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So this here is the to-do list, the resource list, the stuff-I've-made list... Generally that big sticky post you see at the top of all the Sims blogs. It also has a wishlist, but I'll start with something slightly more grown-up than that.

To Do )
Content Posted Elsewhere )
Resources )
Wishlist (this section subject to random additions) )

In an effort to de-clutter the front page of a million stickyposts, here's where to find some of the more useful doodads I've posted in the past.

In-Journal Useful Links:

The Great Hair List: Where to find what I've made, plus status on hairs (or hats or beards) I'm working on.
Medieval Pregmorph Reference List: Links to Medieval meshes that don't have pregmorphs or originally didn't have pregmorphs but have since been updated. If you know a mesh that's gotten a bump, leave a comment.
Medieval Hat and Headwear Resource List: Medieval hats that exist, extant hats need updating for one reason or another, and hats that do not exist yet, but should.
Medieval Clothing Conversion List: Medieval clothing meshes that have been converted to other ages or custom bodyshapes, plus lists of meshes that haven't been converted but gosh they should be because that'd be awesome.
Medieval Resource List: Sims 2 Content: If I didn't make it myself, I downloaded it from somewhere in here.
Big Medieval Reference Post: Hat's long, messy Medieval research essay. No Sims content, just history, re-enactors, and me babbling.
Simple SimPE Tricks: How to make your Body Shop content do what you want, with a few Build Mode tricks, too.

And here's something I feel kind of silly about posting at all:

Behold the Tip Jar!

In case you feel like dropping me a buck or two, should you have a buck or two to spare, so I can do things like make sure my Photobucket bandwidth doesn't run out.
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Updated the hair to-do list. Incoming in the next dump will be:

M&G Achilles, Nouklet'd, two variations
M&G David, brightened for better color match

HCove TS3 Teddy (or you can go to HCove's tumblr and get it now; the mesh was a 300 followers gift and I did the textures because HCove asked for volunteers)
HCove TS3 Practical Curls (likewise)
HCove TS3 Surf Swept

Trapping TS3 Wavy Afro F, three variations
Trapping TS3 Wavy Afro M, three variations
Trapping TS3 Dreads Long F, two variations
Trapping TS3 Dreads Long M, two variations
Trapping TS3 Braided Long F
Trapping TS3 Braided Long M
Trapping All-Ages AL Witch Hats, three variations
Trapping All-Ages AL Wizard Hats, three variations (maybe. See cut for why maybe.)
Rose 028 Redux

Helga 76 FtM by Narusia

Callum All-Ages oFB Pixie
Callum/Cynnix All-Ages OFB Pixie FtM

And I won't swear that's everything that'll be in the next hair dump, that's just what I've been working on recently. I've been thinking of re-doing some of my old headcoverings, too. There are a couple that could use more detail, and a few things I'd dearly love to do that... don't appear to exist. If you're curious as to what hair-or-hat meshes I'd give my eyeteeth for... )

But hey, I'm up over 400 hairs now! And I can't tell if that's a point of pride or if I should just sob quietly.
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In the Middle Ages, everybody wore hats. Male and female, young and old, rich and poor, everybody had a hat or a hood or both, and I have even seen pictures of people wearing a hood, a coif, and a hat. I mean, without a hat, how could you tell Robin Hood from Link? Sims 2 has been out since 2004, and people have been playing Medieval games and writing Medieval stories (like the excellent Kingdom of Lothere) for nearly that long, and there's still a decided lack of Medieval haberdashery in general, much less really well-made stuff.

So I have made a list! And today I have decided to give that list its own post.

This is a database-slash-wishlist, because not only do I want to link to all the awesome hats that exist for Sims 2, I want to link to some of the awesome possibilities for hats that the Middle Ages could inspire, and... well, I kinda want to point out which hats exist, but could use an overhaul (or are historically inacurrate-- though usually I only complain when they're wildly inaccurate). If you know of any hats I've missed, please let me know! If you find inspiration in this list and decide to make a hat, especially an accessory hat, please let me know, because if you make it, I will recolor it. (I make no promises as to when, but I will recolor it.)

The Medieval Headwear Wish/Resource List )
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Educational and amusing.

And DAMN, I want her hat.

Honestly, every clip I've looked at has impressed me in terms of historical accuracy. And I mean, it would impress me for a movie with a moderate budget, and this is an educational comedy clip show. Comedies always seem to put a surprising amount of effort into accurate costuming.

Horrible Histories clips on YouTube have been most of my weekend-- I'm particularly fond of their Historical Wife Swap skits. Also fun is Terry Jones's Medieval Lives, which the BBC made available in its entirety on YouTube, although I remember having some trouble with them randomly stopping. Still worth watching, just remember that aside from Monks and Troubadors, Mr. Jones focuses mostly on Medieval English lives.

ANYway, sorry for falling off the map again, May rose up with things I had to do in the real live physical world. I had a doll show to work, a trip out of town, a birthday, Mom goes back to work (she's been on disability since September, I think, for shoulder surgery) on Tuesday, and I have a week or two before my brother ensconces his fiancee in my home office, where the Simming computer lives, for a brief but ill-defined length of time... but before they turn up, I hope to have a small hair dump and some nun outfits (long story) to share. Hair to-do list has been updated with what I got done and what's still in the plotting stages.

And, hey, does anybody know how you go about extracting clothing meshes? Is it just go in, grab the appropriate GMDC, GMND, CRES, and SHPE, extract them, and make a new package, or is it more complicated than that?
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So! These are Medieval, Castaway, or East Asian (and occasionally fantasy) meshes that were created without pregmorphs. After that list, there's a list of meshes created without pregmorphs that were later given pregmorphs by talented meshers. Meshes that were created with pregmorphs in the first place are not included on this list. Please feel free to comment if you can think of any meshes I've missed.

This is not a wishlist. I neither use nor intend to use all these meshes for anything. I still want to keep the full list around as a database, and maybe as inspiration-- if you want to learn to make morphs, there are plenty of options here! But it's my blog so I'm putting a *star* next to the meshes I desperately want pregmorphs added to, anyway.

Medieval Pregmorph Resource List )
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So, aside from my main stickypost, I have a Hair To-Do List, a Pregmorph Reference List, and a Hats and Headwear Resource/Wishlist. This post is going to be MOSTLY a wishlist, but secondarily a resource post, partlyy because I want to kind of streamline my main wishlist. If I put all my clothing conversion wishes in there, I'd be... Well, I'd have a very long and untidy wishlist.

Age Conversions )
Custom Body Shapes )
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OHGOD okay I have a sudden request list and it's all age conversions and/or sexyfeet and/or pregmorph additions.

I mean, mostly because I think I just figured out how to totally streamline my clothing to-do list AND unify the look of my game and bring you Medieval clothing that layers effortlessly from the scantest of scanties to big wintry fur coats.

1. Sexyfeet and Shoe Swaps
A. Kalynn's CU Simple Shift, found here. (Tapping at the Window or Past Eight O'Clock.) Silvain provides!
B.Heget's Perfect Tunics (straight sleeve, both lengths) with FantasyRogue's poulaines for TM-AM (I thought I had them. Turns out I do not)

2. Age Conversions
A. TO CF: Cynnix's edit of Needlecream's edit of a Liana dress, found here. Cynnix provides!
B. TO CM: Cynnix's edit of Ophelia's cross-less edit of Aligeth's Friar Tuck with FantasyRogue's Poulaines, found here. Cynnix provides!
C. TO CF: Beryllium's Frig Dress, found here. Cynnix provides!
C. To CM: Heget's Perfect Tunics with long and short fitted-sleeve tunics (steal the sleeves from these girls' gowns!) with poulaines, and a short, basic-sleeved tunic (01/02) with poulaines.

3. Morphs
A. Pregmorph: Bloom's Bigger Rounder Pregnant Belly TF True Nude, found here. (It explodes. Pls halp!)* Turns out it was my default version, not Bloom's original. But Cynnix provides!
B. Pregmorph: Skell's Happy Holidays Euro Santa Robe, AM (TM if you want), found here.
C. Cocomama's TF Plantsim Conversion, found here.* Cynnix provides!
D. Tiggerypum's AM Alpha Tunic, found here. (TM at mesher's discretion; other shapes need morphs but this post is about Maxis shapes) Cynnix provides!

4. Combinations and/or Other
A. Cocomama's Wide Fur Coat Long (find Dicreasy's AF pregmorph here) is something I very much want for winterwear, but I need:
i. TF Conversion with Pregmorph Dicreasy provides!
ii. CF Conversion Cynnix provides!

B. K8 of Parsimonious's Fairy Witch Gown is an awesome fantasy style, but I feel it needs:*
i. AF Pregmorph Cynnix provides, at that link!
ii. TF Conversion with Pregmorph Cynnix provides again! Same link.
iii. AF & TF conversions made into Apartment Life witch defaults Morganna provides, but still at the same link!
iv. CF Conversion Cynnix provides!

D. The Sims 2 Store Castle Set Knight could use a gender conversion (just fix the necks; under that much padding everyone looks the same); I'm not dying for it but it would make the heraldry sets nice and symmetrical. Cynnix provides an AF conversion AND an AM pregmorph, PLUS Androgyny versions!

* = I have no new texture plans for this mesh but desperately want it edited anyway.


LAYERS. Thanks, Heget, for that idea. I want to be able to make my Sims' underwear chausses match their casual chausses. I want all the colors and styles to coordinate. I want underwear that fits under the casual clothes, and I want everybody to have at least three different options (before even looking at color) for every clothing category, regardless of age or gender. My list of partially-completed things to do looks like this at the moment:

Diapers, smocks, and smocks with coifs for infants
Diapers, smocks, and shifts for toddlers
Braises, braises with chausses, shirts, shirts with chausses, and long smocks for CM-EM
Braises with simple breast wraps, braises with German breast bagges, short smocks, short smocks with hosen and garters, and long shifts for CF-EF

At least three, maybe five everyday outfits for infants
At least three, maybe five everyday outfits for toddlers

Top-only tunics for CM-EM
Bottom-only chausses with poulaines for CM-EM (same as I've already done, only in all 82 colors I use)
At least three, maybe five full-body cross-class outfits, CM-EM

Top-only shifts with contrast placket for CF-EF (Silvain is on this, meshwise)
Bottom-only kirtles with wide lacings for CF-EF (again, Silvain is on it)
At least three, maybe five full-body cross-class outfits, CF-EF

Cocomama's Fur Coat as outerwear for CF-EF
Skell's Euro Santa Robes as outerwear for CM-EM
At least two Gym-exclusive outfits for CM-EM
At least two Gym-exclusive outfits for CF-EF

Heraldic plate for YA-EM, maille with surcote for TM-EM, and maille with tabard, formal surcote, and servant's livery for CM-EM
Heraldic plate for YA-EF, maille with tabard for TF-EF, and sideless surcote and servant's livery for CF-EF
Better-Researched Viking Hangeroks for CF-EF, with accessory treasure necklaces

And then I'm still trying to give swimwear some thought. In the Middle Ages, swimwear was either 'underwear,' 'skinny-dipping,' or 'what you were wearing when you fell in the water.' And while I don't object to that, I also can't ever remember which category is 'swimwear' on the friggin' Clothing Tool, so I feel like I ought to add SOMETHING visually distinctive, really.

Heraldic sets will come in the seven colors that were legal heradrly in the High Middle Ages (red, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, and white), with and without devices, underclothes without hose will be in sixteen eight linen colors, underclothes WITH hose in at least 82 (I may do some parti-colored hose, I have ideas), and all regular Casual-Maternity-Formal-Gym-Outerwear outfits will come in about 82 colors. Anything I can texture-reference will be texture-referenced (and I want your opinion: I want to do very modest nursing slits on some TF-EF shifts and smocks. Would you rather I do versions with and without the slits or could you care less?) to save space, and I'll be pulling my no-bust-shading trick again so that if-or-when conversions to other body shapes happen, I can just texture-reference away with no worries.

I think I really need to separate the Medieval Pregmorph List from my wishlist, though. There are a lot of meshes on it I don't really use, or would love to get rid of, but it's still a useful reference for what meshes made without pregmorphs got them, and which ones still need them.
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Whoo okay so.

I have an upload or two brewing (did some colors of Buggybooz's niches. And by some I mean, like, forty), but I also did some housekeeping, in that I tidied up my Sticky Post. I'm actually considering putting the wish-and-resource lists into their own posts, but I've added some projects to my to-do list (expect clothes again before too long; I've got toddler gowns in the works), started a Medieval Pregmorph section that may not be completely up to date (I got an adult male, an adult female, and a teen female Sim pregnant, then checked every mesh I have for pregmorphs. It took for-freaking-ever) but DOES have links to a metric fuckton of older Medieval-ish meshes that have been updated with pregmorphs. Feel free to shower me with links if you know where to find other Medieval pregmorph updates. I think I forgot Dicreasy's.

... Er, I lost part of a sentence somewhere-- anyway, I also threw together a wishlist as long as my arm for meshes I'd love to have converted to different ages, AND a similar wishlist for the three custom bodyshapes I want to use. That's in the stickypost, but right here I'm going to post a pared-down version. Feel free to ignore this if bodyshapes aren't your thing. )

So yeah, that's a thing. Oh, also I discovered this, which probably everybody else has seen before... but it's new to me, and it kind of thrills me because at least as a female example, it's REALLY close to my ideal for a plump bodyshape. (One step heavier than the Maxis fatmorph. It's perfect, it blends in well with AG/RNR (one, maybe two steps burlier than the Maxis default) and Aquilegia's Androgyny (same as Maxis from the waist seam down). Dang, man, I think I have to go make a request or a collaboration post at Garden of Shadows.
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Coming Soon!

1. A mostly hat-based hair dump, which will include but not be limited to: Ja's edit of Daislia's Altair hood, FantasyRogue's edit of Bipsouille's Burgundian Hennin, Dicreasy's edit of Elena's Africa hair, Cynnix's Nun and Noble veil-and-wimple hairs, and with any luck a lowered-poly animated age-conversion of Clubkitty's Hijab by Marja. Also I have done a couple of hairs either by request or because I saw them and had to have them in all the colors, so those of you who aren't interested in Medieval hairs might still find something interesting.

2. Le Chausseur Deux, which will include hosen for teen and adult males with Aquilegia's improved fatmorph, teen, adult, and elder females for Aquilegia's Androgyny shape, and bound breasts for teen, adult, and POSSIBLY elder females pretending to be males for whatever reason.

(Uh, related to the above, does anyone know if teen, adult, and/or elder female blockfoot swimsuit (which is to say, nude, but without much buttcrack) Gothplague Androgyny meshes exist? I thought I HAD them. Guess I confused them with Amaryll's default servos or something. *full of fail* Well, I was going to use Aquilegia's EF mesh, anyway, since it's close enough to my default elder shape...)

3. A shitload of necklaces, yo. (All very similar necklaces, but I wanted variety.)

4. ... I swear I made something else recently, but I have now forgotten what it was. (... Maybe it was effects makeup blush-to-full-face conversions? I never seem to get around to sharing those, but I make them all the time. I'm never sure if anyone would be interested in them.)

Update! (And seeking opinions.)

I have updated my main stickypost, and added a new category-- Medieval Headwear. It's technically a wishlist but it also functions as a resource post; if anybody else knows of any other Medieval headwear out there, please please pretty please let me know.

I keep thinking I need to streamline that whole post a little more, and once I got the Headwear Wish/Resource List done, I started thinking I needed to make a Medieval Pregmorph Wish/Resource List. Think I ought to make wish/resource lists a separate stickypost?

Beta Tester(s) Needed!

Would somebody whose expansion spread differs from mine (I have all EPs and SPs) be willing to check out a couple of objects and see if they're basegame compatible? I am a total newbie at such things, but I recently figured out you can clone toybox toys and have playable toys for your kids. (I disabled the Put Away interaction, because if you put bought toys away, they disappear into the toybox forever, and I think for non-Pets games I also need to disable the Chew interaction, but I made them on a whim, anyway.) I also need someone willing to tell me if my coin stacks are basegame compatible, as I cloned them from a basegame-compatible custom object but I don't think I've got SimPE configured right for that sort of thing. (Making objects is kind of entirely new to me.) Drop me a comment or a PM here or on GoS if you're interested.

(Especially if you're a mesher interested in making new toys. Kids have so few custom things to just play with, and there are a lot of deco toy meshes out there that could be shrunk to the proper size and given to the little buggers to zoom around the floor going "Nyeeaar vroom whinny!")
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You know, let's start with the missed default.

"But Hat," you may say, "You did the tip jar!"

I know, I know, but I wasn't happy with it, and I discovered that when you tip a significant amount (fifty, anyway, not sure about twenty-five), you drop bills as well as coins in the jar, and the bills had YET ANOTHER texture to fix. (Also, I hated the masking tape.)

So, fixed that up, and now there's a new default in town.


I'ma go update the main post in a minute here.

Anyway, so the other day I made a post in The Wishing Tree totally begging for Medieval ladies' hats because a) What we got stinks, yo and b) at the time, I thought we only had two crapsack meshes.

But then I made a discovery!

Bipsouille has a passable hennin mesh (coiffures page four) that's actually really nicely animated and would be great for Medieval ladies (at least high-born ones, later in the period)... but it's got one small problem.

So what's the problem? )

Yeah, okay, for those of you who don't care about hats (or me sticking to my 'one pic outside a cut' rule), coming soon!

Do your Sims tire of wintering at home? Do they wish they could visit somewhere sunny and tropical, despite the fact that they're period Sims and look stupid carting around primary-colored luggage or sunbathing (even if it does ruin their complexions) on terrycloth towels emblazoned with aviator sunglasses? Well, I am nearly done with a set that'll fix all that, or should! There will be beach towels with woven patterns, a bamboo firedancing stick, much more interesting massage oil, and...

Cutting pics is not suspenseful, it's courteous. )

Well, I'm not sure I like the shading yet, and those are Bloom's suitcases-as-clutter, but the mapping is the same and it's a hell of a lot handier than sending someone on vacation. They may be getting re-done in leather, however... but I just plain don't think I'm going to be happy with these at all. There's no such THING as a Medieval suitcase.

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