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Name:Almighty Hat
Birthdate:May 24
Location:United States of America
This is a blog for Almighty Hat's Sims 2 nonsense, which includes such nonsense as default replacements (usually texture defaults only), historically plausible Medieval clothes, the occasional object recolor, over 400 hairs done in all of Pooklet's Project Mayhem natural colors, the very occasional mod, and kind of a lot of begging and pleading for various and sundry meshes. You can also find essays and resource lists with a bent toward Medieval fashion history. (Fashion history is a passion of mine.)

All content is for Sims 2. I neither have nor intend to get Sims 3, and while Sims 4 seems promising, my computer was brand new in 2009, so even if I'm interested, hell only knows if I'll be able to play it.

I DO accept requests now and then, as long I have the time and inclination, they're for Sims 2, and they're within my skill set. I'm also usually happy to negotiate content trades. Check my tags for things like 'sticky,' 'lists,' or 'do want (do not have)' and you'll find yourself showered with ideas for pregmorph additions, age or sex conversions, sexyfeet shoe swaps, and hat or hair meshes I'd give my eye teeth for. I do not mesh, for all I understand some of the principles. Please don't ask me to make a mesh for you; it is deep magic beyond my ken.

If you're interested in that sort of thing, I also write stuff (mostly fanfiction; I promise I will never post a WIP and leave readers hanging) and collect dolls (okay so that whole blog is a WIP).
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