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Last night, I got an anonymous post from someone who I thought had given up on convincing me to help them stir up trouble, or support them in their trouble, or-- honestly I'm not sure what they thought they were doing, but their post read like a list of warning signs for "If he does this, this, and that, run for the hills, you probably won't get out of this relationship alive."

Eventually, after I made it clear that I was not buying what the anon was selling (look, you send me nine paragraphs of trying to convince me to help you tear down another woman, and I'm not going to be nice to you, not even right out of the gate, sorry not sorry as the kids these days say), I got a nice little explosion wherein the anon informed me that they're glad Trump won because he's a Real American, that they're glad my 'bitch queen' Hillary lost, compared President Obama to a false god and thus, me to a worshiper of false gods (that gets you sent to Hell, doesn't it?), and called me a couple of names that were, frankly, a step down from the delicate implication of breaking an Old Testament commandment.

I was shaky when I made last night's post, and I said some stuff that was funny in my head, but I think it was 'funny in my head' in more of an adrenaline-crash 'oh my god did they seriously end what could've been a threat to my life by calling me a little monkey?' way than actually being funny. So, having had some time to think-- and re-read, and a long comment to answer, here's what I actually want to say to anyone still reading or following this blog:

When you start researching the Middle Ages-- and definitely when you start researching Vikings-- you learn pretty quickly that there are two kinds of hobbyist Medievalists.

There are the people who want to know what things were like in as much nitty-gritty detail as possible, especially as might pertain to whatever special area of history tickles their fancy. What sort of seams were on a houpelande? How heavy was a hauberk? Just how much smaller was a Medieval ox than a modern steer? Why didn't Saxons eat chicken eggs if they ate chickens? What was the Danelaw? If we don't actually know what apron dresses looked like, why do all the reenactors wear them the same way? Were there any black people in Medieval England?

Then there are the people who find the Middle Ages fascinating because they haven't, and don't intend to, learn about it beyond Victorian revisionism of the period. They want to keep reading about Europe, before the Age of Sail, before the purchase of the first African slave or acceptance of the first brownish refugee, when the whole continent was white people. The men were white, and they were strong Christian white men who kept their families in line with a firm hand. The women were white and silent (if they knew what was good for them). The children were white and obedient. The kings were white, and the good kings were tall, good-looking men who kicked Saracen ass for the glory of Christendom, while the bad kings were short, misshapen men who murdered little children or overtaxed the rich barons good free men of England, and always got their comeuppance in the end.

And it can be hard to know who's who. The second group sounds a lot like the first when you're talking about types of shoes or the worst jobs in a Medieval castle. And the second type often thinks that, because the first type is just as interested in the trappings of the Middle Ages as they are, the first type is just as white supremacist, too.

This can get particularly troublesome lately, because the incoming American presidential administration pretty much shares those views of a totally white, totally Christian, totally heterosexual utopia enforced by violence and the fear of violence.

I am a white person; I have white nonsense to unlearn (I'm working on it, it's a process). I'm also mentally ill, queer, and a cis woman.

This blog is a zero-tolerance zone for white supremacists, Neo-Nazis, fascists, and supporters of such. Anyone who stands for Donald Trump stands for putting my life* in legalized jeopardy, and is cordially invited to fuck right off my blog and unfollow me forever. I will not welcome debate on this topic. I will not agree to disagree. On ne passe pas.

Anonymous comments are currently screened, but still allowed. OpenID is still allowed, and Dreamwidth (although not busy) is free to join just in case some asshat ruins both anonymous commenting and OpenID for everyone. Disruptive comments will be frozen or deleted at my sole discretion.

*And the lives of a shitload of other Americans who happen to be a little browner or a little queerer or a little less Christian than the rest, but if I can't make them care about what happens to me through the content I've made, then I can't make them care about people they don't know, unfortunately.

99% of this blog will always be Sims related, history-related, or state-of-the-Hat posts explaining stuff that's affecting my ability to Sim or history or Sim History. Sorry for the disruption. Unless you're a white supremacist or white-supremacist-adjacent, in which case I'm not sorry about anything and I hope you step on a Lego. In bare feet, in the middle of the night, while you have a full bladder.

Original post behind the cut, I'm owning my adrenaline-fueled crappy wording. )
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I have gotten your comments and PMs, everybody, but I'm in the 'crunch time' portion of my Usual Summer Simming Hiatus-- my big miniature show is next weekend and the prep is extra-"fun" this year what with my sister, her husband, their toddler, their pets, and all their stuff moved in and underfoot. So, blanket response to everything about missing hairs:

1. The MT Cakestore hairs get pulled down a LOT, I don't know why.
2. Yes, I have backups. I have triple backups. I have a passport drive full of backups.
3. I'll fix the links but I don't have time to do so right now.
4. Yes, I probably should switch to Sims File Share.
5. Yes, if you have your own copies of hairs people are looking for, feel free to share them while Mediafire is being Mediafire.
6. No, further comments as to which files are down probably will not help.

I hate to sound prickly but I'm on hiatus, I will be on hiatus until at least the middle of September and possibly until early October, the way things are going. I never have time to Sim in the summer and this year hasn't been a great year for 'things Hat can do for fun' since February.
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I know I've been dead quiet lately, here as well as on Garden of Shadows. Sorry about that-- I think I'm caught up with comments now, but this is official notice of an unofficial hiatus.

It's summer! Summer means lots of things. Seasonally it usually means my hobbying swings away from Sims and I kick real-world content creation into high gear for a mini show on the first weekend after Labor Day (which, yep, that's a thing that's happening). This year I'm doing that with a full house-- not only me, Mom, and Penelope (who is SO BIG now oh my gosh), but my sister, her husband, their toddler, their cat, their ball python, and their two dogs. Crowded. Also slightly fraught, constantly.

Also, sales pitch, feel free to skip if you're not into doll collecting or customizing. ) that's the end of my sales pitch.

So, with any luck, I should be back to Sims 2 stuff in the fall. I have lots of plans, yes I do, and I try to keep up with the updates even when I'm not playing, just building a giant download hoard. Right now, though, everything is doll sales and family drama, and a toddler who periodically interrupts Auntie Hat while she's working because he wants to watch a couple Lindsay Sterling videos, steal a doll stand (that child has an absolute fascination with doll stands), and then run up and down the hall a few times.
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Small update to G-Rated Religion, or rather its expansions. Jadesim discovered a problem with University's Streak Dance For interaction, which I didn't notice because I'd tested the InTeen version and missed my missed value-change. Grab this file to properly ban Streak Dance For under Indiscretion, and let it overwrite the original. The full downloads have been updated.
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Hey, if you downloaded the ACR V2 update to Gestation Based Aging, please re-download, because it turns out one of the values that didn't need to change for 2.5c REALLY needed to change for 2.final and I missed it cos I didn't have any teens in my testerhood.
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And while I'm posting things I've been tweaking for literally years, have this:

Hey, it's the It's The Proportion ACR v2 Final controller! Click back there to read the whole post again, or click here to just grab the mod.
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I got my desktop reassembled!

Couple of minor hiccups with things like having to go into BIOS and change a setting I did not and still kinda don't understand so Vista installation would finish, six years worth of Windows updates having to install at once, and so many drivers, but I'm up and running and a good chunk of tomorrow will be spent installing Sims 2 and possibly SC4. ... And all my Sims-related programs. I honestly might have more programs for Sims management and customization than I do for anything else I do on the computer. SimPE and a mess of plugins, Wardrobe Wrangler, Compressorizer, HomeCrafter, Hack Conflict Detection Utility, Delphy's Download Organizer, Clean Installer, Collection Creator, NPC Replacer, and I keep thinking I should get the Lot Resizer. Shoot, a bunch of my non-Sims programs, I got for Sims-related purposes (Irfanview, Bulk Rename Utility, Audacity, frickin' Photoshop).

I am so, so ready to be able to make things properly again. Full-sized keyboard, enormous monitor (the laptop is kinda letterboxed, so I can see a lot from side-to-side but I scroll a lot), comfy sitting arrangement, all the RAM, and I know all the old mistakes I made and I'm totally ready to never make those again and instead make all new mistakes.

And after a basically-five-month enforced hiatus from Serious Sims Creation, I bring lessons you can learn from my misfortune! Cut for Learning Experiences. )

I feel like I've got more of my life in order than usual, it's nice.

(Also we got a kitten, because there was a cat-shaped gap in the household and it's been years since we've had a kitten. Her name is Penelope and I could babble about her, but this week her most fantastic feat has been jumping five feet straight up into the air to climb onto my computer armoire. We've had cats for as long as I can remember-- sometimes a lot of cats, I'm thirty-six and the late 80s and early 90s saw a lot of unfixed kitties at my house-- and I have never lived with one as dedicated to 'find the highest point of all the things' as Penelope.)
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I've only got one tester so far, but so far, everything is working for that tester.

AND I can add custom interactions to the mod! I've had the instructions for it for a while, but I hadn't actually gone and tried to mess with any BHAVs. That means I can do a G-Rated Religion expansion pack for each Sims expansion pack, giving you more actions that can be banned or allowed by each in-game religion.

Anybody know if regular playable Sims can steal anything besides newspapers, gnomes, and (with a hack) hotel towels? I've got five sets of behaviors I can add ban/allowable actions to-- Pathfinding Fail Tantrums (I may re-name that Anger or something, but I have to find something else to ban under it and beg my tester to see how it works), Theft, Violence, Indiscretion (gossip, bragging, gross out; manners failures, basically), and Disrespect (nag, insult, annoy, I'm planning to add pranks; petty meanness). In the Vanilla mod, Violence has the most interactions banned, and Theft and Pathfinding Tantrums have the least, which is why I'm hoping to find more stealing-based actions to make bannable.

I'm going to go through the Prima guides hopefully tonight and make notes on expansions, but if you have suggestions about custom interactions, I'm all ears-- especially if you'd be willing to help test them.
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Hard drive itself: Still failing.

But today I pulled on my big-Simmer pants and fired up the desktop to go grab the last of the files I forgot, which went swimmingly (albeit with a few "OH GOD WHAT ARE YOU DOING BACK EVERYTHING UP AND SHUT DOWN" warnings from the computer). Grabbed the screenshots I was missing but had resigned myself to losing forever, the one writing project that lost a scene in the shuffle, one set of clothing recolors that got missed in the original upload, a surprising number of fonts, and a few random files that were sitting around, all un-backed-up. ... Then I spent the rest of the day organizing my passport drive. (If you are in a position to afford one, get yourself a passport drive and back up to it regularly.) I've got enough unreleased content (if not screenshots, yet) for a smallish Hair-And-Beard dump, and due to my reduced computing circumstances, I'm now looking for testers for:

A) G-Rated Chris Hatch Religion by Hat and Larky (requires Apartment Life or M&G)...
B) the ACR V2 Final version of my aging mod.

I'm also looking for a BHAViorist to tie some prayable objects into said Religion Mod and/or combine interactions of a couple of custom wedding arches, but that's less 'content I want to make/release' than it is 'content I want to play with.'
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I hate to do this, I really hate to do this when I've been so epically non-productive lately (I actually have so much stuff so close to done, it's like two thousand files, but it's not quite ready for prime time so to speak), but if there's any chance you've been considering making a donation... Well, okay, lemme cut this: it's vet bills, basically. ) I'm going to be turning EVERYWHERE for help (including eBay) as soon as I'm not stuck home alone and tethered to my cat, but in the meantime...

If you can donate anything, anything at all, I'd be incredibly grateful. I have some Monster High dolls for sale if you'd rather get something physical for your money. I'm willing to swap Sims content for donations, too, but given that I won't be getting more than four and a half hours of sleep at a time for a while (and I can't be on my Simming computer while a post-surge cat gets in trouble any time I'm more than six inches away from her), please bear with me in terms of how long it takes to FILL those requests.

Even just good thoughts are appreciated. Harley's got some good years in her if she pulls through this; I'd like her to have as many of them as possible. (I mean, purchases and donations are appreciated MORE, but only because vets need money, not grateful tears.)

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I was just googling random Sims-related phrases hoping for downloads (and getting links to my own stuff, which, weird) and saw a GoS link and figured 'what the hell' and clicked it and GoS is back!
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Okay, so I am out of town until the eighth, probably functionally until the ninth, because Mom wants to a) meet her first grandbaby and b) be in Disneyland for her birthday, and those two things are conveniently adjacent. I've got the laptop, but I never got all the expansions or even SimPE installed on it, so my creating abilities are seriously curtailed until I'm back home again.

However! Cynnix has reappeared, and brought with her some Child conversions of that mesh I need, so I'll be able to put up a MUCH more complete set of men's underwear than I'd worried!
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Everything should be fixed now, so if you tried to download the Smoke Bomb color action or some ladies' hairs in Hair Dump XII while I was AFK and they didn't go, they should go now. Thanks to everybody who pointed out broken links!
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GambitsObsession over on GoS has released a bunch of default replacement unintialized Servos to coordinate with Amaryll's Androgynous Servos, and my oak androgynous Servos are among them! That means no more of this:

I'll edit the post to include that link, because DANG it's been a while since folk started kicking around that project!
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If you downloaded the wide-laced placket kirtles and spotted this UV issue:

You should know Oph3lia very graciously fixed it for me. The original post has been edited, but you can also grab the fixed meshes at either of these links:

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Hey guys, guess what?

The rest of the bodyshapes are up on the Front-Laced Lady post. Go forth and download Athletic Gal and Aquilegia's Androgyny! (Cynnix is amazing, you guys.)


Jan. 30th, 2013 12:28 am
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No, as far as I know, I'm not having issues. However, I do hear that now, instead of taking down files with no notice, they're taking down files with a letter about copyright infringement and a notice of 'strikes' against your account. It's driving a lot of Simmers to places like Box.net or Dropbox, and that's your right, but if you KNOW that the files removed don't violate copyright law, PLEASE submit a ticket or otherwise inform Mediafire that they deleted your files without cause, especially if you have a paid account.

This is why. A quick google search suggests that no other online group is having this much trouble with Mediafire lately, and if it's targeted at free Sims uploads, widespread, and annoying, then there's really only one person's MO it fits.

I haven't received one of the new copyright notices; the one I did recieve included a link. I clicked the link, filled out the form, and waited. Mediafire didn't get back to me immediately, in fact I had to get back to them. What happens is, someone files a claim against the file, the uploader files a counterclaim, and the claimant then has ten days to respond. If you don't hear back from Mediafire after ten days, contact them again, and if the claimant didn't respond or didn't adequately respond, they'll restore the files.

When my sexyfeet baby clothes were removed without notice, I first tried re-uploading with altered file names (which were still blocked), I tried submitting a ticket. You do this by logging into Mediafire, clicking Help, filling out the form (I used the 'general questions' flag) and waiting. They say they'll get back to you in 24 hours, but they took six days to get back to me, two weeks to get back to Quintcia, and only two days to get back to G-Knee.

The point is, they DO get back to you. And I haven't heard from anyone who has contacted Mediafire and hasn't had their files restored. (So at least they actually do care about copyright law, even if they're also scared shitless of the FBI.)

If you choose to submit a ticket or file a counterclaim, here's what you need to include when you write to Mediafire:

0. Before you even start writing, stay calm. Be professional, adult, and friendly. (That your files were removed is not Mediafire's fault. They can't police every download, so when a file gets taken down, it's because someone complained. That they take down files instead of contacting the uploader isn't because they don't respect the uploader's rights, it's because Mediafire is scared shitless of becoming the next Megaupload.) People paid to handle complaints do not often see the civil side of their customer base. Be The Nice One.

1. If you're submitting a support ticket, you will need the original file names of all your removed uploads. This is so Mediafire can find them to fix them. If they've removed a lot of files, this might be a pain in the ass... but it's still necessary.

2. Whether you're submitting a ticket or filing a counterclaim, assure Mediafire of the actual copyright of Sims 2 custom content; this may mean quoting the relevant part of the EULA. Here is the full text of the EULAs for Sims 2 and Sims 3. COPY from there; please don't link to the Booty, it doesn't look professional. Behind the cut are the relevant parts. ) At the very least, you'll need to demonstrate that you know the legality of your right to share custom content for Sims games.

3. Here's the one I didn't think to do, but will if any of my files go down again-- Ask who submitted the copyright complaint. You have a right to know this and Mediafire should tell you. (I thought it was an honest mistake, and the first file that kept going down was complained about by CBS or someone claiming to be CBS.)

4. Thank Mediafire for their time, and be patient about getting a response.

5. DO NOT RE-UPLOAD THE FILES under different names or in a different folder. Wait until Mediafire gets back to you.

I completely respect the choice to move to another free filehost besides Mediafire, but the rash of take-downs lately very likely isn't the fault of any human being at Mediafire. Any file host, free or not, as long as it's based somewhere in the US or just afraid of US copyright law, is vulnerable to false reporting of copyright infringement. They'll all react the same way-- by taking the files down, no questions asked-- because there are too many files to check each and every one and ask the uploader if they're sure they have the legal right to share it.
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Ohhh my god you guys okay, you remember my Invoking the Spirit Bonehilda defaults, and how I also made Parsimonious Fairy Witch gowns to match the Maxis witch dresses, and then lamented at the lack of pregmorph or teen conversion because I thought they'd make good Apartment Life witch defaults?

Okay, well, Cynnix added a pregmorph and did a teen conversion, and then Morganna defaulted them, and you can grab them here. Apparently body shapes are coming soon, which is also very exciting. This is a thing I must now go cross off a whole lot of wishlists, because YAY.
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Mediafire responded to my ticket, so anyone waiting to download the assorted sexyfeet diapers and/or smocks in Bundle of Joy ought to be able to access them now! Please let me know if things still aren't working.
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Guys, Mom impulse-bought a whole houseful of new windows. They're delivered at the end of the month and we need two feet clear in front of all sixteen windows in the house, inside and out. I have cleaning and yardwork and furniture-moving and several rooms worth of vacuuming to do because Mom has a bum knee and a bum shoulder, so... uh, so yeah. Turns out it's a little more complicated to update your whole house in reality than it is in the Sims. (But more worth it!)

... Also June, July, and August are not good months to clean and paint and fix your whole house. So hot...

So I shall leave you with a list of things I will post when I get a chance to finish or photograph them:

1. 43 mostly-Maxis recolors of Buggybooz's Nooks and Niches (including Paigeturner's Complete Castle Wall set)
2. 86 very simple toddler kirtles (mostly-Aligeth textures on a Cynnix mesh)
3. 16 toddler diapers in various shades of rag
4. A very small hair dump
5. Hopefully, beards

Got some other things I'm hoping to work on, but if you don't hear from me until September? It's because of windows.

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