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So this here is the to-do list, the resource list, the stuff-I've-made list... Generally that big sticky post you see at the top of all the Sims blogs. It also has a wishlist, but I'll start with something slightly more grown-up than that.

To Do )
Content Posted Elsewhere )
Resources )
Wishlist (this section subject to random additions) )

In an effort to de-clutter the front page of a million stickyposts, here's where to find some of the more useful doodads I've posted in the past.

In-Journal Useful Links:

The Great Hair List: Where to find what I've made, plus status on hairs (or hats or beards) I'm working on.
Medieval Pregmorph Reference List: Links to Medieval meshes that don't have pregmorphs or originally didn't have pregmorphs but have since been updated. If you know a mesh that's gotten a bump, leave a comment.
Medieval Hat and Headwear Resource List: Medieval hats that exist, extant hats need updating for one reason or another, and hats that do not exist yet, but should.
Medieval Clothing Conversion List: Medieval clothing meshes that have been converted to other ages or custom bodyshapes, plus lists of meshes that haven't been converted but gosh they should be because that'd be awesome.
Medieval Resource List: Sims 2 Content: If I didn't make it myself, I downloaded it from somewhere in here.
Big Medieval Reference Post: Hat's long, messy Medieval research essay. No Sims content, just history, re-enactors, and me babbling.
Simple SimPE Tricks: How to make your Body Shop content do what you want, with a few Build Mode tricks, too.

And here's something I feel kind of silly about posting at all:

Behold the Tip Jar!

In case you feel like dropping me a buck or two, should you have a buck or two to spare, so I can do things like make sure my Photobucket bandwidth doesn't run out.
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In the Middle Ages, everybody wore hats. Male and female, young and old, rich and poor, everybody had a hat or a hood or both, and I have even seen pictures of people wearing a hood, a coif, and a hat. I mean, without a hat, how could you tell Robin Hood from Link? Sims 2 has been out since 2004, and people have been playing Medieval games and writing Medieval stories (like the excellent Kingdom of Lothere) for nearly that long, and there's still a decided lack of Medieval haberdashery in general, much less really well-made stuff.

So I have made a list! And today I have decided to give that list its own post.

This is a database-slash-wishlist, because not only do I want to link to all the awesome hats that exist for Sims 2, I want to link to some of the awesome possibilities for hats that the Middle Ages could inspire, and... well, I kinda want to point out which hats exist, but could use an overhaul (or are historically inacurrate-- though usually I only complain when they're wildly inaccurate). If you know of any hats I've missed, please let me know! If you find inspiration in this list and decide to make a hat, especially an accessory hat, please let me know, because if you make it, I will recolor it. (I make no promises as to when, but I will recolor it.)

The Medieval Headwear Wish/Resource List )
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So! These are Medieval, Castaway, or East Asian (and occasionally fantasy) meshes that were created without pregmorphs. After that list, there's a list of meshes created without pregmorphs that were later given pregmorphs by talented meshers. Meshes that were created with pregmorphs in the first place are not included on this list. Please feel free to comment if you can think of any meshes I've missed.

This is not a wishlist. I neither use nor intend to use all these meshes for anything. I still want to keep the full list around as a database, and maybe as inspiration-- if you want to learn to make morphs, there are plenty of options here! But it's my blog so I'm putting a *star* next to the meshes I desperately want pregmorphs added to, anyway.

Medieval Pregmorph Resource List )
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So, aside from my main stickypost, I have a Hair To-Do List, a Pregmorph Reference List, and a Hats and Headwear Resource/Wishlist. This post is going to be MOSTLY a wishlist, but secondarily a resource post, partlyy because I want to kind of streamline my main wishlist. If I put all my clothing conversion wishes in there, I'd be... Well, I'd have a very long and untidy wishlist.

Age Conversions )
Custom Body Shapes )
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Okay, I think I've put this off long enough. I'm sure I've missed things, but this is a good solid overview. I may add more later. And none of my own content is listed here, but... you're on my Dreamwidth. Click the Downloads tag, and suddenly there's everything.

I'm not really sure how I want to do this. )
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Reference, not resource-- there is no Sims 2 stuff linked here, just a lot of SCA and nerdy research and other such goodies.

Since my particular area of interest is clothing, that's most of what I'll be linking to here. But first let me admit that this is in NO WAY a comprehensive overview of the ENTIRE Medieval period, which lasted from around 400 to around 1500 AD, depending on how close to Rome you were. )
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Here is a list! It is a list of hairs I have or plan to have Pooklet'd and then, shared. If you find lists boring, you should skip this entry.

This is the list right here. ) Current Count: 415 of 415 Finished.
The Redux Section ) Current Count: 16 of 16 Finished
Medieval Hats (Some Hairs, Some Accessories) ) Current Count: 25 out of 29 Finished
Stubble and Beards ) Current Count: 32 out of 32 Finished

Total Current Count: 457 of 460 hairs (and hats), 32 of 32 beards

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