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Because Veetie had to drop from this year's Blind Date event (because health; and I honestly am not fussed because I had to drop out of my second Secret Santa ever), I was supposed to end up with a Super Blind Date. However, because my wishlist is patently ridiculous (I know, I know, but my theme is SO SPECIFIC that I like to give people who maybe aren't used to the Middle Ages a lot of options), Shasta instead asked literally everyone who had volunteered as a Super Blind Date if they could make me one little thing, instead of swooping in with a full pinch-hitting.

Everyone said yes, and I'm still kinda gobsmacked about it.

You can find the gifts here.

The last gift I got was from ElfPuddle, who tried very hard to figure out how to default clothing, a new skill for them. ElfPuddle didn't quite make it, but sent me all the bits they'd gathered-- and I do know how to default clothes and hair (I just don't have the time to make literally everything I want for my game, more's the pity). So ElfPuddle sent everything they got done, I did a little bit more and then discovered I don't know how to do defaults with LESS groups than the originals, but maybe somebody else knows what they're doing.

On the other hand... I got some recolors done?

Gown Swatch
Hair Swatch
Hair Turnaround

So what you have above is K8's Fairy Witch gown (2,334 polys, with AF pregmorph and TF & CF conversions by Cynnix) and Trapping's All-Ages AL Witch Hat (1,265 polys, probably requires Apartment Life) in Neder's Neutral Red Mage colors, tweaked by ElfPuddle and tweaked some more by me (I fiddled with a sleeve and some laces and made the stomacher burgundy to help break up the red). I've included what should be an extracted mesh so you can use the witch hat if you don't have Apartment life installed, but I can't check it.

This was intended to be a Matchmaker default replacement, because one of the things I've been doing lately is trying to strip as much Accidental Racism out of my game (and my brain) as I can. Job one is changing my collection of Far East stuff to a collection of Actually Japanese stuff (I'm aiming for Heian Japan but I'm not going to be terrifically picky), but coming in a very close second is clearing out the ethnic-slur-for-Roma stereotypes. (Yes, the title Scarlet Witch was chosen with my tongue so far in my cheek it almost counts as a piercing.)

But we failed at defaulting, Elfpuddle and I, so instead it's just a nice stand-alone gown-and-hat set.

Gowns are available for casual, maternity, outerwear, and formal. Hats come binned my usual way, with a gray for each color because it's easier for downloaders to remove one rather than add one if they want to re-bin (go ahead and re-bin, Shrapnel makes a nice brown and both Safety Fuse and Comburent could pass as blonds, you do you). Not compressorized because I forgot.


And if you think you can fix my default replacements for the Matchmaker, I welcome and encourage you to beat up my files to do so. (Maybe I screwed up starting with the FT version instead of the NL one? But everything says 'grab from the latest EP you have,' so I dunno. I swear I've defaulted this way before, just... with more groups instead of less.)

Hey guess what!

Rugrat0ne did the thing!

So you can now grab Rugs' default of my edit of ElfPuddle's edit of Neder's Red Mage textures on Cynnix's edit of K8's FairyWitch gown and change your Matchmakers from pink-and-orange Halloween costumes to crimson-clad mages of indeterminate morality! Includes a working copy of the extracted AL Witch Hat mesh for non-Apartment-Life users; apparently mine flashes blue because I don't know what I'm doing. Uploaded that one separately just in case you want witch hats in your pre-AL game, but don't want the default. (Makes my other Pooklet'd witch hats work for pre-AL games, too!)


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GambitsObsession over on GoS has released a bunch of default replacement unintialized Servos to coordinate with Amaryll's Androgynous Servos, and my oak androgynous Servos are among them! That means no more of this:

I'll edit the post to include that link, because DANG it's been a while since folk started kicking around that project!
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Ohhh my god you guys okay, you remember my Invoking the Spirit Bonehilda defaults, and how I also made Parsimonious Fairy Witch gowns to match the Maxis witch dresses, and then lamented at the lack of pregmorph or teen conversion because I thought they'd make good Apartment Life witch defaults?

Okay, well, Cynnix added a pregmorph and did a teen conversion, and then Morganna defaulted them, and you can grab them here. Apparently body shapes are coming soon, which is also very exciting. This is a thing I must now go cross off a whole lot of wishlists, because YAY.
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SO MANY THINGS needed pictures taken that this is the prettiest picture you get for this post. Please do enjoy it.

'Never go to a doctor whose office plants have died' --Erma Bombeck )
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My favorite expansion pack for Sims 1 is Makin' Magic. There's just so much stuff about it that I miss so much now that I'm pretty well devoted to Sims 2. The spinning wheel that made golden thread, the silly mushroom chase games to get rare spell ingredients, the ability to turn your fellow Sims into frogs, pet dragons that actually set things on fire, the entirety of Magic Town...

And of course Bonehilda, who functioned much like a Servo but was actually a skeleton in a French maid costume.

When Sentate released a Servo dressed as Bonehilda, I squeed in Sims-1-loyalty delight. Awkwardly, I'm kind of a little bit in love with my own wooden Servos, but I got to talking with [personal profile] faechangeling, and... Well, this happened.

You do their work, and they shall have good luck. )
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Oh man I love Servos. Servos and Plantsims are easily my two favorite Supernaturals, probably because they make life so frickin' easy. However, in a Medieval-- or fantasy or fairy-tale-- game, you run into some... problems, with Servos.

Now, of course you can use my funky wooden puppets or Phaenoh's armored Servos or even Amaryll's androgynous Steampunk Servos. And they all indeed have their charms-- and I've used two of the three. See, what happened was, I made my own wooden Servos and just loved them all to bits... and then I volunteered to help Amaryll test her androgynous Servos.

Yeah. Wow.

I love them, in-game; they're incredibly graceful. I didn't like that they were metal-- I'd gotten attached to my wooden ones-- but I spent so much time just watching Serviette walk that I knew I was gonna have to keep the mesh around.

So I did.

'A good servant is a real godsend, but truly this is a rare bird in the land.' -Martin Luther )
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So I was talking with Morgaine about my Plantsim skin, and I said I'd been thinking about doing some hair to match it. She said something to the effect of "If you could use some different leaves, that would be great!"

Now, having looked at how they're put together, I said, "... Yeah. I could do that." They don't quite MATCH or anything, but I got tired of looking at leaves.

I talk to the trees... )
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Oak leaves as plantsim hair. I've got several other kinds of leaves to do, and will be offering them as custom, multibinned (one file, five haircolors, won't show in BodyShop), or default replacement. It's a fiddly little project, but it's fun.

And stolen from Pinketamine, because it caught my eye last night, a Sims meme. )

And that's the end of the meme. Anyway, current project is the silly plantsim hair, which will be followed by some hennins-- having some trouble coming up with ideas, because most of the paintings I've seen with that sort of hennin have been variations on the themes of gold, black, white, and/or silver. Which, okay, goes with everything, but it doesn't leave me much scope to play with. (Resources SAY they came in 'richly dyed' colors and silk and velvet and 'other costly stuff,' but as far as images go... gold with black, gold with white, silver with black, silver with white, gold with silver...)
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Since I currently tend toward Medieval Sims, I've discovered I really like taking some of the high-tech crap Sims 2 provides us with-- like Servos-- and making them work in more period neighborhoods. Alien abduction is no exception, but it's also an easy one to 'fix'-- Sims who are abducted by aliens in a Medieval game can simply have been... well. Stolen by the Fairies. (Fairies can have flying saucers, apparently. Why not?)

I WAS using the Ivory Tattoo skin by Chakaru as my alien default with Rensim's Retooled Aqua eyes, and Pirate McSkittles as my PT. However, while Pirate puts out cute kids, I was not pleased with the fact that they were all related. There's no way to create a thriving hybrid community in your neighborhood. That, and remembering an interesting detail from Lords and Ladies, a Discworld novel...


I've always been more ambitious than I am smart.

Up the airy mountain, down the rushy glen; we dare not go a-hunting for fear of little men... )
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This was one of the first things I ever seriously worked on; as soon as I found out that it was possible to default-replace Servos, I said to myself "Hm. I wonder how hard it would be to make Servos look like they were carved wood?"

Simulated life, genuine service! )
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This one took me a while.

So I LOVE plantsims. Like, a lot. But I've never really, really liked any of the plantsim SKINS that have been available-- they don't look like plant-people to me, usually. Too green, too even, too deliberately decorated-looking, not natural enough. Not like something that changes you and seeps out over your skin and makes you into something else.

However, there's one skin that has ALWAYS looked like plant-people to me, and I wish I had more occasion to use it-- and that's the I Am A Tree skintone by Chibi Sylph right here, at Parsimonious. It looks wonderfully dryad-like, with details that look like they could actually have GROWN there. I love it to pieces.

I could've done the smart thing and just slapped the Tree textures into a Plantsim default and called it good. But I? Am more ambitious than I am smart. I said to myself, I said, "How hard could it be to erase everything that wasn't bark and leaves, so a Sim's original skintone shows through?"

How hard indeed. Photoshop kicked my ass on this one. Let this be a lesson to you-- ALWAYS find a UV map. Even if you don't think you need one. It's probably not the limb you think is screwing you up that's actually screwing you up.

I've rambled enough!

It's just a little growth. )

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