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In a continuing effort to back up my Garden of Shadows exclusives to Dreamwidth, without just duplicating the original posts where they're actually MEANT to be exclusive, here are the goodies that got heraldry of one sort or another.

I am an utter nut for heraldry, and when I got invited to participate in the first Garden of Shadows advent back in 2010, somehow my brain decided heraldic stuff was entirely logical. GoS already had a perfectly cromulent color scheme (that blue is azure in Medieval heraldry (when all blues were azure), but bleu celeste later on), and plenty of charges to choose from... but you'd be amazed how hard it is to find decent line-drawings of baby geese suitable for silly heraldic purposes.

Alfred Askew drew the gosling. Alfi rocks. Okay, let's get to the goodies.

There's some Pooklet'd furniture in here, too. )

In 2010, I had Plans, so many PLANS, to slap that heraldic device all over every banner, pennant, tapestry, and shield I could find. These plans... did not come to fruition. 2011 was kinder, sort of. I even built a special lot to show off everything! (Okay, I plonked down my favorite self-sufficient outpost-fortress lot and slapped bleu celeste all over it.) The following actually DOESN'T represent the full on Heraldry Project, either. Someday! Promise! In the meantime...

Welcome to Castle GoS! )

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