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So I have this massive (forty-three pages in 10-point font) document I use to plan out things like class restrictions and cheats allowed and what trees I can put in which neighborhoods and the bones of a criminal justice system and... basically it's my worldbuilding cheat sheet.

After talking about the G-Rated Religion Mod with Morgaine, I said to myself, "Man, my Religion section sure is... thin. What can I do to get more information in there? Religion and culture inform each other."

So I rummaged around for some writing guides (for both fantasy writing and gaming writing; the gaming guides were more useful) about making up religions. And I built myself a questionnaire.

Because Veetie wanted to see the questionnaire, I cleaned it up, made the language as neutral as I could (hopefully they'll help as much for Medieval Fantasy religions as High Fantasy or Contemporary Alternate Universe), and crammed it behind the cut at the end of this paragraph. This isn't a Mary Sue Litmus Test, feel free to skip any questions that don't apply to your particular playable Religion-- but you might want to give them all a read-through anyway. Most of the questions are aimed at fleshing out a made-up religion, but there's a bit at the end about real-world people and the implications a fictional religion can make, by accident or by design. Also, I'm not a religious studies expert, I'm just a nerd who reads a lot and knows when something feels fake or under-done, and like a lot of people I'm constantly learning what's actually accidentally gross (or accidentally-on-purpose gross. I was in the Aladdin fandom in early 2002, you would not believe some people's nonsense). On to the questionnaire-- this is not short. )
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My Blind Date for the Garden of Shadows Valentine's swap was [community profile] junky and I got SO SPOILED, and I made a bunch of themed goodies, but here is the thing that has me going "I must link, and link immediately": Lace went and made Pregmorphs for the RNR, Androgyny, and Athletic Girl Tig alpha tunics I made for the 2011 GoS Advent.

Also I got a whole slew of FLOORS with BOARDS that don't stretch out into infinity! OH YES FLOORS, BABY.

Time to go update the pregmorph resource list!
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That awkward moment when you're browsing Medieval POC because it's never not fascinating and you encounter a drop-dead gorgeous 1412 dress. Hello, neckline, you and your friend the side-slit are super-pretty.
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Here's a short little upload, if I've done it right...

Smoke Bomb (basically a layer of Time Bomb set to Multiply over a layer of Mail Bomb) has been my go-to Family Two homebrew gray for AGES, because I like having four colors in every bin for each hair. It's nice. I made it with Photoshop 6 (no CS or anything, just 6), so it should work from at least Photoshop 6 on up-- ideally if you can run the rest of Project Mayhem, you should be able to run Smoke Bomb.

Grab it here, all unzipped and totally without policy, because the policy is Pooklet's policy. This is effectively just an expansion of Pooklet's work, using Pooklet's work, so don't do anything with Smoke Bomb that you're not allowed to do with the rest of Project Mayhem.
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So, I wander away from Sims for a few weeks (it happens. I mean, I did a mini show, got sick, went to Disneyland, wrote a 40,000-word Aladdin fanfic, got an AO3 account, and next weekend is Halloween and my last doll show of the year, I've been busy) and GoS goes down. Alarming! So here's me late to the 'guess I better make some backup posts for my GoS exclusives' party.

This post is only for hiders, and it is a goddamn hider-y masterpost. )
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In the Middle Ages, everybody wore hats. Male and female, young and old, rich and poor, everybody had a hat or a hood or both, and I have even seen pictures of people wearing a hood, a coif, and a hat. I mean, without a hat, how could you tell Robin Hood from Link? Sims 2 has been out since 2004, and people have been playing Medieval games and writing Medieval stories (like the excellent Kingdom of Lothere) for nearly that long, and there's still a decided lack of Medieval haberdashery in general, much less really well-made stuff.

So I have made a list! And today I have decided to give that list its own post.

This is a database-slash-wishlist, because not only do I want to link to all the awesome hats that exist for Sims 2, I want to link to some of the awesome possibilities for hats that the Middle Ages could inspire, and... well, I kinda want to point out which hats exist, but could use an overhaul (or are historically inacurrate-- though usually I only complain when they're wildly inaccurate). If you know of any hats I've missed, please let me know! If you find inspiration in this list and decide to make a hat, especially an accessory hat, please let me know, because if you make it, I will recolor it. (I make no promises as to when, but I will recolor it.)

The Medieval Headwear Wish/Resource List )
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This is my new favorite tumblr:

People of Color in Medieval Art History.

I have been learning a lot and because I love learning, I want to share it. (Although I will say, if you are a history nerd who happens to be white, be prepared to be deeply disappointed in the way you were taught history. ... Well, more disappointed.)
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So! These are Medieval, Castaway, or East Asian (and occasionally fantasy) meshes that were created without pregmorphs. After that list, there's a list of meshes created without pregmorphs that were later given pregmorphs by talented meshers. Meshes that were created with pregmorphs in the first place are not included on this list. Please feel free to comment if you can think of any meshes I've missed.

This is not a wishlist. I neither use nor intend to use all these meshes for anything. I still want to keep the full list around as a database, and maybe as inspiration-- if you want to learn to make morphs, there are plenty of options here! But it's my blog so I'm putting a *star* next to the meshes I desperately want pregmorphs added to, anyway.

Medieval Pregmorph Resource List )
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Okay, I think I've put this off long enough. I'm sure I've missed things, but this is a good solid overview. I may add more later. And none of my own content is listed here, but... you're on my Dreamwidth. Click the Downloads tag, and suddenly there's everything.

I'm not really sure how I want to do this. )
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Reference, not resource-- there is no Sims 2 stuff linked here, just a lot of SCA and nerdy research and other such goodies.

Since my particular area of interest is clothing, that's most of what I'll be linking to here. But first let me admit that this is in NO WAY a comprehensive overview of the ENTIRE Medieval period, which lasted from around 400 to around 1500 AD, depending on how close to Rome you were. )
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Okay, first, let me say virtually everything in this... it's not even a tutorial, really, it's more like a pasting guide. Anyway, virtually everything in this crib sheet will focus on the Property Sets value doodad in SimPE.

These are EASY. Be not afraid. If you are afraid, then make backups (or don't throw out your zipped files).

Let's get started! )

This concludes what I know how to do in the Property Sets of Body Shop content for Sims 2.

The other SimPE tricks I know how to get some mileage out of involve moving Buy Mode content to Build Mode and making a few simple tweaks to objects and sorts and such by messing with Object Data.

Object Data )

This concludes what I know how to mess with in Object Data, but I recently learned a cool trick for Buy and Build content in TXMT, courtesy of Whispers.

Material Definition )

And you know what, here are my Cut Your Loading Time tricks. Outside the cut I'll just explain the simple ones-- download the Compressorizer (scroll down) and make use of it (though be sure to only use it on finished meshes or copies of meshes; I hear altering a mesh after compressing it makes it not go), and download a bulk renamer (that one's the one I use) to go through all your files and cut out the special characters. ... Okay, behind the cut is a quick Bulk Renaming Your Sims Files rundown.

Bulk Renaming )

And of course, once you're done renaming, you want to keep your subfolders as shallow as possible-- the more subfolders, the longer it takes the game to read them all. Any organizational system is a personal thing, nobody copies anybody else's entirely, but stealing the parts of someone else's system that work best for you? Dude, do it. So, personally, I don't go more than two subfolders past 'Downloads,' and my next level is divided by category-- Sims, Accessories, Buy, Build, Clothes, Defaults, Food, Genetics, Makeup, Mods, OMSP, PetBreeds, Poseboxes. (Okay, granted, it's not then all my clothes in the Clothes folder, I have Clothes_00_Testing and Clothes_01_RECOLOR; Genetics is labeled not only Genetics_Eyes and Genetics_FacialHair but Genetics_Hair_by_Hat, Genetics_Hair_Hats, Genetics_Hair_CHECKING.) Inside those base-level folders are subfoldered sets, and sometimes loose bundled items, especially in hair and clothing.

Which brings me to my next great load-time saver:

Bundling Package Files )

Of special note with all bundled content, once bundled, you cannot then delete it in-game. Because then you delete your entire bundle, and stuff you use the in-game delete button in is not in your Recycling Bin-- it's just gone. This is, by the way, what happens if you use the in-game delete button on re-categorized Maxis content-- it deletes all the bundles that item's associated resources are in from the Program Files folders, meaning you have probably deleted a fair chunk of your Maxis content if not literally everything in that catalog mode, and now have to figure out what and from where so you can pull those files off the disk to fix your game.

So, basically, ignore the in-game delete button. It's for emergencies only, such as "This is the ugliest wall with the most useless title and description and I can't find the file anywhere!"
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Okay, so this is an entry with no real Sims-related content, but it's going to have a lot of Medieval-related content. See, one of my pet peeves in any kind of historical costuming whatsoever is when people get mixed up on the 'historical' part-- saying 'Medieval' when they mean 'Lord of the Rings' or that a dress pattern works just as well for the Renaissance as for the French Revolution or the Victorian era... or thinking that 'fairy tale' is the same thing as 'historical.' (Another pet peeve is mixing your decades on Victorian crap, but that's a minor thing as relates to Sims 2.)

So this post is more of a guide to Medieval fashion than anything else, for my own reference, for anyone else who's interested, and in the hopes that some novice mesh-maker will look at some of the hats and go "I could make that. I could make that and Medieval Simmers would shower me with praise!" Because there aren't enough hats.

Sims and Fantasy )

Medieval clothing is NOT... )

Medieval Clothing IS... )

Reproductions of Medieval Clothing )

That's... admittedly all I have to-hand at the moment. I'll post more links as I find them, promise. Although I DO have a link to Go Fug Thyself, dedicated to finding and pointing out the worst in Medieval (and historical, but mostly Medieval) costuming on the intarwebs.

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