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Okay, I like to have a bunch of stuff for you to download come Epiphany, because... I like to, and it's a good excuse to Get Stuff Done. However, I've just noticed that Mediafire has finally changed how their links work-- instead of the new, readable URLs and the old random URLs working equally well, now only the readable links work. I've updated everything in the Supernaturals tag, and I'll be going over the actual Downloads tag over the next few days. It's the hair dumps that'll take me the longest. I'll re-code my Secret Santa gift when I've got, you know, all my other links fixed.

(I know, I know, I should get a Sims File Share account and ditch Mediafire or use it to mirror, but part of me feels like if I have to re-upload everything, then I should go through it all and edit special characters out of filenames.)

Anyway, if nothing else, I hope to have a new hair dump up on the sixth. I have a couple other things mostly or partly finished! We'll see if I get them into any shape for uploading.
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