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Veetie had to drop from the Blind Date event, but this is her gift anyway. I'll link to mine in a minute. Veetie and I were paired as Pongo and Perdita.

Never Work with Children or Animals )
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I do plan to have my desktop reassembled before the end of the month. (Gotta find that can of air. Everything's ready but that.) Until then, I realized I do in fact have one more download I can share with you guys.

You fucked up a perfectly good monkey is what you did. Look at it. It's got anxiety. )
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So, I wander away from Sims for a few weeks (it happens. I mean, I did a mini show, got sick, went to Disneyland, wrote a 40,000-word Aladdin fanfic, got an AO3 account, and next weekend is Halloween and my last doll show of the year, I've been busy) and GoS goes down. Alarming! So here's me late to the 'guess I better make some backup posts for my GoS exclusives' party.

This post is only for hiders, and it is a goddamn hider-y masterpost. )
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Okay, so I really started this project for a G-rated Chris Hatch religion mod I've been working on with Larky over on GoS. (Larky did the hard work.) And in the middle of getting the fiddly bits done, my life exploded. These things happen. But I'm ready now, so I have some goodies for you this fine morning!

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Ohhh my god you guys okay, you remember my Invoking the Spirit Bonehilda defaults, and how I also made Parsimonious Fairy Witch gowns to match the Maxis witch dresses, and then lamented at the lack of pregmorph or teen conversion because I thought they'd make good Apartment Life witch defaults?

Okay, well, Cynnix added a pregmorph and did a teen conversion, and then Morganna defaulted them, and you can grab them here. Apparently body shapes are coming soon, which is also very exciting. This is a thing I must now go cross off a whole lot of wishlists, because YAY.
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My favorite expansion pack for Sims 1 is Makin' Magic. There's just so much stuff about it that I miss so much now that I'm pretty well devoted to Sims 2. The spinning wheel that made golden thread, the silly mushroom chase games to get rare spell ingredients, the ability to turn your fellow Sims into frogs, pet dragons that actually set things on fire, the entirety of Magic Town...

And of course Bonehilda, who functioned much like a Servo but was actually a skeleton in a French maid costume.

When Sentate released a Servo dressed as Bonehilda, I squeed in Sims-1-loyalty delight. Awkwardly, I'm kind of a little bit in love with my own wooden Servos, but I got to talking with [personal profile] faechangeling, and... Well, this happened.

You do their work, and they shall have good luck. )
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Apparently, I just want to upload right now. (Actually, I know I need to get the "Almost... finished!" Sims stuff posted before August, which is when I need to step up production for Real Work-- IE, things I can sell. Autumn is show season!)

So! With Free Time, Sims got hobbies, and a bunch of stuff that needs to not be painted in bright primary colors. Or that just needed to be updated a little. Or that I slapped a half-assed leather texture on and said "When am I ever going to really use this, anyway?" But the project is "Default Replace Everything," not "Default Replace Everything But What You Only See Once In A Blue Moon."

When a habit begins to cost money, it's called a hobby. )
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Or, the one in which it takes Hat eight tries to get a goddamn flaming poo bag.

Nightlife bestowed upon Sims 2 players two shiny new things-- restaurant community lots and the ability to go on dates. While the Crayola Plastic Syndrom didn't strike too hard here (except at the bar), there were also a few anachronisms that I wanted to change, and a hella crunchy texture on the menu that I wasn't happy with, cute little plumb bob or not.

Fill the board, let there be plenty
The man who wants to be content
Eats and drinks enough for twenty
When we're met together! )
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Oh man I love Servos. Servos and Plantsims are easily my two favorite Supernaturals, probably because they make life so frickin' easy. However, in a Medieval-- or fantasy or fairy-tale-- game, you run into some... problems, with Servos.

Now, of course you can use my funky wooden puppets or Phaenoh's armored Servos or even Amaryll's androgynous Steampunk Servos. And they all indeed have their charms-- and I've used two of the three. See, what happened was, I made my own wooden Servos and just loved them all to bits... and then I volunteered to help Amaryll test her androgynous Servos.

Yeah. Wow.

I love them, in-game; they're incredibly graceful. I didn't like that they were metal-- I'd gotten attached to my wooden ones-- but I spent so much time just watching Serviette walk that I knew I was gonna have to keep the mesh around.

So I did.

'A good servant is a real godsend, but truly this is a rare bird in the land.' -Martin Luther )
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Well, so here I am, with another tiny installment in the great Default Replace Everything project... This time, we visit those hallowed halls of education... Okay, we don't, because all I used for this was a dorm.

Ladies and gentlemen of the class of ninety-seven... Wear sunscreen. )
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Hokay, so, first of all, I missed some defaults-- or rather, decided that they fit sets I'd already uploaded instead of belong in the Misc set, at least for two of the three.

Moar! )

As usual when I miss something, I'm heading right over to the appropriate entries to add the missed doodads to them. As usual for default replacements, no paysites, but otherwise feel free to do whatever you like with these. As ever, thank you Lyn for Photoshop.

So that's that.

Later tonight there should be University defaults-- not everything from University, but the three college-specific props. Cos I'm going by theme, not expansion, because that makes taking pics easier... but, um, speaking of taking pics, I sort of a little bit completely failed to take any decent title card pics for that set, so. Gotta restart the game to get that one going.

(Also later there should be a set of Servo defaults, and eventually some dining-and-dating goodies from Nightlife. I have a mess of things to do on the Servo, and I need a title card for the dating crap and a picture to prove I've actually changed the catalog description on the flaming bag of poo. You wouldn't think it'd be that hard to have a really, really disastrous date!)
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So I was talking with Morgaine about my Plantsim skin, and I said I'd been thinking about doing some hair to match it. She said something to the effect of "If you could use some different leaves, that would be great!"

Now, having looked at how they're put together, I said, "... Yeah. I could do that." They don't quite MATCH or anything, but I got tired of looking at leaves.

I talk to the trees... )
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You know, let's start with the missed default.

"But Hat," you may say, "You did the tip jar!"

I know, I know, but I wasn't happy with it, and I discovered that when you tip a significant amount (fifty, anyway, not sure about twenty-five), you drop bills as well as coins in the jar, and the bills had YET ANOTHER texture to fix. (Also, I hated the masking tape.)

So, fixed that up, and now there's a new default in town.


I'ma go update the main post in a minute here.

Anyway, so the other day I made a post in The Wishing Tree totally begging for Medieval ladies' hats because a) What we got stinks, yo and b) at the time, I thought we only had two crapsack meshes.

But then I made a discovery!

Bipsouille has a passable hennin mesh (coiffures page four) that's actually really nicely animated and would be great for Medieval ladies (at least high-born ones, later in the period)... but it's got one small problem.

So what's the problem? )

Yeah, okay, for those of you who don't care about hats (or me sticking to my 'one pic outside a cut' rule), coming soon!

Do your Sims tire of wintering at home? Do they wish they could visit somewhere sunny and tropical, despite the fact that they're period Sims and look stupid carting around primary-colored luggage or sunbathing (even if it does ruin their complexions) on terrycloth towels emblazoned with aviator sunglasses? Well, I am nearly done with a set that'll fix all that, or should! There will be beach towels with woven patterns, a bamboo firedancing stick, much more interesting massage oil, and...

Cutting pics is not suspenseful, it's courteous. )

Well, I'm not sure I like the shading yet, and those are Bloom's suitcases-as-clutter, but the mapping is the same and it's a hell of a lot handier than sending someone on vacation. They may be getting re-done in leather, however... but I just plain don't think I'm going to be happy with these at all. There's no such THING as a Medieval suitcase.
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Open for Business gives shiny new opportunities to Medieval Sims-- no longer are peasants stuck being Oceanographers or Prestidigitators. No, now they can be toymakers or florists or farmers or... um, roboticists. Okay, so let's leave that one for the witches-- who, by the way, can have a magic shop! If you have Bon Voyage, you can dig for treasure or comb for seashells and sell what you salvage.

Trouble is, it suffers from the same Fantastic Plastic Syndrome as pretty much everything else in Sims 2. As usual, that's where I come in.

Money don't get everything it's true... But what it don't get, I can't use... )
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Once again, I have a multiparter for you... although one of them is short and contains almost nothing you can't find in the Kitchen defaults. However, a multiparter means that the boilerplate comes BEFORE the first cut, so here we go.

One, these are as usual default replacements. That means there can be only one. Bear that in mind if you ever decide you want somebody else's... hoe. (Seriously, who else does this stuff but me?)

Two, no bloody paysites. Not a one. While I support your right to upload crap to TSR or accept monetary donations for it just as much as I support my right to obtain it for free (mostly cos I'm actually not the one breaking copyright law, there), I do NOT a) support demanding pay for DEFAULTS, come on now or b) permit use of my defaults as templates for pay content. Look, it takes five minutes to extract these things with SimPE, and three minutes of that is load time. Do it yourself!

Three, if you do NOT intend to accept donations, insist on payment, or throw yourself on the mercy of an entity so blatantly in violation of the law that it uses hacking attacks where a REAL company would send a cease-and-desist letter, then please feel free to use my defaults as templates! If you'd like templates as they come from SimPE, with meshes and all, just drop me a comment and let me know. I got a massive folder full of them.

Four, as usual, everything has been compressorized. Download files are on the large side because photos are included.


... But only in a very abridged dictionary. )

With silver bells and cockle shells and pretty maids all in a row... )
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Ohhh man did this one take a lot of work.

Okay, yes, one more good step on the road to defaulting out every single little thing, and there are a LOT of little things in the average Sim's kitchen.

For tomorrow, we shall diet. )
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Well, just because I don't yet have everything done that I want to do is no reason not to post what IS ready, especially since I finally got it all neat and pretty.

Before I start with the pics and descdropping, since there are techncially three sets here I'm just going to do the boilerplate outside the cut.

One: These are default replacements. There can be only one. If you have any other defaults for any of these items, remove them before you change over to mine.

Two: No bloody paysites. No, not even if you do give me 25% of the proceeds; I don't care. For one thing, I extracted the danged files all by myself in SimPE, so if you want to charge for defaults you can spend YOUR time on it, and two, the two meshes that aten't EAxis aten't mine, either.

Three: If you do not demand payment for them, please feel free to use my textures as templates. If you want a proper template for something, let me know and I'll dig it out of my massive Projects folder for you.

Four: Everything is always compressorized. Packages include only textures unless something else was needed to make it work right.

That'll do.


Sweet little baby belongs to everybody... )

Take that out of your mouth right now! )

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