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Did you just download G-Rated Religion? Good for you! It's a great mod. Are you stuck thinking, "Man, I wish there were more interactions I could ban. There's a lot of stuff in later expansion packs that's kind of... yeah."

Have I ever got good news for you!

"All the other prophets came back with commandments!"
"Where'd they get them?"
"I ... suppose they made them up."
"You get them from the same place."

Terry Pratchett, Small Gods

Okay, first things first, let me say that NONE OF THESE FILES WILL WORK WITHOUT G-RATED RELIGION INSTALLED. These are expansion packs and side mods for THAT mod. Remember my lighting mod, where you had to download and install Ddefinder's Gunmod lighting mod first? This is like that. Go get Religion, I'll wait.

Got it? Okay, so! In order to contribute something to the Religion mod beyond ideas and writing skill (and hosting, cos Larky is no longer around to co-host with me-- Larky if you're out there and you're reading this, speak up?), I took Larky's instructions for adding more interactions to the Religious Tenets and...

Okay, I want to say "I overdid it," but actually I think this works pretty well.

I plowed through every single BHAV in the game, looking for the right ones to pull out and add to Religion, to be banned or allowed under Wrath, Theft, Violence, Indiscretion, or Disrespect. Then I dumped all those in my Downloads folder, ran the Hack Conflict Detection Utility, and collected a bunch of side mods that needed to be made Religion-Friendly.

And you reap the benefits.

There are two ways to download this nonsense; in one big folder at the end of the Maxis-interactions section that has all the interactions loose, for you to build your own Director's Cut, or by expansion pack, available one at a time as we go along. Some interactions are included as separate packages even in the EP bundles, usually because they conflict with one of the mods I also modded, sometimes because there's a weird one that might not be everyone's cup of tea, and rarely because those interactions just aren't working the way I expected them to. There will be footnotes explaining which of those interactions are separated and why.

Before we get started, a quick reminder about how Tenets work and what they are.

A Religion requires a Deity to hold it together and five Tenets of banned or allowed behavior. You can allow everything and see no change in your Sims' behavior other than Faith levels going up and down, or you can ban everything and see your Sims act calmer, kinder, and more patient, even if they're rolling wants to see everyone's ghosts. The five Tenets and their original interactions are:

WRATH (Outbursts of temper, maybe destructive but always angry, not mischevious)
Pathfinding tantrums
THEFT (Taking anything from others-- objects, skills, memories, love)
Stealing gnomes and newspapers
VIOLENCE (Anything that physically hurts or harms another Sim)
Fight: Shove, Slap, Poke, and Attack
Play: Red Hands, Punch U Punch Me,
and Cops And Robbers
INDISCRETION (All rude, crass, or impolite behavior)
Tell Secret, Gross Out, Belch At, Gossip, and Brag
DISRESPECT (Knowingly mean, sometimes harmful, but always dickish, not thoughtless)
Nag, Insult, and Annoy

You can have as many Religions as you want, but remember, they can only ban or allow any given Tenet as a whole. You can't decide you want to exempt Red Hands from the Violence interaction (unless you're comfortable finding its BHAV(s) and removing it from the mod package entirely). As you download Religion expansions, keep in mind you are adding to each Tenet, making its bans more expansive.

Religion requires the Apartment Life Expansion Pack and/or the Mansion & Garden Stuff Pack. If you don't have either of those, you can't use Religion and none of these files will be of any use to you, I'm sorry. I do not know if any of the bundle packs, the Store Edition, or the Ultimate Collection are compatible with Religion; test that one at your own risk (but please tell me how it goes if you do).

Okay, moving forward!

Basically a completer pack; I went through and really scoured the basegame interactions to double-check what should fall under each Tenet.

Wrath: Smash Dollhouse+, Smash Urn
Theft: Steal Chocolate (Culinary career reward), Sim Vac Vac Sim,
Violence: Play/Noogie**
Indiscretion: Dirty Joke, Eat From Trash, Fart, Lazy Eat From Fridge, Lick Clean, Look Through
Disrespect: Cheat (at Chess)+, Crank Call, Kick Flamingo, Kick Tombstone, Kick Trash Can, Sneak Out (over phone)*, Stomp Flowers

+Smash Dollhouse doesn't seem to affect custom dollhouses; Cheat at Chess only bans user-directed cheating, not autonomous cheating. These are provided as separate packages for ease of updates if I ever figure out what's going on there.

*Sneak Out conflicts with InTeen (the vanilla mod does not), so this is provided as an optional package.
**Noogie conflicts with the Annoying Games Suite and is provided as a separate optional package.


Young Adults sure got a lot of new immature interactions! This pack requires you to have the University expansion pack or a bundle that includes it as well as Apartment Life and/or Mansion & Garden.

Wrath: None!
Theft: Counterfeit, Counterfeit Get Cash, Steal Greek Sign
Violence: Milk Cowplant
Indiscretion: Streak*, Streak Dance For*
Disrespect: Hack Grades, Prank/Joy Buzzer**, Prank/Sprinklers, Prank/VentrilloFart**, Prank/Water Balloon**, Soap Fallorayne Fountain, Soap Spaceship Fountain

*Streak and Streak Dance For conflict with InTeen, and so are provided as separate optional packages.
**The Joy Buzzer, Sprinkler, and VentrilloFart pranks conflict with the Annoying Games Suite, and so are included as optional packages.


IF YOU DOWNLOADED BEFORE MAY 12, 2016, please either re-download or grab this file, I made a mistake on Streak Dance For and have since updated it.

Vampires and dating! Boy, can a lot of things test your Faith on a date. This pack requires you to have the Nightlife expansion or a bundle that includes it as well as Apartment Life and/or Mansion & Garden.

Wrath: None!
Theft: Dine and Dash*
Violence: Kiss of the Vampire**
Indiscretion: Dare to Peek, Peek, Dining/Throw Food, Irritate/Throw Drink, Ask/Wealth, Ask/Turn On or Off
Disrespect: Dining/Throw Drink, Prank/Static Charge***, Soap Florid Font, Talk/Bad Mouth, Vampire Bleh

*There are currently multiple variations of Dine And Dash; one for each podium, one that isn't attached to any podium, and one that has all three checks installed. These are included as four loose packages so you can decide if you want Dine and Dash available on one podium but not the other.
**Kiss of the Vampire conflicts with Black Spirit's Bite Neck V2 and is included as a separate package.
***Static Charge Prank conflicts with the Annoying Games Suite and is included as a separate package.


Business adds lots of new interactions, but most of them are reasonably respectful. This pack requires you to have the Open for Business expansion or a bundle that includes it as well as Apartment Life and/or Mansion & Garden.

Wrath: Smash Lemonade Stand
Theft: None!
Violence: None!
Indiscretion: None!
Disrespect: Customer Complain*, Play/Tease**, Soap Lying Fisherman Fountain

*My customers only ever seem to complain when there's a zombie in my store and not about anything useful. It's included as a separate package if you've had more useful complaints or don't mind the fantastic racism.
**Play Tease conflicts with the Annoying Games Suite and is included as an optional package.


Wait, what? A stuff pack? This pack requires you to have the Glamour Life Stuff Pack or a bundle that includes it as well as Apartment Life and/or Mansion & Garden.

Wrath: None!
Theft: None!
Violence: None!
Indiscretion: None!
Disrespect: Soap Fountain of Opulence


Since most of the interactions in Pets are with animals, there aren't that many that should test a Sim's faith. This pack requires you to have the Pets expansion or a bundle that includes it as well as Apartment Life and/or Mansion & Garden.

Wrath: Yell At Pet
Theft: None!
Violence: Werewolf Attack Burglar*, Werewolf Savage**
Indiscretion: Werewolf Grr!**
Disrespect: Soap Aqueduct of the Future! Fountain

*Conflicts with Reaper With No Name's Anyone Fight Burglars, so this one is an optional package.
**Conflicts with Poifectly Poiple's Child Werewolves, so it's an optional package.


Another slim expansion, as most of the action in Seasons comes from plants. This pack requires you to have the Seasons expansion or a bundle that includes it as well as Apartment Life and/or Mansion & Garden.

Wrath: Knock Over Snowman
Theft: None!
Violence: Play/Water Balloon Fight*, Play/Snowball Fight*
Indiscretion: None!
Disrespect: Prank/Pollen Cloud, Soap Hole-y Pots Fountain

*Conflicts with the Annoying Games Suite and so is included as an optional package.


Places to go, people to see! This pack requires you to have the Bon Voyage expansion or a bundle that includes it as well as Apartment Life and/or Mansion & Garden.

Wrath: Destroy Sandcastle
Theft: Plunder Captain's Cabin*
Violence: Play Pirates*
Indiscretion: None!
Disrespect: Soap Serenity Squared Fountain, Soap Temple of Jumbok IV Fountain, Use Voodoo Doll

*These interactions, if banned, will prevent Sims of high Faith from getting all the Vacation Memories, so they're included as optional packages.


I dug through everything looking for hobby interactions to ban, and there just aren't that many. A couple, though! This pack requires you to have the Free Time expansion or a bundle that includes it as well as Apartment Life and/or Mansion & Garden.

Wrath: None!
Theft: None!
Violence: Ant Farm Dump Ants/Ant Attack, Hunt Bugs*, Hunt Bugs (autonomous)*
Indiscretion: Audio Augmenter (Intelligence Career Reward) Spy
Disrespect: None!

I haven't decided if dumping the ant farm on someone is violence against the victim, the ants, or both, but as far as hunting bugs goes? Birdwatching will also get your Sims some Nature Enthusiasm without needing any special equipment, and doesn't require you to kill the birds and pin them to a display case.

*Both Hunt Bugs interactions conflict with the Annoying Games Suite and so are included as optional packages.


I'll be honest, most of these are for Witch spells. They're mostly designed so that a Religion's Tenets tell a Faithful mage how to be evil, not whether they can be. This pack requires you to have the Apartment Life expansion or a bundle that includes it, even if you already have Mansion & Garden.

Wrath: Bang On Wall Wake, Bang On Wall Cheat
Theft: Cast/Extractum Amorus, Cast/Tabula Rasa
Violence: Fight/Sibling Torment, Cast/Inflammo, Cast/Mellifers Attackum, Cast/Servantus Attackum
Indiscretion: Cast/Heavus Ho
Disrespect: Cast/Compello Acceptus*, Cast/Compello Discrepo, Cast/Corruptus Locus, Cast/Spiritus Poultria

*Compello Acceptus is a Good-aligned spell, so it's available as a separate package; however, as it forces the target to accept the next five social interactions, I find it horrifying enough to include.

ALL SPELLS conflict with Treeag's No Stupid Reagents. Evil-aligned spells are bundled together, so you get three packages: Evil spells, mundane interactions, and Compello Acceptus.


If you download all of the expansions, then instead of only a few aspects of your Sims' lives being affected, you'll have...

WRATH: Nine interactions total
THEFT: Eleven interactions total
VIOLENCE: Twenty-two interactions total (wow)
INDISCRETION: Twenty-two interactions total (wow again!)
DISRESPECT: Thirty-five interactions total (holy crap)

... for a grand total of ninety-nine interactions, with Sims or with objects, that a Religion's Tenets or a Sim's Faith levels can affect. Which is pretty good, I think! Fair warning, though-- Sims can still roll wants to do banned interactions if they're in line with that Sim's personality or interests. They just can't fulfill them if their Faith is high enough for a Tenet's ban to affect them.


The vanilla version of Religion only conflicts with, like, five-ish mods that I know of. (Well, Religion doesn't, just some of the interactions do.) The expansion packs conflict with quite a few mods-- you'll want to run the HCDU to check your mod suite, because any mod that changes the same interaction as a Religion Expansion will throw a conflict, forcing you to choose between the modded interaction or the Faith-checked interaction.

Many mods can be updated to be Religion-friendly. These are the ones I use, so these are the ones I've done for you. With each download, you get a backup of the original version, just in case you decide to uninstall Religion. Do not install the original and Religion-friendly flavors of a mod at the same time.

Usually, if an interaction comes as an optional package file because it conflicts with a mod, you will need to NOT INSTALL the basic interaction package and INSTEAD INSTALL the Religon-Friendly mod, for the same reason you wouldn't install an original mod and the Religion-friendly version at the same time. Last mod loaded wins.

(Some mods are dependent on load order to work correctly. You can finagle load order easily; the game reads files alphabetically, from the deepest subfolder to the shallowest. For example, it'll read:
Downloads/Mods/ZZinTeen/InTeenimator_A.package after
Downloads/Mods/Awesomeware/notownieregen.package, but both of those before
Downloads/Mods SmithyCPLSpongebathGlobalHack.package-- and of course after all of those,

A-Z, deepest subfolder first, shallowest last. I'll do my best to tell you roughly where to put each package, but it depends on how you organize your game.)


Falls under Violence; requires Nightlife. This mod does not conflict with the NL Religion Expansion's Kiss of the Vampire. However, if you have either of these mods by LBF installed, they will conflict with Kiss of the Vampire-- remove the Kiss of the Vampire package if you use them, that's why it's separate. (For the record, I have only altered the Deadly Neck Bite, not LBF's changes to the Bite Neck interaction, since Embrace can only be done to a friend, leaving Bite Neck the only way a vampire has to drink blood. vamp's gotta eat.) Use by removing and REPLACING the original DeadlyNeckBite mod.



Falls under Theft; requires Bon Voyage. This was meant to get rolled into the original Medium Religion Mod, but... did not. Here, they work for the G-Rated version and might work for the original Medium version, too! Tiny feature-adding mod makes towels on the Maxis towel racks able to be stolen from Bon Voyage hotel rooms... provided a Sim's Tenets and Faith will let them. Use by removing and REPLACING the original mod.



Four interactions each under Violence and Disrespect; requires FreeTime and/or Apartment Life. This mod lets you decide which individual Sims are allowed to do things like juggle, catch butterflies, write in diaries, all those random little Things Sims Do. The Hunt Bugs, Noogie, Pillow Fight, Play Water Balloon, Static Charge Prank, Tease, VentrilloFart, and Water Balloon Prank interactions have all been updated to incorporate Faith Checks-- adding, basically, one more requirement (to 'permission object on lot?' and 'permission object in inventory?' to letting your Sim Do The Thing). Use by removing and REPLACING the original mods for each interaction.

Requires the rest of the Annoying Games Suite! Grab it here.



And as helpfully pointed out to me by Jadesim, I... completely forgot to update/include the bits of the Annoying Games Suite that I don't actually use in my game. (The Annoying Games Suite can be used piecemeal, and I forgot I was only using the bits attached to objects or anachronisms, and not the whole mod. Go me!) So!

Six interactions under VIOLENCE; requires Basegame, Seasons, and/or Apartment Life. The Ask.../Play Pirates, Cops and Robbers, Punch U Punch Me, Red Hands, Pillow Fight, and Snowball Fight interactions have all been updated to incorporate Faith Checks for Violence. Works just like Volume One (remove the original bits of AGS and as many of the original packages as I knew to separate) but because Cops and Robbers, Punch U Punch Me, and Red Hands are all part of the original Religion mod, be sure to load your Annoying Games Suite after Religion to resolve load order conflicts.

Requires the rest of the Annoying Games Suite, linked above.

Also, an important note, the way the Annoying Games Suite is set up, a Sim's personal inventory trumps the mod's autonomy ban, a lot-wide ban (or allow) object trumps a Sim's personal inventory... and a Religious ban trumps a lot-wide ban-or-allow object. So a Sim whose faith is high enough to ban Violence or Disrespect won't play Red Hands or play joy buzzer pranks even if your AGS setup allows for it, while Sims whose Religions don't ban those Tenets, or whose Faith is low enough to allow banned behavior, will function as normal for the Annoying Games Suite. If you you want to manage autonomy on AGS interactions on a Sim-by-Sim basis, DO NOT update your Annoying Games Suite for G-Rated Religion, and load it AFTER Religion. Go ahead and micromanage, it's fun.



Play/Noogie falls under Violence, Sneak Out falls under Disrespect, and Dirty Joke, Streak, and Streak Dance For all fall under Indiscretion; Sneak Out, Noogie, and Dirty Joke are basegame interactions, Streaking requires Univerisity, and InTeen requires Apartment Life and/or Mansion & Garden. These are mods required for InTeenimator Use please do not break things.

Only five little bits of Religion conflict with InTeen, and they're not even in the vanilla mod! These were pulled from the AL/MG version of InTeen (which is the version you should be using if you're planning to use Religion), and you ABSOLUTELY MUST REMOVE the non-InTeen Expansion versions of Noogie, Dirty Joke, Sneak Out, Streak, and Streak Dance For if you are using InTeen and use these, instead. Use by LOADING AFTER InTeen in the same folder as InTeen, like a standard-issue Flavor Pak.

These will show a conflict with InTeenimator B on the HCDU, but it's a Flavor Pak-style conflict, harmless if your load order is correct. Religion-Friendly Sneak Out is in fact compatible with the Risky Sneak Out and Go Out Flavor Pak, it just adds a Faith check for Disrespect to the initial Sneak Out phone call.

If you are also using Inge Jones's Annoying Games Suite, Noogie will still show conflicts. I reccommend loading the AGS after InTeen and using that Noogie edit. It will ignore whatever changes InTeen makes (probably allowing pregnant teens to give noogies just like non-pregnant teens), but you'll still get the ability to ban or allow noogies on a lot-wide or Sim-by-Sim basis.

Requires InTeenimator! Grab Version 19c for Apartment Life!



The Fight Club falls under Violence and changes how Sims win fights; instead of effectively random outcomes, Body, Logic, and Mechanical skill affect which Sim wins each fight animation loop, and the Sim who wins the most animation loops wins the fight. (Also, werewolves no longer automatically win every Savaging; if their target wins every animation loop, they escape unscathed.) The Watch interaction has had a Violence check added-- the rest doesn't need a change. Use by removing and REPLACING the original mod and loading after Religion.

Zombie Apocalypse falls under Violence; requires Nightlife and Pescado's Fight Club. Zombie Apocalypse makes it so any Sim who loses a fight to a zombie becomes a zombie. My edit puts a Violence check on zombie fights (no matter who starts them), meaning you may be able to end (or at least slow) the Zombie Apocalypse with Religion! Convert your zombies to a Religion that bans Violence and keep their Faith levels high! Use by removing and REPLACING the original mod, and load after Fight Club.

For clarity's sake, although these mods are packed together, you do not have to install Zombie Apocalypse to install Fight Club. You DO have to install Fight Club to install Zombie Apocalypse. You can use the original version of Zombie Apocalypse with the Religion-friendly version of Fight Club, but your zombies will be unchecked.


CHILD WEREWOLVES by Poifectly Poiple:

Savage falls under Violence, Grr under Indiscretion; requires Pets. Children can be nibbled by the Leader of the Pack and become werewolves, and can Savage other children to turn them into werewolves-- if their Religion's Tenets allow Violence or their Faith levels are low enough for it. If you use this one, do not install Werewolf Savage or Werewolf Grr from the Pets Religion expansion pack. (Also, you may not need all three Child Werewolf mods included. 092998-SavVIO-GrrIND makes this one work; the other two files are updates for InSim and InTeen compatibility and can be left out if you don't use those mods.) Use by REPLACING the original mod.



Falls under Violence; requires Pets. This one lets any of your Sims beat the crap out of that miscreant who's taking your hard-earned stuff, not just werewolves (by removing the werewolf check). I've added a Violence Faith Check to it, just in case you want the 'anyone' in the title to depend on how okay with violence your Sims are. You don't need the Pets expansion Werewolf Attack Burglar file if you use this mod. Use by removing and REPLACING the original mod.



Falls under Violence; basegame compatible. Larky fixed this one up! Squinge's Single Slap changes the animation so that Slap is just one slap, instead of a back-and-forth cartoonish flurry of slaps. It needed a Faith check for Violence to be Religion-friendly. This will show a conflict on the HCDU, but it's labeled to load after Religion for a reason. Use by removing and REPLACING the original mod.



Falls variously under Disrespect, Indiscretion, Violence, and Theft; requires Apartment Life even if you have Mansion & Garden installed. Treeag eliminated all the inventory checks from casting spells in Apartment Life; I added a whole bunch of Faith checks. You could load Treeag's unaltered mod before mine, so only spells without Faith checks are free, or you could grab the Religion-friendly version and not have to worry about slaving over a hot cauldron to be able to suck the love out of someone's relationship. Use by removing and REPLACING the original mod.

There are two versions of this mod; -Religion adds Faith checks to Extractum Amorus, Tabula Rasa (both Theft), Heavus Ho (Indiscretion), Inflammo, Mellifers Attackum, Servantus Attackum (all Violence), Compello Acceptus, Compello Discrepo, Corruptus Locus, and Spritus Poultria (all Disrespect), while -Religion-EVIL_ONLY leaves Compello Acceptus (a Good-aligned spell that forces the target to accept the next five social interactions, which I find super-creepy) without a Faith check. Both are included, only use one.

If you use this mod, you do not need the Apartment Life expansion Compello Acceptus or Evil Spells packages.



Falls under Indiscretion; basegame compatible. The original mod lessened how gassy your Sims are; the Religion-friendly version is like Beano even for Sims whose Religions or Faith levels permit Indiscretion and rudeness. Use by removing and REPLACING the original mod and by loading AFTER vanilla Religion to cut down on indigestion game-wide.



That's everything piecemeal. As promised, here are all the individual Expansion Pack and side mod files in one big folder, for you to build your own Director's cut-- or run against the Hack Conflict Detection Utility, for ease of identifying exactly which interactions conflict with what mods.


IF YOU DOWNLOADED BEFORE MAY 12, 2016, please either re-download the All-Expansions file or grab this file, I made a mistake on Streak Dance For and have since updated it.

Oh, and a bonus! Because the Add Soap interaction on all the Maxis fountains was flagged as Disrespectful, I went through all the custom fountains I use and banned soaping on those, too. I've also re-sorted them under Plumbing Misc, because... frankly it's easier for me to find my water features there. Since I've already done them, there's really no reason for anyone to re-invent the wheel here-- so!


Remember, some of the mods will conflict with expansion interactions, and some of the files have load order issues. Expansion interactions require the associated expansion pack to function; Religion requires either Apartment Life or Mansion & Garden to function at all. I don't know how anything works with Ultimate Collection; if you risk it, please tell me how it goes.

If you find a conflict, you can either follow the instructions on adding Faith checks to new interactions included in your Religion download, or you can ask me to do it for you. If you ask me, you have to test the updated interaction yourself, I make no promises as to when I'll finish anything, and I reserve the right to refuse for any reason (including "That's not a simple interaction; you need a BHAViorist, not a dilettante.").

Enjoy your expanded Religious experience!
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