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Okay, I like to have a bunch of stuff for you to download come Epiphany, because... I like to, and it's a good excuse to Get Stuff Done. However, I've just noticed that Mediafire has finally changed how their links work-- instead of the new, readable URLs and the old random URLs working equally well, now only the readable links work. I've updated everything in the Supernaturals tag, and I'll be going over the actual Downloads tag over the next few days. It's the hair dumps that'll take me the longest. I'll re-code my Secret Santa gift when I've got, you know, all my other links fixed.

(I know, I know, I should get a Sims File Share account and ditch Mediafire or use it to mirror, but part of me feels like if I have to re-upload everything, then I should go through it all and edit special characters out of filenames.)

Anyway, if nothing else, I hope to have a new hair dump up on the sixth. I have a couple other things mostly or partly finished! We'll see if I get them into any shape for uploading.
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If you collect, customize, or know anyone who collects or customizes Tonner dolls, I have twenty auctions ending in about five hours (7pm Pacific). If you collect, customize, or know anyone who collects or customizes Monster High dolls, I have eighty listings that should go live in about three hours (starting around 5pm Pacific) and close next Sunday.

If you're only interested in pixel-based dolls, my apologies. This is the blog with the audience, I'm just hoping some of you have some crossover interests with mine.
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I know I've been dead quiet lately, here as well as on Garden of Shadows. Sorry about that-- I think I'm caught up with comments now, but this is official notice of an unofficial hiatus.

It's summer! Summer means lots of things. Seasonally it usually means my hobbying swings away from Sims and I kick real-world content creation into high gear for a mini show on the first weekend after Labor Day (which, yep, that's a thing that's happening). This year I'm doing that with a full house-- not only me, Mom, and Penelope (who is SO BIG now oh my gosh), but my sister, her husband, their toddler, their cat, their ball python, and their two dogs. Crowded. Also slightly fraught, constantly.

Also, sales pitch, feel free to skip if you're not into doll collecting or customizing. ) that's the end of my sales pitch.

So, with any luck, I should be back to Sims 2 stuff in the fall. I have lots of plans, yes I do, and I try to keep up with the updates even when I'm not playing, just building a giant download hoard. Right now, though, everything is doll sales and family drama, and a toddler who periodically interrupts Auntie Hat while she's working because he wants to watch a couple Lindsay Sterling videos, steal a doll stand (that child has an absolute fascination with doll stands), and then run up and down the hall a few times.
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So I have this massive (forty-three pages in 10-point font) document I use to plan out things like class restrictions and cheats allowed and what trees I can put in which neighborhoods and the bones of a criminal justice system and... basically it's my worldbuilding cheat sheet.

After talking about the G-Rated Religion Mod with Morgaine, I said to myself, "Man, my Religion section sure is... thin. What can I do to get more information in there? Religion and culture inform each other."

So I rummaged around for some writing guides (for both fantasy writing and gaming writing; the gaming guides were more useful) about making up religions. And I built myself a questionnaire.

Because Veetie wanted to see the questionnaire, I cleaned it up, made the language as neutral as I could (hopefully they'll help as much for Medieval Fantasy religions as High Fantasy or Contemporary Alternate Universe), and crammed it behind the cut at the end of this paragraph. This isn't a Mary Sue Litmus Test, feel free to skip any questions that don't apply to your particular playable Religion-- but you might want to give them all a read-through anyway. Most of the questions are aimed at fleshing out a made-up religion, but there's a bit at the end about real-world people and the implications a fictional religion can make, by accident or by design. Also, I'm not a religious studies expert, I'm just a nerd who reads a lot and knows when something feels fake or under-done, and like a lot of people I'm constantly learning what's actually accidentally gross (or accidentally-on-purpose gross. I was in the Aladdin fandom in early 2002, you would not believe some people's nonsense). On to the questionnaire-- this is not short. )
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I received your PM, but you don't allow PMs in return so I can't reply, and none of your journal entries have a reply link so I figure you don't want replies there, either. So, out on the main page and I hope you see this:

Unfortunately, doing a mesh default-- especially on a complex object like the restorable car-- is beyond my abilities. I'm mostly a texture-manipulator with occasional forays into fiddling with other people's BHAVs and very simple mesh defaults (using existing meshes). Something like that would take actual meshing skill... which I do not got. Maybe you could ask around on Plumb Bob Keep or Garden of Shadows? It might help to have a wagon mesh to pull apart, too.
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I got my desktop reassembled!

Couple of minor hiccups with things like having to go into BIOS and change a setting I did not and still kinda don't understand so Vista installation would finish, six years worth of Windows updates having to install at once, and so many drivers, but I'm up and running and a good chunk of tomorrow will be spent installing Sims 2 and possibly SC4. ... And all my Sims-related programs. I honestly might have more programs for Sims management and customization than I do for anything else I do on the computer. SimPE and a mess of plugins, Wardrobe Wrangler, Compressorizer, HomeCrafter, Hack Conflict Detection Utility, Delphy's Download Organizer, Clean Installer, Collection Creator, NPC Replacer, and I keep thinking I should get the Lot Resizer. Shoot, a bunch of my non-Sims programs, I got for Sims-related purposes (Irfanview, Bulk Rename Utility, Audacity, frickin' Photoshop).

I am so, so ready to be able to make things properly again. Full-sized keyboard, enormous monitor (the laptop is kinda letterboxed, so I can see a lot from side-to-side but I scroll a lot), comfy sitting arrangement, all the RAM, and I know all the old mistakes I made and I'm totally ready to never make those again and instead make all new mistakes.

And after a basically-five-month enforced hiatus from Serious Sims Creation, I bring lessons you can learn from my misfortune! Cut for Learning Experiences. )

I feel like I've got more of my life in order than usual, it's nice.

(Also we got a kitten, because there was a cat-shaped gap in the household and it's been years since we've had a kitten. Her name is Penelope and I could babble about her, but this week her most fantastic feat has been jumping five feet straight up into the air to climb onto my computer armoire. We've had cats for as long as I can remember-- sometimes a lot of cats, I'm thirty-six and the late 80s and early 90s saw a lot of unfixed kitties at my house-- and I have never lived with one as dedicated to 'find the highest point of all the things' as Penelope.)
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I'd like to thank everyone who ever donated to help with Harley's vet care, who spread the word when she needed surgery, or who spared a thought for her now and then. Cut for sad news. )

Keep track of time, friends. And if you have a critter in your life, go and give them some love for me.

Anti-static bracelet isn't here yet, so the desktop languishes. But I mean I knew what I was getting into when I ordered one from Hong Kong for a tenth of the cost of one from Radio Shack.
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Computer: Thanks to generous donors, I have a new hard drive AND two more gigs of RAM! I'm waiting on an anti-static wristband to arrive from overseas (our local Radio Shack closed and apparently when you need computer-fixin' gear these days, you do not go to Best Buy. You go to Best Buy when you need a phone or a tablet or a dishwasher), and then it'll be time to put the whole thing together and reinstall all my everything.

Cat: According to my sister I've been thinking of Harley as being like two years older than she is. Evidently she's pushing fourteen, not pushing sixteen. Either way, she's definitely a senior citizen somewhere in the human-equivalent of her eighties, which makes her recent health dip kind of scary. Cut if you don't want to read about old-lady cat health. )So depending on when the wrist strap arrives, I may still be focused on Harley for a while even after reassembling the desktop. (And yes, if you still want to support Harley financially, donations are welcome.)

Sims: Ye-ah, pretty much nothing. I've made a CAS and a YACAS-- well, I say 'made,' it's actually 'refined and fixed,' but the laptop still isn't a proper gaming computer, and taking screenshots is a pain in the ass on this keyboard. If it turns out anyone is interested in refined versions of the custom CAS screens seen here (with the orange tapestries), I'd be happy to upload them.

I do have, for those of you who enjoy Medieval research as much as I do, a delightful if slightly profane post on the nature of Chivalry, which is not so much about treating women like incapable ninnies (thanks, Victorians) but more a system of checking your knight privilege, and this equally delightful/profane post on courtly love, which is basically a reverse-friendzone where the goal is to be as nice as possible to a married lady with the expectation she will never deem you worthy of joining her in adultery.

(The author leaves out one of my favorite aspects of courtly love, which is that it helped encourage knights to bathe regularly. Vanity is sinful, after all, and it's easy, after a hard day's knighting, to just sort of skip all that pesky grooming on the grounds that it's totally virtuous to get so greasy that candles flare when you walk by, honest. Vanity being sinful, however, doesn't miraculously change the fact that other people can smell you, and that you don't deserve to be in the same room as Lady Hotness if you smell like you sleep on a mattress stuffed with onions that the cat regularly pees on. Getting all spruced up to impress Lady Hotness means that Sir Loin of Beef is doing his part to make the Great Hall smell like a smoky, pet-friendly bar-and-grill and not a smoky, pet-friendly locker room.)

I've also got this newsletter debunking the whole 'women never worked outside the home in the Middle Ages' thing, and providing lists of guilds that women could and did belong to.
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I've only got one tester so far, but so far, everything is working for that tester.

AND I can add custom interactions to the mod! I've had the instructions for it for a while, but I hadn't actually gone and tried to mess with any BHAVs. That means I can do a G-Rated Religion expansion pack for each Sims expansion pack, giving you more actions that can be banned or allowed by each in-game religion.

Anybody know if regular playable Sims can steal anything besides newspapers, gnomes, and (with a hack) hotel towels? I've got five sets of behaviors I can add ban/allowable actions to-- Pathfinding Fail Tantrums (I may re-name that Anger or something, but I have to find something else to ban under it and beg my tester to see how it works), Theft, Violence, Indiscretion (gossip, bragging, gross out; manners failures, basically), and Disrespect (nag, insult, annoy, I'm planning to add pranks; petty meanness). In the Vanilla mod, Violence has the most interactions banned, and Theft and Pathfinding Tantrums have the least, which is why I'm hoping to find more stealing-based actions to make bannable.

I'm going to go through the Prima guides hopefully tonight and make notes on expansions, but if you have suggestions about custom interactions, I'm all ears-- especially if you'd be willing to help test them.
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Hard drive itself: Still failing.

But today I pulled on my big-Simmer pants and fired up the desktop to go grab the last of the files I forgot, which went swimmingly (albeit with a few "OH GOD WHAT ARE YOU DOING BACK EVERYTHING UP AND SHUT DOWN" warnings from the computer). Grabbed the screenshots I was missing but had resigned myself to losing forever, the one writing project that lost a scene in the shuffle, one set of clothing recolors that got missed in the original upload, a surprising number of fonts, and a few random files that were sitting around, all un-backed-up. ... Then I spent the rest of the day organizing my passport drive. (If you are in a position to afford one, get yourself a passport drive and back up to it regularly.) I've got enough unreleased content (if not screenshots, yet) for a smallish Hair-And-Beard dump, and due to my reduced computing circumstances, I'm now looking for testers for:

A) G-Rated Chris Hatch Religion by Hat and Larky (requires Apartment Life or M&G)...
B) the ACR V2 Final version of my aging mod.

I'm also looking for a BHAViorist to tie some prayable objects into said Religion Mod and/or combine interactions of a couple of custom wedding arches, but that's less 'content I want to make/release' than it is 'content I want to play with.'
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I want to make a double apron (also called a midwife's apron). But I am conflicted! See, I just completed some top-only kirtles to be worn with bottom-only gowns (well. Nearly completed, I need to replace textures with fresh pngs Body Shop hasn't eaten, and slave ages together) and I'm torn.

Floor-length bottom-only aprons in this style (that won't really be compatible with the top-only shifts and placket shifts I've made, but like Sims in horrifying separates combos is new or unusual) on Cynnix's bottom-only trained gown...


Mid-calf full-body-outfit aprons in this style on I'm not sure what mesh-- the Frigg dress,] maybe, I've got a child conversion for that (and it would work just as well for a floor-length apron), or the old Dark Project layered dress, which has good skirt dimension but I hate the sleeves. (Not a fan of the tight top but that's an issue with separates, too.)

Pros for a bottom-only apron, I'd only feel like I had to do eight linen colors (... maybe also dirty/bloody recolors. It's a midwife's apron). Cons, the skirt mesh I like for that big massive apron has Maxis heeled shoes. (Potential solutions, use a different skirt, or work out how to make a heeled mesh look like wooden pattens.)

Pros for a full-outfit apron, I can guarantee a loose-fitting torso on the Frigg dress, and show more color of the dress underneath since I don't have to go all the way to the hem, whether or not I use the layered dress. Also, could make for interesting maid/Uni cook/BV housekeeper defaults. Cons, I'd feel like I had to do all 82 colors I work with to go under the linen; also there are those sleeves on the layered dress.
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But I've still got goodies for you.

1. Clean Underwear!
2. Le Chausseur 4!
3. Rogue's Gallery Separates!
4. Hair Dump XIII!

Sorry I missed my annual last-possible-day-for-Christmas-gifts day... but I didn't miss it by much, at least?

Simming has taken a back seat to reality for a few months; I'd like to thank everyone who donated back in October and November while my cat was so sick. It took a massive load off my mind, and I'm deeply grateful. For those who are interested, an update! ) Short version is, Harley is doing really well.

And now that she's out of the woods and holiday guests are back in their own homes, I'm free to let the housework slide and play Sims... oh, until about the end of the month. My sister's having a baby, and Weird Auntie Hat accepts her role as babysitter.

Oh, also, I'm aware there may be problems with some of my older hairs. I submitted a counter-claim to Mediafire today; this time it's someone claiming to be from Funimation rather than CBS who suspects I've got episodes buried in my pixel-hair.
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I hate to do this, I really hate to do this when I've been so epically non-productive lately (I actually have so much stuff so close to done, it's like two thousand files, but it's not quite ready for prime time so to speak), but if there's any chance you've been considering making a donation... Well, okay, lemme cut this: it's vet bills, basically. ) I'm going to be turning EVERYWHERE for help (including eBay) as soon as I'm not stuck home alone and tethered to my cat, but in the meantime...

If you can donate anything, anything at all, I'd be incredibly grateful. I have some Monster High dolls for sale if you'd rather get something physical for your money. I'm willing to swap Sims content for donations, too, but given that I won't be getting more than four and a half hours of sleep at a time for a while (and I can't be on my Simming computer while a post-surge cat gets in trouble any time I'm more than six inches away from her), please bear with me in terms of how long it takes to FILL those requests.

Even just good thoughts are appreciated. Harley's got some good years in her if she pulls through this; I'd like her to have as many of them as possible. (I mean, purchases and donations are appreciated MORE, but only because vets need money, not grateful tears.)

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Working my way back into Sims (been swallowed by fandom, travel, and family) by building the nerdiest Sims in existence.

Just told the current one, "Quickstrike, stop being hot!"

I know this post makes no sense, and I apologize.
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This is a notice to all and sundry that I am not dead, have not been abducted by aliens, and am in fact 100% okay.

Except that I saw Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier and my feels have been victimized by Sebastian Stan's face. Creativity has been unceremoniously sucked into writing fanfiction rather than anything remotely productive. (Thanks, Marvel Studios, for the eight-week breather between CA2: Sebastian Stan's Face and Amazing Spider-Man 2: Oh Shit Is That The Sinister Six.)

Hello my name is Hat and I am a nerd for more than just history.

I should loop back around to Sims before too long, my obsessiveness over hobbies always seems to go in cycles.
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I was just googling random Sims-related phrases hoping for downloads (and getting links to my own stuff, which, weird) and saw a GoS link and figured 'what the hell' and clicked it and GoS is back!
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I keep taking and cropping pics to entertain one of my long-term partners-in-crime, and I'm bored and procrastinating taking the garbage out, so I must clearly post tons of pictures of Sims being Sims with occasional goofy captions. Beware for occasional nudity with strategically placed... all kinds of things.

Adventures In... )
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My Blind Date for the Garden of Shadows Valentine's swap was [community profile] junky and I got SO SPOILED, and I made a bunch of themed goodies, but here is the thing that has me going "I must link, and link immediately": Lace went and made Pregmorphs for the RNR, Androgyny, and Athletic Girl Tig alpha tunics I made for the 2011 GoS Advent.

Also I got a whole slew of FLOORS with BOARDS that don't stretch out into infinity! OH YES FLOORS, BABY.

Time to go update the pregmorph resource list!
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First let me state: Men's underwear is closing in on done. All that's left are the shirts and nightgowns.

But I'm signed up for the GoS blind date and I've got an idea I really want to mess with and I've got Body Shop and Photoshop open and I can't find my ability to make things look the way I see them in my head.

So, you know.

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Okay, so I am out of town until the eighth, probably functionally until the ninth, because Mom wants to a) meet her first grandbaby and b) be in Disneyland for her birthday, and those two things are conveniently adjacent. I've got the laptop, but I never got all the expansions or even SimPE installed on it, so my creating abilities are seriously curtailed until I'm back home again.

However! Cynnix has reappeared, and brought with her some Child conversions of that mesh I need, so I'll be able to put up a MUCH more complete set of men's underwear than I'd worried!

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