fond of their Historical Wife Swap skits. Also fun is Terry Jones's Medieval Lives, which the BBC made available in its entirety on YouTube, although I remember having some trouble with them randomly stopping. Still worth watching, just remember that aside from Monks and Troubadors, Mr. Jones focuses mostly on Medieval English lives.

ANYway, sorry for falling off the map again, May rose up with things I had to do in the real live physical world. I had a doll show to work, a trip out of town, a birthday, Mom goes back to work (she's been on disability since September, I think, for shoulder surgery) on Tuesday, and I have a week or two before my brother ensconces his fiancee in my home office, where the Simming computer lives, for a brief but ill-defined length of time... but before they turn up, I hope to have a small hair dump and some nun outfits (long story) to share. Hair to-do list has been updated with what I got done and what's still in the plotting stages.

And, hey, does anybody know how you go about extracting clothing meshes? Is it just go in, grab the appropriate GMDC, GMND, CRES, and SHPE, extract them, and make a new package, or is it more complicated than that?

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