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So this here is the to-do list, the resource list, the stuff-I've-made list... Generally that big sticky post you see at the top of all the Sims blogs. It also has a wishlist, but I'll start with something slightly more grown-up than that.

To Do )
Content Posted Elsewhere )
Resources )
Wishlist (this section subject to random additions) )

In an effort to de-clutter the front page of a million stickyposts, here's where to find some of the more useful doodads I've posted in the past.

In-Journal Useful Links:

The Great Hair List: Where to find what I've made, plus status on hairs (or hats or beards) I'm working on.
Medieval Pregmorph Reference List: Links to Medieval meshes that don't have pregmorphs or originally didn't have pregmorphs but have since been updated. If you know a mesh that's gotten a bump, leave a comment.
Medieval Hat and Headwear Resource List: Medieval hats that exist, extant hats need updating for one reason or another, and hats that do not exist yet, but should.
Medieval Clothing Conversion List: Medieval clothing meshes that have been converted to other ages or custom bodyshapes, plus lists of meshes that haven't been converted but gosh they should be because that'd be awesome.
Medieval Resource List: Sims 2 Content: If I didn't make it myself, I downloaded it from somewhere in here.
Big Medieval Reference Post: Hat's long, messy Medieval research essay. No Sims content, just history, re-enactors, and me babbling.
Simple SimPE Tricks: How to make your Body Shop content do what you want, with a few Build Mode tricks, too.

And here's something I feel kind of silly about posting at all:

Behold the Tip Jar!

In case you feel like dropping me a buck or two, should you have a buck or two to spare, so I can do things like make sure my Photobucket bandwidth doesn't run out.
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Last night, I got an anonymous post from someone who I thought had given up on convincing me to help them stir up trouble, or support them in their trouble, or-- honestly I'm not sure what they thought they were doing, but their post read like a list of warning signs for "If he does this, this, and that, run for the hills, you probably won't get out of this relationship alive."

Eventually, after I made it clear that I was not buying what the anon was selling (look, you send me nine paragraphs of trying to convince me to help you tear down another woman, and I'm not going to be nice to you, not even right out of the gate, sorry not sorry as the kids these days say), I got a nice little explosion wherein the anon informed me that they're glad Trump won because he's a Real American, that they're glad my 'bitch queen' Hillary lost, compared President Obama to a false god and thus, me to a worshiper of false gods (that gets you sent to Hell, doesn't it?), and called me a couple of names that were, frankly, a step down from the delicate implication of breaking an Old Testament commandment.

I was shaky when I made last night's post, and I said some stuff that was funny in my head, but I think it was 'funny in my head' in more of an adrenaline-crash 'oh my god did they seriously end what could've been a threat to my life by calling me a little monkey?' way than actually being funny. So, having had some time to think-- and re-read, and a long comment to answer, here's what I actually want to say to anyone still reading or following this blog:

When you start researching the Middle Ages-- and definitely when you start researching Vikings-- you learn pretty quickly that there are two kinds of hobbyist Medievalists.

There are the people who want to know what things were like in as much nitty-gritty detail as possible, especially as might pertain to whatever special area of history tickles their fancy. What sort of seams were on a houpelande? How heavy was a hauberk? Just how much smaller was a Medieval ox than a modern steer? Why didn't Saxons eat chicken eggs if they ate chickens? What was the Danelaw? If we don't actually know what apron dresses looked like, why do all the reenactors wear them the same way? Were there any black people in Medieval England?

Then there are the people who find the Middle Ages fascinating because they haven't, and don't intend to, learn about it beyond Victorian revisionism of the period. They want to keep reading about Europe, before the Age of Sail, before the purchase of the first African slave or acceptance of the first brownish refugee, when the whole continent was white people. The men were white, and they were strong Christian white men who kept their families in line with a firm hand. The women were white and silent (if they knew what was good for them). The children were white and obedient. The kings were white, and the good kings were tall, good-looking men who kicked Saracen ass for the glory of Christendom, while the bad kings were short, misshapen men who murdered little children or overtaxed the rich barons good free men of England, and always got their comeuppance in the end.

And it can be hard to know who's who. The second group sounds a lot like the first when you're talking about types of shoes or the worst jobs in a Medieval castle. And the second type often thinks that, because the first type is just as interested in the trappings of the Middle Ages as they are, the first type is just as white supremacist, too.

This can get particularly troublesome lately, because the incoming American presidential administration pretty much shares those views of a totally white, totally Christian, totally heterosexual utopia enforced by violence and the fear of violence.

I am a white person; I have white nonsense to unlearn (I'm working on it, it's a process). I'm also mentally ill, queer, and a cis woman.

This blog is a zero-tolerance zone for white supremacists, Neo-Nazis, fascists, and supporters of such. Anyone who stands for Donald Trump stands for putting my life* in legalized jeopardy, and is cordially invited to fuck right off my blog and unfollow me forever. I will not welcome debate on this topic. I will not agree to disagree. On ne passe pas.

Anonymous comments are currently screened, but still allowed. OpenID is still allowed, and Dreamwidth (although not busy) is free to join just in case some asshat ruins both anonymous commenting and OpenID for everyone. Disruptive comments will be frozen or deleted at my sole discretion.

*And the lives of a shitload of other Americans who happen to be a little browner or a little queerer or a little less Christian than the rest, but if I can't make them care about what happens to me through the content I've made, then I can't make them care about people they don't know, unfortunately.

99% of this blog will always be Sims related, history-related, or state-of-the-Hat posts explaining stuff that's affecting my ability to Sim or history or Sim History. Sorry for the disruption. Unless you're a white supremacist or white-supremacist-adjacent, in which case I'm not sorry about anything and I hope you step on a Lego. In bare feet, in the middle of the night, while you have a full bladder.

Original post behind the cut, I'm owning my adrenaline-fueled crappy wording. )
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Okay, I like to have a bunch of stuff for you to download come Epiphany, because... I like to, and it's a good excuse to Get Stuff Done. However, I've just noticed that Mediafire has finally changed how their links work-- instead of the new, readable URLs and the old random URLs working equally well, now only the readable links work. I've updated everything in the Supernaturals tag, and I'll be going over the actual Downloads tag over the next few days. It's the hair dumps that'll take me the longest. I'll re-code my Secret Santa gift when I've got, you know, all my other links fixed.

(I know, I know, I should get a Sims File Share account and ditch Mediafire or use it to mirror, but part of me feels like if I have to re-upload everything, then I should go through it all and edit special characters out of filenames.)

Anyway, if nothing else, I hope to have a new hair dump up on the sixth. I have a couple other things mostly or partly finished! We'll see if I get them into any shape for uploading.
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I have gotten your comments and PMs, everybody, but I'm in the 'crunch time' portion of my Usual Summer Simming Hiatus-- my big miniature show is next weekend and the prep is extra-"fun" this year what with my sister, her husband, their toddler, their pets, and all their stuff moved in and underfoot. So, blanket response to everything about missing hairs:

1. The MT Cakestore hairs get pulled down a LOT, I don't know why.
2. Yes, I have backups. I have triple backups. I have a passport drive full of backups.
3. I'll fix the links but I don't have time to do so right now.
4. Yes, I probably should switch to Sims File Share.
5. Yes, if you have your own copies of hairs people are looking for, feel free to share them while Mediafire is being Mediafire.
6. No, further comments as to which files are down probably will not help.

I hate to sound prickly but I'm on hiatus, I will be on hiatus until at least the middle of September and possibly until early October, the way things are going. I never have time to Sim in the summer and this year hasn't been a great year for 'things Hat can do for fun' since February.
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If you collect, customize, or know anyone who collects or customizes Tonner dolls, I have twenty auctions ending in about five hours (7pm Pacific). If you collect, customize, or know anyone who collects or customizes Monster High dolls, I have eighty listings that should go live in about three hours (starting around 5pm Pacific) and close next Sunday.

If you're only interested in pixel-based dolls, my apologies. This is the blog with the audience, I'm just hoping some of you have some crossover interests with mine.
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I know I've been dead quiet lately, here as well as on Garden of Shadows. Sorry about that-- I think I'm caught up with comments now, but this is official notice of an unofficial hiatus.

It's summer! Summer means lots of things. Seasonally it usually means my hobbying swings away from Sims and I kick real-world content creation into high gear for a mini show on the first weekend after Labor Day (which, yep, that's a thing that's happening). This year I'm doing that with a full house-- not only me, Mom, and Penelope (who is SO BIG now oh my gosh), but my sister, her husband, their toddler, their cat, their ball python, and their two dogs. Crowded. Also slightly fraught, constantly.

Also, sales pitch, feel free to skip if you're not into doll collecting or customizing. ) that's the end of my sales pitch.

So, with any luck, I should be back to Sims 2 stuff in the fall. I have lots of plans, yes I do, and I try to keep up with the updates even when I'm not playing, just building a giant download hoard. Right now, though, everything is doll sales and family drama, and a toddler who periodically interrupts Auntie Hat while she's working because he wants to watch a couple Lindsay Sterling videos, steal a doll stand (that child has an absolute fascination with doll stands), and then run up and down the hall a few times.
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So I have this massive (forty-three pages in 10-point font) document I use to plan out things like class restrictions and cheats allowed and what trees I can put in which neighborhoods and the bones of a criminal justice system and... basically it's my worldbuilding cheat sheet.

After talking about the G-Rated Religion Mod with Morgaine, I said to myself, "Man, my Religion section sure is... thin. What can I do to get more information in there? Religion and culture inform each other."

So I rummaged around for some writing guides (for both fantasy writing and gaming writing; the gaming guides were more useful) about making up religions. And I built myself a questionnaire.

Because Veetie wanted to see the questionnaire, I cleaned it up, made the language as neutral as I could (hopefully they'll help as much for Medieval Fantasy religions as High Fantasy or Contemporary Alternate Universe), and crammed it behind the cut at the end of this paragraph. This isn't a Mary Sue Litmus Test, feel free to skip any questions that don't apply to your particular playable Religion-- but you might want to give them all a read-through anyway. Most of the questions are aimed at fleshing out a made-up religion, but there's a bit at the end about real-world people and the implications a fictional religion can make, by accident or by design. Also, I'm not a religious studies expert, I'm just a nerd who reads a lot and knows when something feels fake or under-done, and like a lot of people I'm constantly learning what's actually accidentally gross (or accidentally-on-purpose gross. I was in the Aladdin fandom in early 2002, you would not believe some people's nonsense). On to the questionnaire-- this is not short. )
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Small update to G-Rated Religion, or rather its expansions. Jadesim discovered a problem with University's Streak Dance For interaction, which I didn't notice because I'd tested the InTeen version and missed my missed value-change. Grab this file to properly ban Streak Dance For under Indiscretion, and let it overwrite the original. The full downloads have been updated.
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I received your PM, but you don't allow PMs in return so I can't reply, and none of your journal entries have a reply link so I figure you don't want replies there, either. So, out on the main page and I hope you see this:

Unfortunately, doing a mesh default-- especially on a complex object like the restorable car-- is beyond my abilities. I'm mostly a texture-manipulator with occasional forays into fiddling with other people's BHAVs and very simple mesh defaults (using existing meshes). Something like that would take actual meshing skill... which I do not got. Maybe you could ask around on Plumb Bob Keep or Garden of Shadows? It might help to have a wagon mesh to pull apart, too.
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Hey, if you downloaded the ACR V2 update to Gestation Based Aging, please re-download, because it turns out one of the values that didn't need to change for 2.5c REALLY needed to change for 2.final and I missed it cos I didn't have any teens in my testerhood.
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And while I'm posting things I've been tweaking for literally years, have this:

Hey, it's the It's The Proportion ACR v2 Final controller! Click back there to read the whole post again, or click here to just grab the mod.
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Everybody and their uncle knows I play a Medieval game, and anybody who knows anything about the Middle Ages in Europe knows that religion was a HUGE part of life. Chris Hatch added religion for Sims to his Angels & Nurses fan-expansion, and graciously extracted Lite and Middle versions for people who want religion, but don't want to install a fan-made expansion pack that would probably break their personal mod suite.

Unfortunately, the Lite version of the mod (which is compatible with most other mods) is just cosmetic; you get the fun of making up deities and setting up tenets, but it has no actual effect on your game. Because three of the five tenets of each faith were romantic and sexual in nature, the Middle version conflicts with InTeen, among other things.

I can't do without InTeen until I find a mod or mod suite that fully replaces the features I want (in order, Young Adult marriage and pregnancy, non-student or mixed student/non-student families in a Uni subhood, miscarriage, alien pregnancy for teens, young adults, and adults of all genders (not part of InTeen but I do want it), and Teen pregnancy and marriage), and of course my love for feature-adding mods stems from adding features, not just adding flavor text. Neither strength of Chris Hatch's extracted religion really worked for me.

And then in came Larky, who I no longer know where to find, and who, in a thread lost to one of the many attacks on Garden of Shadows over the years, took my ideas for a religion mod that banned only non-romantic interactions and made it a reality.

This is that mod.

'He says gods like to see an atheist around. Gives them something to aim at.' -Terry Pratchett, Small Gods )
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Did you just download G-Rated Religion? Good for you! It's a great mod. Are you stuck thinking, "Man, I wish there were more interactions I could ban. There's a lot of stuff in later expansion packs that's kind of... yeah."

Have I ever got good news for you!

'All the other prophets came back with commandments!' )
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Because Veetie had to drop from this year's Blind Date event (because health; and I honestly am not fussed because I had to drop out of my second Secret Santa ever), I was supposed to end up with a Super Blind Date. However, because my wishlist is patently ridiculous (I know, I know, but my theme is SO SPECIFIC that I like to give people who maybe aren't used to the Middle Ages a lot of options), Shasta instead asked literally everyone who had volunteered as a Super Blind Date if they could make me one little thing, instead of swooping in with a full pinch-hitting.

Everyone said yes, and I'm still kinda gobsmacked about it.

You can find the gifts here.

The last gift I got was from ElfPuddle, who tried very hard to figure out how to default clothing, a new skill for them. ElfPuddle didn't quite make it, but sent me all the bits they'd gathered-- and I do know how to default clothes and hair (I just don't have the time to make literally everything I want for my game, more's the pity). So ElfPuddle sent everything they got done, I did a little bit more and then discovered I don't know how to do defaults with LESS groups than the originals, but maybe somebody else knows what they're doing.

On the other hand... I got some recolors done?

Gown Swatch
Hair Swatch
Hair Turnaround

So what you have above is K8's Fairy Witch gown (2,334 polys, with AF pregmorph and TF & CF conversions by Cynnix) and Trapping's All-Ages AL Witch Hat (1,265 polys, probably requires Apartment Life) in Neder's Neutral Red Mage colors, tweaked by ElfPuddle and tweaked some more by me (I fiddled with a sleeve and some laces and made the stomacher burgundy to help break up the red). I've included what should be an extracted mesh so you can use the witch hat if you don't have Apartment life installed, but I can't check it.

This was intended to be a Matchmaker default replacement, because one of the things I've been doing lately is trying to strip as much Accidental Racism out of my game (and my brain) as I can. Job one is changing my collection of Far East stuff to a collection of Actually Japanese stuff (I'm aiming for Heian Japan but I'm not going to be terrifically picky), but coming in a very close second is clearing out the ethnic-slur-for-Roma stereotypes. (Yes, the title Scarlet Witch was chosen with my tongue so far in my cheek it almost counts as a piercing.)

But we failed at defaulting, Elfpuddle and I, so instead it's just a nice stand-alone gown-and-hat set.

Gowns are available for casual, maternity, outerwear, and formal. Hats come binned my usual way, with a gray for each color because it's easier for downloaders to remove one rather than add one if they want to re-bin (go ahead and re-bin, Shrapnel makes a nice brown and both Safety Fuse and Comburent could pass as blonds, you do you). Not compressorized because I forgot.


And if you think you can fix my default replacements for the Matchmaker, I welcome and encourage you to beat up my files to do so. (Maybe I screwed up starting with the FT version instead of the NL one? But everything says 'grab from the latest EP you have,' so I dunno. I swear I've defaulted this way before, just... with more groups instead of less.)

Hey guess what!

Rugrat0ne did the thing!

So you can now grab Rugs' default of my edit of ElfPuddle's edit of Neder's Red Mage textures on Cynnix's edit of K8's FairyWitch gown and change your Matchmakers from pink-and-orange Halloween costumes to crimson-clad mages of indeterminate morality! Includes a working copy of the extracted AL Witch Hat mesh for non-Apartment-Life users; apparently mine flashes blue because I don't know what I'm doing. Uploaded that one separately just in case you want witch hats in your pre-AL game, but don't want the default. (Makes my other Pooklet'd witch hats work for pre-AL games, too!)


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Veetie had to drop from the Blind Date event, but this is her gift anyway. I'll link to mine in a minute. Veetie and I were paired as Pongo and Perdita.

Never Work with Children or Animals )
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I got my desktop reassembled!

Couple of minor hiccups with things like having to go into BIOS and change a setting I did not and still kinda don't understand so Vista installation would finish, six years worth of Windows updates having to install at once, and so many drivers, but I'm up and running and a good chunk of tomorrow will be spent installing Sims 2 and possibly SC4. ... And all my Sims-related programs. I honestly might have more programs for Sims management and customization than I do for anything else I do on the computer. SimPE and a mess of plugins, Wardrobe Wrangler, Compressorizer, HomeCrafter, Hack Conflict Detection Utility, Delphy's Download Organizer, Clean Installer, Collection Creator, NPC Replacer, and I keep thinking I should get the Lot Resizer. Shoot, a bunch of my non-Sims programs, I got for Sims-related purposes (Irfanview, Bulk Rename Utility, Audacity, frickin' Photoshop).

I am so, so ready to be able to make things properly again. Full-sized keyboard, enormous monitor (the laptop is kinda letterboxed, so I can see a lot from side-to-side but I scroll a lot), comfy sitting arrangement, all the RAM, and I know all the old mistakes I made and I'm totally ready to never make those again and instead make all new mistakes.

And after a basically-five-month enforced hiatus from Serious Sims Creation, I bring lessons you can learn from my misfortune! Cut for Learning Experiences. )

I feel like I've got more of my life in order than usual, it's nice.

(Also we got a kitten, because there was a cat-shaped gap in the household and it's been years since we've had a kitten. Her name is Penelope and I could babble about her, but this week her most fantastic feat has been jumping five feet straight up into the air to climb onto my computer armoire. We've had cats for as long as I can remember-- sometimes a lot of cats, I'm thirty-six and the late 80s and early 90s saw a lot of unfixed kitties at my house-- and I have never lived with one as dedicated to 'find the highest point of all the things' as Penelope.)
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I do plan to have my desktop reassembled before the end of the month. (Gotta find that can of air. Everything's ready but that.) Until then, I realized I do in fact have one more download I can share with you guys.

You fucked up a perfectly good monkey is what you did. Look at it. It's got anxiety. )
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Welp, it's Epiphany/Three Kings' Day/the Feast of Fools, and Christmas is officially over! Which means three things: Christmas gifts are now late, you no longer have "You know, Christmas is technically two weeks long" as an excuse to leave your tree up, and it's time for my annual Epiphany Sims 2 postings!

Only I don't exactly have as much stuff as I've had in previous years, due to reality (hard drive failure, loss of pet, relatives and holidays, sudden kitten acquisition (I mean, okay, yes, I was deliberately meeting kittens, but I thought that organization had a ten-day waiting period but NOPE sent me home with the little fuzzball that day), and a pair of hell's own headcolds). In fact this is more like a petite hair dump.

So let's toss up the Hair Dump boilerplate!

Behind the cut lurk five hairs and six beards for your downloading pleasure. Before the cut lurks the Hair Dump Policy:

NO PAYSITES. Mesh creators' policies may vary, my policy says I want a cut (like that would ever happen), but Pooklet says no and these are Pooklet's actions. So no paysites.

PRAISE BE UNTO: Mel, Crisps and Kerosene, and Necrodog for meshes, Nouk, Pooklet, Nymphy, for textures, my lovely donors who make sure I can keep my photos online (which lets me post hair dumps at all), and you lot for being patient with my long radio silence.

HEY LISTEN! Meshes are included unless otherwise noted. Swatches and previews are included in the zip files, everything is compressorized. Poly counts may vary; MAKE NOTES. Elders go gray, but you also get Time Bomb in the custom bin, just in case Primer isn't platinum enough for you. All female hairs are maternity-wear enabled from teen and up, and all male hairs from YA and up, to stop the weird hair disappearing act that happens if you don't have a Pregnant Sims Wear Any Outfit hack (but why wouldn't you?). BEARDS have colors enabled for elders, and can be downloaded as UNBINNED, BINNED, or BINNED AND TOWNIE-FRIENDLY. Binned elders keep their beard colors; gray beards are binned as gray exclusively. Beards are not familied because for some reason that didn't want to work.

ANNOYING THINGS I DO: Because I credit everybody in them, my folder and file names are stupidly long. Feel free to shorten one, the other, or both as you please-- better you edit them to suit your needs than I just name everything [COLOR NAME] and cheese everybody off, right? Also, each hair color has an elder gray attached instead of only black. Feel free to re-bin everything and cut out the extra grays, or only use one family but swap out textures so your elders have some variety, whatever. (Beards have grays as separate packages.) Likewise, I bin using Pooklet's original scheme, because it's a nice easy default. I totally do not care if you re-bin things to suit your own tastes (but hey, every hair has a gray attached in case you need it!), and neither does Pooklet, so do whatever makes you happy, binning-wise.

EVEN MORE ANNOYING: Everybody sees a hair dump, so...

Anything helps, yo.

Should you donate, you are entitled to make a request-- something off my hair list or my to-do list or even just a straight-up request, and if I've got the skills for it, I'll give it a go. (Once it's done, it's free for everybody to download, of course, and I make no promises about just when I'll get to something I promise to do.) I will also happily barter stuff on my to-do lists or requests for things I wish exsisted that do not yet exist or in-game preview photos of some of these hairs so I can upload them to GoS once in a while. Requests are on hold until I get my desktop up and running.

Yes, if you want to do the unnaturals, please feel free to do the unnaturals. I have no plans to do so. Just remember to credit properly-- I tend to use Nouk's waves, FR's braid, and usually Pooklet's V1 textures, though I like V3 on beards.

If you spot any broken links or other idiocy, please let me know!

There are five large (and six reasonable) pics behind the cut, cats and kittens. Dial-up users beware.

Epiphany: Because Baby Jesus had to wait for presents )

Happy Holidays! It's not much, but it's made with love and pixels.
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I'd like to thank everyone who ever donated to help with Harley's vet care, who spread the word when she needed surgery, or who spared a thought for her now and then. Cut for sad news. )

Keep track of time, friends. And if you have a critter in your life, go and give them some love for me.

Anti-static bracelet isn't here yet, so the desktop languishes. But I mean I knew what I was getting into when I ordered one from Hong Kong for a tenth of the cost of one from Radio Shack.
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Computer: Thanks to generous donors, I have a new hard drive AND two more gigs of RAM! I'm waiting on an anti-static wristband to arrive from overseas (our local Radio Shack closed and apparently when you need computer-fixin' gear these days, you do not go to Best Buy. You go to Best Buy when you need a phone or a tablet or a dishwasher), and then it'll be time to put the whole thing together and reinstall all my everything.

Cat: According to my sister I've been thinking of Harley as being like two years older than she is. Evidently she's pushing fourteen, not pushing sixteen. Either way, she's definitely a senior citizen somewhere in the human-equivalent of her eighties, which makes her recent health dip kind of scary. Cut if you don't want to read about old-lady cat health. )So depending on when the wrist strap arrives, I may still be focused on Harley for a while even after reassembling the desktop. (And yes, if you still want to support Harley financially, donations are welcome.)

Sims: Ye-ah, pretty much nothing. I've made a CAS and a YACAS-- well, I say 'made,' it's actually 'refined and fixed,' but the laptop still isn't a proper gaming computer, and taking screenshots is a pain in the ass on this keyboard. If it turns out anyone is interested in refined versions of the custom CAS screens seen here (with the orange tapestries), I'd be happy to upload them.

I do have, for those of you who enjoy Medieval research as much as I do, a delightful if slightly profane post on the nature of Chivalry, which is not so much about treating women like incapable ninnies (thanks, Victorians) but more a system of checking your knight privilege, and this equally delightful/profane post on courtly love, which is basically a reverse-friendzone where the goal is to be as nice as possible to a married lady with the expectation she will never deem you worthy of joining her in adultery.

(The author leaves out one of my favorite aspects of courtly love, which is that it helped encourage knights to bathe regularly. Vanity is sinful, after all, and it's easy, after a hard day's knighting, to just sort of skip all that pesky grooming on the grounds that it's totally virtuous to get so greasy that candles flare when you walk by, honest. Vanity being sinful, however, doesn't miraculously change the fact that other people can smell you, and that you don't deserve to be in the same room as Lady Hotness if you smell like you sleep on a mattress stuffed with onions that the cat regularly pees on. Getting all spruced up to impress Lady Hotness means that Sir Loin of Beef is doing his part to make the Great Hall smell like a smoky, pet-friendly bar-and-grill and not a smoky, pet-friendly locker room.)

I've also got this newsletter debunking the whole 'women never worked outside the home in the Middle Ages' thing, and providing lists of guilds that women could and did belong to.

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All of the content on this blog is for The Sims 2 (and its expansions) unless otherwise noted.

This site is not endorsed by or affiliated with Electronic Arts, or its licensors. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Game content and materials copyright Electronic Arts Inc. and its licensors. All Rights Reserved.

This blog is file-share friendly but makes every reasonable effort to respect the terms-of-use of free content creators. (This blog also acknowledges that only EA's TOU counts legally. Disregarding another creator's TOU is rude but not illegal.)

My policy, unless otherwise noted, is 'do whatever you want as long as you credit everyone whose work is involved and don't break their policies.' Usually, someone whose meshes, textures, actions, coding, or templates I've used has 'no paysites' somewhere in their policy, so it's probably a good idea to assume, well, no paysites.
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