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Because Veetie had to drop from this year's Blind Date event (because health; and I honestly am not fussed because I had to drop out of my second Secret Santa ever), I was supposed to end up with a Super Blind Date. However, because my wishlist is patently ridiculous (I know, I know, but my theme is SO SPECIFIC that I like to give people who maybe aren't used to the Middle Ages a lot of options), Shasta instead asked literally everyone who had volunteered as a Super Blind Date if they could make me one little thing, instead of swooping in with a full pinch-hitting.

Everyone said yes, and I'm still kinda gobsmacked about it.

You can find the gifts here.

The last gift I got was from ElfPuddle, who tried very hard to figure out how to default clothing, a new skill for them. ElfPuddle didn't quite make it, but sent me all the bits they'd gathered-- and I do know how to default clothes and hair (I just don't have the time to make literally everything I want for my game, more's the pity). So ElfPuddle sent everything they got done, I did a little bit more and then discovered I don't know how to do defaults with LESS groups than the originals, but maybe somebody else knows what they're doing.

On the other hand... I got some recolors done?

Gown Swatch
Hair Swatch
Hair Turnaround

So what you have above is K8's Fairy Witch gown (2,334 polys, with AF pregmorph and TF & CF conversions by Cynnix) and Trapping's All-Ages AL Witch Hat (1,265 polys, probably requires Apartment Life) in Neder's Neutral Red Mage colors, tweaked by ElfPuddle and tweaked some more by me (I fiddled with a sleeve and some laces and made the stomacher burgundy to help break up the red). I've included what should be an extracted mesh so you can use the witch hat if you don't have Apartment life installed, but I can't check it.

This was intended to be a Matchmaker default replacement, because one of the things I've been doing lately is trying to strip as much Accidental Racism out of my game (and my brain) as I can. Job one is changing my collection of Far East stuff to a collection of Actually Japanese stuff (I'm aiming for Heian Japan but I'm not going to be terrifically picky), but coming in a very close second is clearing out the ethnic-slur-for-Roma stereotypes. (Yes, the title Scarlet Witch was chosen with my tongue so far in my cheek it almost counts as a piercing.)

But we failed at defaulting, Elfpuddle and I, so instead it's just a nice stand-alone gown-and-hat set.

Gowns are available for casual, maternity, outerwear, and formal. Hats come binned my usual way, with a gray for each color because it's easier for downloaders to remove one rather than add one if they want to re-bin (go ahead and re-bin, Shrapnel makes a nice brown and both Safety Fuse and Comburent could pass as blonds, you do you). Not compressorized because I forgot.


And if you think you can fix my default replacements for the Matchmaker, I welcome and encourage you to beat up my files to do so. (Maybe I screwed up starting with the FT version instead of the NL one? But everything says 'grab from the latest EP you have,' so I dunno. I swear I've defaulted this way before, just... with more groups instead of less.)

Hey guess what!

Rugrat0ne did the thing!

So you can now grab Rugs' default of my edit of ElfPuddle's edit of Neder's Red Mage textures on Cynnix's edit of K8's FairyWitch gown and change your Matchmakers from pink-and-orange Halloween costumes to crimson-clad mages of indeterminate morality! Includes a working copy of the extracted AL Witch Hat mesh for non-Apartment-Life users; apparently mine flashes blue because I don't know what I'm doing. Uploaded that one separately just in case you want witch hats in your pre-AL game, but don't want the default. (Makes my other Pooklet'd witch hats work for pre-AL games, too!)


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I've only got one tester so far, but so far, everything is working for that tester.

AND I can add custom interactions to the mod! I've had the instructions for it for a while, but I hadn't actually gone and tried to mess with any BHAVs. That means I can do a G-Rated Religion expansion pack for each Sims expansion pack, giving you more actions that can be banned or allowed by each in-game religion.

Anybody know if regular playable Sims can steal anything besides newspapers, gnomes, and (with a hack) hotel towels? I've got five sets of behaviors I can add ban/allowable actions to-- Pathfinding Fail Tantrums (I may re-name that Anger or something, but I have to find something else to ban under it and beg my tester to see how it works), Theft, Violence, Indiscretion (gossip, bragging, gross out; manners failures, basically), and Disrespect (nag, insult, annoy, I'm planning to add pranks; petty meanness). In the Vanilla mod, Violence has the most interactions banned, and Theft and Pathfinding Tantrums have the least, which is why I'm hoping to find more stealing-based actions to make bannable.

I'm going to go through the Prima guides hopefully tonight and make notes on expansions, but if you have suggestions about custom interactions, I'm all ears-- especially if you'd be willing to help test them.
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Hard drive itself: Still failing.

But today I pulled on my big-Simmer pants and fired up the desktop to go grab the last of the files I forgot, which went swimmingly (albeit with a few "OH GOD WHAT ARE YOU DOING BACK EVERYTHING UP AND SHUT DOWN" warnings from the computer). Grabbed the screenshots I was missing but had resigned myself to losing forever, the one writing project that lost a scene in the shuffle, one set of clothing recolors that got missed in the original upload, a surprising number of fonts, and a few random files that were sitting around, all un-backed-up. ... Then I spent the rest of the day organizing my passport drive. (If you are in a position to afford one, get yourself a passport drive and back up to it regularly.) I've got enough unreleased content (if not screenshots, yet) for a smallish Hair-And-Beard dump, and due to my reduced computing circumstances, I'm now looking for testers for:

A) G-Rated Chris Hatch Religion by Hat and Larky (requires Apartment Life or M&G)...
B) the ACR V2 Final version of my aging mod.

I'm also looking for a BHAViorist to tie some prayable objects into said Religion Mod and/or combine interactions of a couple of custom wedding arches, but that's less 'content I want to make/release' than it is 'content I want to play with.'
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I want to make a double apron (also called a midwife's apron). But I am conflicted! See, I just completed some top-only kirtles to be worn with bottom-only gowns (well. Nearly completed, I need to replace textures with fresh pngs Body Shop hasn't eaten, and slave ages together) and I'm torn.

Floor-length bottom-only aprons in this style (that won't really be compatible with the top-only shifts and placket shifts I've made, but like Sims in horrifying separates combos is new or unusual) on Cynnix's bottom-only trained gown...


Mid-calf full-body-outfit aprons in this style on I'm not sure what mesh-- the Frigg dress,] maybe, I've got a child conversion for that (and it would work just as well for a floor-length apron), or the old Dark Project layered dress, which has good skirt dimension but I hate the sleeves. (Not a fan of the tight top but that's an issue with separates, too.)

Pros for a bottom-only apron, I'd only feel like I had to do eight linen colors (... maybe also dirty/bloody recolors. It's a midwife's apron). Cons, the skirt mesh I like for that big massive apron has Maxis heeled shoes. (Potential solutions, use a different skirt, or work out how to make a heeled mesh look like wooden pattens.)

Pros for a full-outfit apron, I can guarantee a loose-fitting torso on the Frigg dress, and show more color of the dress underneath since I don't have to go all the way to the hem, whether or not I use the layered dress. Also, could make for interesting maid/Uni cook/BV housekeeper defaults. Cons, I'd feel like I had to do all 82 colors I work with to go under the linen; also there are those sleeves on the layered dress.
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I hate to do this, I really hate to do this when I've been so epically non-productive lately (I actually have so much stuff so close to done, it's like two thousand files, but it's not quite ready for prime time so to speak), but if there's any chance you've been considering making a donation... Well, okay, lemme cut this: it's vet bills, basically. ) I'm going to be turning EVERYWHERE for help (including eBay) as soon as I'm not stuck home alone and tethered to my cat, but in the meantime...

If you can donate anything, anything at all, I'd be incredibly grateful. I have some Monster High dolls for sale if you'd rather get something physical for your money. I'm willing to swap Sims content for donations, too, but given that I won't be getting more than four and a half hours of sleep at a time for a while (and I can't be on my Simming computer while a post-surge cat gets in trouble any time I'm more than six inches away from her), please bear with me in terms of how long it takes to FILL those requests.

Even just good thoughts are appreciated. Harley's got some good years in her if she pulls through this; I'd like her to have as many of them as possible. (I mean, purchases and donations are appreciated MORE, but only because vets need money, not grateful tears.)

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I've been crossing things off on my original post, but here's where I stand on The Last Great Men's Underwear Post I Hope To Make (Barring Bodyshape Conversions):

Files Made:

80 Braises with Bare Feet as Undies, Swim, & Sleep (Child through Elder, Maxis Male, Androgyny Male, and Androgyny Female swimwear meshes)
24 Braises with Bindings as Undies & Swim (Teen through Elder, Androgyny Female swimwear meshes)

820 Braises with Chausses as Undies & Swim (Child through Elder, Maxis Male, Androgyny Male, and Androgyny Female blockfoot swimwear meshes)
246 Braises with Bindings and Chausses as Undies & Swim (Teen through Elder, Androgyny Female blockfoot swimwear meshes)

246 Bottom-Only Chausses with Poulaines as Casual, Maternity, & Outerwear (Child-Elder, FantasyRogue's mesh and Cynnix's conversions)

Got Everything I Need:

246 Top-Only Tunics Casual, Maternity, & Outerwear (Child-Elder, FantasyRogue's mesh and Cynnix's conversion)
24 Shirts with Bare Feet as Undies, Sleep, & Swim (Child through Elder, Heget's Perfect Tunic 02 and Cynnix's conversion)
246 Shirts with Chausses as Undies & Swim (Child through Elder, Heget's Perfect Tunic 01 and Cynnix's conversions)

Total Lack Of Meshes:

24 Loose Nightgowns for Men as Undies & Sleep (Child and Teen conversion and morphs added to Heget's Alpharobe or AM and TM conversions of Cynnix's Wide-Sleeved Sexyfeet Amaryll Strapdress, or basically any long, loose, straight-sleeved, smooth-collared, sexy-footed, texture-referenceable robe mesh for Child, Teen, and Adult/Elder males.)

In short, I am four or five two or three meshes away from a set of 1,464 files that will complete everything I ever do with men's chausses and braises that isn't for a custom bodyshape, plus a set of 492 separates for boys, teens, and men that you could use to make 6,724 different color combinations for each age.

I still need to fix tooltips and replace textures in my masters and texture-reference the destined slaves, but I could have it all done by Valentine's Day.
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Eight linen colors braises with bare legs for CM-EM (done)
Eight linen colors Androgynous braises with bare legs for TM-EM (done)
Eight linen colors Androgynous braises with bare legs for TF-EF (done)
Eight linen colors Androgynous braises with breast bindings and bare legs for TF-EF (done)

Braises with 82 colors of chausses for CM-EM (done)
Androgynous braises with 82 colors of chausses for TM-EM (done)
Androgynous braises with 82 colors of chausses for TF-EF (done)
Androgynous braises with breast bindings and 82 colors of chausses for TF-EF (done)

Bottom-only chausses with poulaines in 82 colors of chausses (and a smaller variety of shoes) for CM-EM (done)

Eight linen colors shirts with bare feet for CM-EM (Lacking CM Mesh)
Shirts with 82 colors of chausses for CM-EM (Lacking CM Mesh)

Top-only tunics in 82 colors for CM-EM

Eight linen colors long loose nightgowns with bare feet for CM-EM (pretty much lacking anything but a couple decent ideas for meshes)

The textures for everything but the tunics are complete and ready to go; I'm down to button-pushing in Body Shop and then replacing crunched-up textures in SimPE (and slaving at least the non-child chausses, because when it's twenty colors, not slaving is no big, but when it's eighty-two...).

And, okay, quick questions: Would you rather I get the TM-EM nightshirts with and without chausses done and hope for child conversions at a later date, or continue begging for CM conversions of assorted Perfect Tunics and release all the scanties in one big lump? I'm shy four conversions and some morphs, and then I can add CM-EM shirts with bare legs, CM-EM nightgowns with bare legs, and CM-EM shirts with 82 colors of chausses to that list up there.

Also, would anyone be frustrated with me if I started categorizing appropriate separates as Outerwear as well as Casual (and where morphs allow, Maternity)? Anything with long sleeves pairs nicely with the cloaks.
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So I'm working on a request hair, and... okay. Does anybody know where to find an all-ages FtM version of the OFB Pixie hair that has the scalp mapped correctly? Andie's version has the scalp mapped to the section of hair on the back of the head rather than the actual bit for the scalp making it look floodfilled (and it shows under the edges of the alpha-editable parts), impossible to alpha out, and thwarting any possibility of texture-referencing the male and female versions, plus it's got four unused groups for everything but toddler age. Alas, it's also the only mesh I can find.


Aug. 11th, 2013 07:45 pm
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I would be coding posts right now if my game hadn't crashed before I got all the pics I needed. Currently reloading.

Does anyone know if there are CM conversions of Heget's Perfect Tunics around? I don't seem to have any, which is going to make getting the menswear side of my to-do list done. (Not that I need all of them, either. In fact I need to go through them and figure out which ones I DO need.)
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Le Chausseur la Troisième Partie is proceeding apace, but I'm of two minds about something. See, part of the next installment of Hat's Chausserie is top-only shifts for to go under bottom-only dresses. Eighty-two of them will have plackets with matching stockings (my wide-laced kirtles won't have stockings on the alpha, so you'll get an extra bit of coordination in the sock area), but I'm not sure what to do with the eight chausse-less recolors for more usual tops. Stockings to match the shift? Stockings in neutral shades? Stockings in a variety of reds, arranged in order of richness to coordinate with the shifts? (Red stockings seem pretty popular.) Feel free to weigh in and help me out; I'd like to do the blank ones before I move on to placketed.
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Okay, so it's December and I thought I'd be back by September.

That didn't happen, because life went like this:

House full of new windows
Brother moved back in (then left to work RenFaire)
Miniature show
Cat got sick (to the tune of $700 in tests and antibiotics)
Surprise doll show (I got a table at the last possible moment)
Bathroom remodel (Yeah I had no idea when that was happening)
Disneyland trip
Brother returned from RenFaire
Doll show (this one, planned)
News of an old family friend's death
Discovering my doll maker has vanished and I have to buy a kiln/learn to make my own porcelain dolls
Surprise house painting
Surprise Brother's Girlfriend in my home office for a weekend (and the next two weekends)
Uncle (on Mom's side) died on anniversary of Dad's death
Put up Christmas Tree
Mom gets shoulder replacement surgery, three or four months of disability

Which brings us up to now.

And now is a time when I have seriously not had a week without rushing to get ready for something, strange men in, on, or around my house banging on things, or some sort of horrifying surprise. Let me tell you it is not easy on my brain chemistry. I'm trying to get back in the swing of Simming, but I'm not caught up with everywhere yet.

Expect another content dump in January at the earliest.

In fact, I'm working on something shiny right now as we speak-- a front-laced gown for TF through EF Maxis, Androgyny, and Athletic Girl shapes... plus my first foray into the repository method. Why didn't anyone tell me it was this easy? If anyone has or knows where to find RenGal or CF conversions of Iamliz13's Alpha Dress, or is interested in MAKING those conversions, please please please let me know and you'll be my hero forever and ever. I NEED THEM. (I have a second Big Clothing Project planned that will include outerwear that coordinates with casual clothes, so really the more shapes I can get this done for, the happier a Hat I become.)

Plans continue apace. I just got caught up with DW comments, and the wishlist has been updated with as many links as I can find at this late date. Please give me a heads-up if you find anything on the list I've missed!

Upcoming posts (not before January, but sometime Soon):

1. 43 (or more) mostly-Maxis recolors of Buggybooz's Nooks and Niches (including Paigeturner's Complete Castle Wall set)
2. 86 very simple toddler kirtles (mostly-Aligeth textures on a Cynnix mesh)
3. 16 toddler diapers in various shades of rag
4. A very small hair dump
5. Hopefully, beards
6. Simple Front-Laced Kirtles on eight Iamliz13 Alpha Dress conversions (more if wishes are fulfilled)
7. Front-Laced Kirtles with Plackets on those same meshes
8. Overdresses with Rucked Skirts on Aligeth again
9. Bonne Nuit shifts for Maxis TF and Athletic Girl AF and TF
10. Du Lac Cotehardies for CU

Things I need to re-upload (posted cos I'm not on my desktop right now, let me know if you spot any other broken links):
1. Tidy Creature
2. Accidentally On Purpose (with new file name because NBC thinks I'm file-sharing something they own, wtf)

Current deep desires for those who want to barter stuffs I'm desperate for for... I don't know, hairs or something I can do (which you will get before I do content dumps):

1. Child conversion of Iamliz13's alpha dress (Cynnix's Androgyny conversions may be of some help) to fit Cynnix's Rengal V2
3. Child conversion of Aligeth's Robin Hood mesh
4. Guys I need some gloves. I know Bloom made a useful mesh for TF and AF, but I want them for child through elder, both sexes, and hopefully with a bigger alpha cuff so I can do things like this and this. I would also cheerfully take a mitten mesh, especially for toddlers; mittens seem more affordable and thus great for toddlers, children, and peasants. Did you know Vikings wore a lot of three-fingered gloves in the long Norse winters? NINJA TURTLE VIKING HANDS.
5. Bone assignments for any of these cloaks. I'm not asking for clipping to be fixed, I know that's impossible, but just something so the cloak bends with the body, and doesn't swing like a bell when a Sim does the smustle or the slap-dance.

If you mesh it, I will recolor it. I'm all in the mood to make wintry things.
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Okay, so I can use things like SimPE and Pescado's clothing tool and Inge's assorted hacks (wicked useful for churches, that formal wear sign) that I can get toddlers into things like formalwear, gym clothes, and swimwear... but except for hacks like that, I'm pretty sure toddlers only end up in anything besides casual, pajamas, and outerwear in the course of a normal game.

Does anyone (especially anyone who plays a Medieval game) regularly put their toddlers in formal, gym, and/or swim?

I'm brewing eighty-two little toddler gowns and I currently have vague plans for little toddler shifts and shirts and nappies, and I'm just wondering whether anyone has ever found a use for toddler gym clothes. ... Or toddler formal wear.
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Coming Soon!

1. A mostly hat-based hair dump, which will include but not be limited to: Ja's edit of Daislia's Altair hood, FantasyRogue's edit of Bipsouille's Burgundian Hennin, Dicreasy's edit of Elena's Africa hair, Cynnix's Nun and Noble veil-and-wimple hairs, and with any luck a lowered-poly animated age-conversion of Clubkitty's Hijab by Marja. Also I have done a couple of hairs either by request or because I saw them and had to have them in all the colors, so those of you who aren't interested in Medieval hairs might still find something interesting.

2. Le Chausseur Deux, which will include hosen for teen and adult males with Aquilegia's improved fatmorph, teen, adult, and elder females for Aquilegia's Androgyny shape, and bound breasts for teen, adult, and POSSIBLY elder females pretending to be males for whatever reason.

(Uh, related to the above, does anyone know if teen, adult, and/or elder female blockfoot swimsuit (which is to say, nude, but without much buttcrack) Gothplague Androgyny meshes exist? I thought I HAD them. Guess I confused them with Amaryll's default servos or something. *full of fail* Well, I was going to use Aquilegia's EF mesh, anyway, since it's close enough to my default elder shape...)

3. A shitload of necklaces, yo. (All very similar necklaces, but I wanted variety.)

4. ... I swear I made something else recently, but I have now forgotten what it was. (... Maybe it was effects makeup blush-to-full-face conversions? I never seem to get around to sharing those, but I make them all the time. I'm never sure if anyone would be interested in them.)

Update! (And seeking opinions.)

I have updated my main stickypost, and added a new category-- Medieval Headwear. It's technically a wishlist but it also functions as a resource post; if anybody else knows of any other Medieval headwear out there, please please pretty please let me know.

I keep thinking I need to streamline that whole post a little more, and once I got the Headwear Wish/Resource List done, I started thinking I needed to make a Medieval Pregmorph Wish/Resource List. Think I ought to make wish/resource lists a separate stickypost?

Beta Tester(s) Needed!

Would somebody whose expansion spread differs from mine (I have all EPs and SPs) be willing to check out a couple of objects and see if they're basegame compatible? I am a total newbie at such things, but I recently figured out you can clone toybox toys and have playable toys for your kids. (I disabled the Put Away interaction, because if you put bought toys away, they disappear into the toybox forever, and I think for non-Pets games I also need to disable the Chew interaction, but I made them on a whim, anyway.) I also need someone willing to tell me if my coin stacks are basegame compatible, as I cloned them from a basegame-compatible custom object but I don't think I've got SimPE configured right for that sort of thing. (Making objects is kind of entirely new to me.) Drop me a comment or a PM here or on GoS if you're interested.

(Especially if you're a mesher interested in making new toys. Kids have so few custom things to just play with, and there are a lot of deco toy meshes out there that could be shrunk to the proper size and given to the little buggers to zoom around the floor going "Nyeeaar vroom whinny!")
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Okay, for YOU GUYS, loyal Dreamwidth readers, I can have a hair dump ready in a couple of hours-- all that's left is uploading and coding. But, see, I also want to release a bunch of Asian hairs on GoS for this month's theme, and, um.

The scroll wheel on my mouse appears to be broken. It don't click no more.

This does not in any way impair my ability to surf the internet or take Body Shop pictures, but navigating in-game? I'll drive myself crazy until I can get a new mouse (with any luck, this weekend, since I also need more time for my phone).

So, um.

Anybody want to take some screenshots? You don't have to crop them or anything, I can do that, and you get first crack at a whole mess of hairs.
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Gaguing Interest: Aging Mod

So whenever it gets too hot to sew, I've been putzying away at an aging mod, because I got a bee in my bonnet to learn how. I'm still testing it, and I'm kind of half seeking testers for it, because along with Sim ages... I had to mod ACR. (Old ACR, not the new version. The new version still seems to be in Beta, but I could probably mod it without too many difficulties.

ANYway, it'll be at least a week, probably closer to two, before I'll let myself post this sucker, but would anyone be interested in testing it/downloading it once it's been tested?

Why I Did This )

The proportion is a pretty simple one-- if a pregnancy lasts three days, then three days is nine months. If three days is nine months, then one year is four days.

Numerical Info Follows... )

So now let's talk about the ACR half of this mod. Which is mostly about fertility. )

A nifty thing about how this mod cooperates with an aspect of InTeen... )

There are some other ups and downs of this mod...

Cons: )

Pros: )

So, questions...

Would anybody be interested in proportionate ages besides me? Is there anything I need to warn for with aging mods (besides that there can be only one)? Does anyone know how aging mods affect Bigfoot?

And perhaps most importantly, is there anybody out there who might want to help me test this mod (especially if I can contact you over PM here or at GoS or even MTS or via email, because I am nowhere near ready to release this publicly)? Particularly people with different game configurations than me (I have all EPs/SPs) or who don't use InTeen, or who have Sims lying around almost ready to age to Elder without stupid high Aspiration levels?
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I just spent AGES Pookleting Sugar and Caffeine's Jake Sully braid because Ja posted a ponytail texture that worked for the upper part of it. Ten textures per age, four ages. So of course I had to use the color binning tool to remove the child and toddler ages.

Except on one color, I removed the teen age instead.

Anybody know if there's a way I can fix this without starting the hair over? I'm trying to keep my stupid Body Shop all organized with the new actions (which, yes, is silly and will only last as long as I have only full sets of Pooklet'd hairs-- the minute I add something Nouked, it goes all to hell. But it'll still go Flash Powder, Land Mine, Shrapnel, Dynamite, no mixing around!) and... man, I just don't want to look at that goddamn braid again. TEN TEXTURES PER AGE, I just wanted to bin it and be done with it.
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So let's say I'm trying to create some new objects based on an existing custom mesh. (Different values of coins that neither appreciate nor depreciate, thus making for both excellent things to stuff in your daughter's inventory/dowry and more realistic props to set around your king's counting-house or pirate's lair or whatever. Otherwise, recoloring would be saner, I know.)

Got the textures done, got the catalog descriptions done, got the GUIDs done, got the zero-depreciation fixed, discovered the price limits of the game, but now no matter WHAT I do, they all show up with the silver texture-- I'm pretty sure it's a last-mod-loaded-wins thing, because S comes after both C and G.

So I have two questions.



B) How do I fix it?

New coding crap is not something to try when you have a sinus headache. I have had a sinus headache for three days.

*tests Multi Ideal Plantsim mod*

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