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Everybody and their uncle knows I play a Medieval game, and anybody who knows anything about the Middle Ages in Europe knows that religion was a HUGE part of life. Chris Hatch added religion for Sims to his Angels & Nurses fan-expansion, and graciously extracted Lite and Middle versions for people who want religion, but don't want to install a fan-made expansion pack that would probably break their personal mod suite.

Unfortunately, the Lite version of the mod (which is compatible with most other mods) is just cosmetic; you get the fun of making up deities and setting up tenets, but it has no actual effect on your game. Because three of the five tenets of each faith were romantic and sexual in nature, the Middle version conflicts with InTeen, among other things.

I can't do without InTeen until I find a mod or mod suite that fully replaces the features I want (in order, Young Adult marriage and pregnancy, non-student or mixed student/non-student families in a Uni subhood, miscarriage, alien pregnancy for teens, young adults, and adults of all genders (not part of InTeen but I do want it), and Teen pregnancy and marriage), and of course my love for feature-adding mods stems from adding features, not just adding flavor text. Neither strength of Chris Hatch's extracted religion really worked for me.

And then in came Larky, who I no longer know where to find, and who, in a thread lost to one of the many attacks on Garden of Shadows over the years, took my ideas for a religion mod that banned only non-romantic interactions and made it a reality.

This is that mod.

'He says gods like to see an atheist around. Gives them something to aim at.' -Terry Pratchett, Small Gods )
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Did you just download G-Rated Religion? Good for you! It's a great mod. Are you stuck thinking, "Man, I wish there were more interactions I could ban. There's a lot of stuff in later expansion packs that's kind of... yeah."

Have I ever got good news for you!

'All the other prophets came back with commandments!' )
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So, I wander away from Sims for a few weeks (it happens. I mean, I did a mini show, got sick, went to Disneyland, wrote a 40,000-word Aladdin fanfic, got an AO3 account, and next weekend is Halloween and my last doll show of the year, I've been busy) and GoS goes down. Alarming! So here's me late to the 'guess I better make some backup posts for my GoS exclusives' party.

This post is only for hiders, and it is a goddamn hider-y masterpost. )
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OH MY GOD you guys we can have more than one baby outfit now. Did you know that? I did not know that. It's AWESOME. I make horrible high-pitched noises every time I think about it.

I didn't finish everything I wanted to, but I got a lot done.

'If you desire to drain to the dregs the fullest cup of sorn and hatred that a fellow human being can pour out for you, let a young mother hear you call dear baby 'it.'' --TS Eliot )
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My favorite expansion pack for Sims 1 is Makin' Magic. There's just so much stuff about it that I miss so much now that I'm pretty well devoted to Sims 2. The spinning wheel that made golden thread, the silly mushroom chase games to get rare spell ingredients, the ability to turn your fellow Sims into frogs, pet dragons that actually set things on fire, the entirety of Magic Town...

And of course Bonehilda, who functioned much like a Servo but was actually a skeleton in a French maid costume.

When Sentate released a Servo dressed as Bonehilda, I squeed in Sims-1-loyalty delight. Awkwardly, I'm kind of a little bit in love with my own wooden Servos, but I got to talking with [personal profile] faechangeling, and... Well, this happened.

You do their work, and they shall have good luck. )
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It's not that Sims don't live long enough. There are zillions of ways to extend Sims' lifespans, even without hacks-- aging off, elixir of life, murdering hapless townies with your pet abomination of dairy and consuming their essence-- so it's not so much that I want my Sims' lives to be longer.

I want my Sims' lives to make sense.

Don't get me wrong, it's the proportion. I love the breadth, it's the length. Now, she may be the right length, but is she right for me? )
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Oh man I love Servos. Servos and Plantsims are easily my two favorite Supernaturals, probably because they make life so frickin' easy. However, in a Medieval-- or fantasy or fairy-tale-- game, you run into some... problems, with Servos.

Now, of course you can use my funky wooden puppets or Phaenoh's armored Servos or even Amaryll's androgynous Steampunk Servos. And they all indeed have their charms-- and I've used two of the three. See, what happened was, I made my own wooden Servos and just loved them all to bits... and then I volunteered to help Amaryll test her androgynous Servos.

Yeah. Wow.

I love them, in-game; they're incredibly graceful. I didn't like that they were metal-- I'd gotten attached to my wooden ones-- but I spent so much time just watching Serviette walk that I knew I was gonna have to keep the mesh around.

So I did.

'A good servant is a real godsend, but truly this is a rare bird in the land.' -Martin Luther )
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Since I currently tend toward Medieval Sims, I've discovered I really like taking some of the high-tech crap Sims 2 provides us with-- like Servos-- and making them work in more period neighborhoods. Alien abduction is no exception, but it's also an easy one to 'fix'-- Sims who are abducted by aliens in a Medieval game can simply have been... well. Stolen by the Fairies. (Fairies can have flying saucers, apparently. Why not?)

I WAS using the Ivory Tattoo skin by Chakaru as my alien default with Rensim's Retooled Aqua eyes, and Pirate McSkittles as my PT. However, while Pirate puts out cute kids, I was not pleased with the fact that they were all related. There's no way to create a thriving hybrid community in your neighborhood. That, and remembering an interesting detail from Lords and Ladies, a Discworld novel...


I've always been more ambitious than I am smart.

Up the airy mountain, down the rushy glen; we dare not go a-hunting for fear of little men... )

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