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So! These are Medieval, Castaway, or East Asian (and occasionally fantasy) meshes that were created without pregmorphs. After that list, there's a list of meshes created without pregmorphs that were later given pregmorphs by talented meshers. Meshes that were created with pregmorphs in the first place are not included on this list. Please feel free to comment if you can think of any meshes I've missed.

This is not a wishlist. I neither use nor intend to use all these meshes for anything. I still want to keep the full list around as a database, and maybe as inspiration-- if you want to learn to make morphs, there are plenty of options here! But it's my blog so I'm putting a *star* next to the meshes I desperately want pregmorphs added to, anyway.

Medieval Pregmorph Resource List

Things That Need Pregmorphs

1. Cocomama's TF Gothic dress conversion
2. Cocomama's TF Long Loose conversion
3. Cocomama's TF LongLoose Goth Sleeve dress
4. Cocomama's TF Formal Long Conversion (with or without sleeves, I like without)
5. Cocomama's TF Dress Medieval, with or without necklace
6. Cocomama'sTF nightgown conversion (actually if this happens with sexyfeet AND blockfeet AND pregmorphs I will be so happy)
7. Cocomama's AF small fur coat long
8. Cocomama's AF Coat Fur Trim Long
9. Cocomama's TF Coat Fur Trim Long
10. TheJim07's AF Twilight Princess Zelda dress
11. Gnat Go Splat's AF Twilight Princess Zelda dress (yes, I have both. What?)
12. Gnat Go Splat's TF Twilight Princess Zelda dress
13. Tiggerypum's AF Renbelted
14. Tiggerypum's TF Renbelted (as seen on Sherahbim's Gypsy girls)
15. Mijutaro's TF Kimono
16. TheMysticalOne's Nightlife Vampire Gown with the belly raised a bit, please. It looks to be collapsing like a flan in a cupboard.
17. Pinketamine's TF Sims 2 Store Asian Fusion Conversion with Amaryll flats (pregmorph explodes)
18. Parsimonious Kate Empire Dress (k8parsfacempiredress092706)
19. Parsimonious Kate Byzantine Dress (k8parsfacbyzdress140206)
20. All About Style FT Regency
21. Lidiqnata Medieval Dress 6 (crtl+f to Medieval Princesses) as seen on Sherahbim's Faraday and Moss gowns
22. TheMysticalOne's Bon Voyage afbodydresshula default combined with Bloom's sexyfeet version.
23. Bloom's Bon Voyage ambodygrassskirt
24. Bon Voyage tfbodyyukata
25. Happy Holidays ambodyhakama
26. Gara's AM mesh 01 (click clothes, then Male Everyday & Swimwear)
27. Sims 2 Store Castle Set AF Celtic Princess Gown
28. Sims 2 Store Castle Set TF Celtic Princess Gown
29. Rose's AF Taobao Kiyoaki (my personal copy, pinned to BV)
30. Rose's AF Taobao Qing Matchmaker (my personal copy, pinned to BV)
31. Rose's AF 051 with Sims2 Heaven recolor (my personal copy, pinned to BV)
32. Niaolong's AM Nightlife Vampire gown (my personal copy, pinned to NL)
*33. Marja's no-jewel conversion of Lunar Eclipse's Count D robe (download link on page two; Cynnix's updated version has pregmorph)
34. Mio's AM Italian Renaissance tunic
35. Tomyang's AM Changpao (it looks so comfy)
36. Sim Ages AM azfmale122606 (as seen on Sherahbim's Gypsies)
37. Tiggerypum's AM Renshirt (as seen on Sherahbim's Gypsies)
38. Castaway Stories ***AF meshes with sexyfeet but without pregmorphs (pinned to BV)
Bloom's afbodycastawaysformal
Bloom's afbodynativecasualten
Bloom's afbodynativeformalthree
tfbodynative1 (shaman)
ambodyshaman (uses Uni career mesh)
Also grab uugrassfrons-grass, which most of the outfits texture-reference (Bloom's may not).
***39. Castaway Stories AF, AM, and TF meshes without sexyfeet OR pregmorphs (if you can add both, I will love you forever. Pinned to BV)


Also grab uugrassfrons-grass, which most of the outfits texture-reference.

Things That Got Pregmorphs

1. OFB AM Ninja Costume Ove provides!
2. Cocomama's teen conversion ninja costume. Cynnix provides!
3. Bloom's Bigger, Rounder Pregnancy Belly meshes as teen default nude, swim, and underwear. Provided by Kayleigh and Marja, but is fairly high-poly. You can read up on it here.
4. Aligeth's Antique Linen Nightshirt. Cynnix provides!
5. Lunar Eclipse's Count D Robe. Cynnix provides!
6. Besen's Nightgown with Cap (which is not the mesh I thought it was). Cynnix provides!
7. Aligeth's Lord of the Manor nightshirt. Cynnix provides!
8. All About Style TF Corset undies. Cynnix yet again!
9. Oph3lia's Crossless Aligeth Friar Tuck conversion. Cynnix provides!
10. Oph3lia's Bracer-Free Aligeth Robin Hood conversion. Cynnix provides!
11. Dustfinger's Separated H&M Forge shirt. Aquilegia did it before I requested it, Pahtrick did it for me, and then Ove did it too.
12. Needlecream's sexyfooted Liana Sims conversion. Cynnix to the rescue with a UV fix too!
13. All About Style's TeenVicSleeve071805Cynnix provides!
14. Parsimonious TF Rengown Cynnix provides some more!
15. Aligeth TF Chemise Cynnix has her own feast day in my Sims' calendar.
17. Besen's amnachthemd robe Cynnix provides!
18. Besen's TF gown with train Cynnix provides!
19. Bettye gown (third in the top row) Cynnix provides!
20. Kaitishi's Tudor Dress Cynnix provides!
21. Kaitishi's Medieval Dress Cynnix provides!
22. Aligeth's AF linen chemise Cynnix provides!
23. Iamliz13's Rus Viking Tunic G-Knee provides, and age conversions too!
24. Iamliz13's TF Medieval Alpha Dress Edit by Cynnix, based on the AF morph.
25. Cocomama's AF wide fur coat long Dicreasy provides!
26. Parsimonious Kate Faerie Witch Dress (k8facfaeriewitchdress101009) Cynnix provides!
27. Bloom's Bigger Rounder Pregnant Belly for teens true nude clothing (pregmorph explodes. Underwear/swimwear is fine, showerproof mesh is fine.) Turns out all of Bloom's were fine, but my default replacement versions had problems. Cynnix to the rescue!
28. Cocomama's TF Plantsim conversion Cynnix provides!
29. Tiggerypum's AM Alpha Tunic Cynnix provides! With TM version, too!
30. Sims 2 Store Castle Set AM Knight (??? Maybe? Not sure you should go to battle pregnant...) Cynnix provides! With TM and MtF conversions, too!
31. Mio's TF Italian Renaissance Gown G-Knee provides!
32. Jaccirocker's AF Tiggerypum Alpha Tunic Athletic Girl Conversion Lace provides!
33. Jaccirocker's TF Tiggerypum Alpha Tunic Athletic Girl Conversion Lace provides!
34. Jaccirocker's AM Tiggerypum Alpha Tunic Runner Guy Conversion Lace provides!
35. Jaccirocker's AM Tiggerypum Alpha Tunic Aquilegia Androgyny Conversion Lace provides!
36. Jaccirocker's TM Tiggerypum Alpha Tunic Aquilegia Androgyny Conversion (I don't play with pregnant teen guys but it seems unfair to leave them out) Lace provides!
37. Apartment Life ambodywitch (and/or Sunni's Unsavory Charlatan NPC default) Skell provides! I had no idea!

Date: 2013-04-05 08:10 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Just to let you know Hat, I added the preg morph to Mio's tf Ren gown at the bottom of this post: http://www.medievalsims.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=23410#p23410

It kinda got lost in that contest! Sorry! ;)
Still reading thru the rest of your post, any others I might know of, I'll let you know!

Date: 2013-04-05 08:24 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
OK #27 Lidignata's dress 6, I have morphed but when I was converting it to the FitChic (FC) shape for ClstDrmr over at the keep, I noticed a UVmap Nightmare!!! So, I still need to fix it for the maxis af and then I can convert the af to tf! ;)

BTW this, and above, is G-Knee :P

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