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The thing about Garden of Shadows swap events like Secret santa and Christmas in July is that I am usually either insanely busy or getting my ass kicked by reality somehow. I've participated in one Secret Santa swap in 2009 (I learned to recolor objects!) and tried to participate in 2010... but had to drop out. Advent, I can usually manage (although I was on hiatus last year, so didn't get invited), mostly because I get to create a gift for Garden of Shadows, not one specific person I have to stalk.

So when the Blind Date swap was announced, I debated for like two days before I said 'hell yes lemme fill this sucker out.' A one-day doll show here in town was no sweat to get ready for-- mostly I just had to pack the car and straighten out a parking pass issue-- so I actually had the time and the lack of stress to create something.

I was Mordred, but my Blind Date was Westley, also known as Sunatharon. I really wanted to do some architectural recolors, but I ran short of time for anything but this one window I found. When I went in-game to take pictures of the window, I discovered the glass only shows from one side and the diagonal does not exist. So... yeah, no architecture. Just robes.

Most of my testerhood Sims are peasants... except the fairies. )

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