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Veetie had to drop from the Blind Date event, but this is her gift anyway. I'll link to mine in a minute. Veetie and I were paired as Pongo and Perdita.

Never Work with Children or Animals

As I was staring at your wishlist, two things jumped out at me-- stuff for cats, and stuff for kids. And I said to myself, "I can do that," and rummaged through my downloads folder.

(42 ACYL colors shown, go here for an Aelia Autumn swatch and here for the Pooklet Naturals swatch)

I started small. This is the Perle cat toy from Around The Sims; it is literally just a tiny, tiny ball. That's forty-two of them all bunched together using the quarter-tile cheat, and that is the Measure of a Sim sculpture (because it was the first super-common Maxis sculpture I haven't hidden from my own catalog) helping to show how danged itty bitty these are. Textures are mostly ATS with a light coating of Magpie's linen, and yes, I did all eighty-two of my usual colors. (Yeah, the blacks and browns get kinda samey, seeing them in-game I wish I'd gone a bit lighter.)

I know eighty-two seems like a lot of colors for such a tiny little doodad, but I wanted to do more. There's a PSD included with Shadowfell's Natural Dyes and Skunky's palette as layers, but I just lost steam. Plus that'd total 177 recolors of a single tiny cat ball, and that might be a little excessive even for me. (Feel free to use the PSD to do it yoruself, though!)

You can't go wrong with a little round ball of a cat toy, right? The texture is so tiny that there's no real way to indicate what it's made of. I'm sure it's supposed to be foam rubber, but it could just as easily be felted wool or stiched-up scrap fabric. Available in General/Pets for $25, 224 polys even once "destroyed" (it gets mushy-looking).

While we're on the theme of cat toys, this is the Around The Sims Life of Strays crumpled-paper cat toy. Of all the doodads I've recolored, this is the only one totally unaffected by the Apartment Life quarter-tile cheat, which is why there's a magisplay tray in my photo. These textures are all from my stock-images folder of parchment-and-paper; all I did was squish them to fit.

Available in General/Pets for $15, 80 polys (until destroyed, at which point it's 120).

(Color shown is Molotov. See also side view, Pooklet Naturals swatch, Aelia Autumn swatch, and CuriousB ACYL swatch.)

And here we have the ATS Cat Cafe Rug scratching post! It's a floor rug (looks like a runner, really) tossed over a crate set on one edge, and honestly that seemed like a pretty good solution to the whole "The theme of my game is completely pre-scratching-post, they should be scratching up trees or something!" issue.

Crate textures are the ATS originals, because I did not have enough brain left to pair wood tones with fabric colors, and the rug textures are a lovely twill extracted from TS3 that turned out a little lighter than I usually get fabrics-- so all the blacks look distinctly different! Available in General/Pets for $75, 1442 polys.

(Aelia Autumn swatch shown, click here for Pooklet's Naturals, here for CuriousB's ACYL, and here for a minor levitation issue.)

This one I actually did a little more than a recolor! This is SimMan123's Dirca blanket pet bed. Not only have I recolored it eighty-two times (with dirty states! A PNG for my dirty state is included if you want to do more recolors), I updated the mesh for Apartment Life. That's right, not only can cats (and dogs) sleep on an old blanket dropped on the floor, so can toddlers! Well, almost on the floor. Because the mesh is more 'blanket' than 'pet bed,' the actual sleeping slot is a little high. You really only notice it from floor level, but it's something to be aware of.

Textures on this one are straight-up Magpie linen. I wanted to use a TS3 twill again, but the mapping made for bulges and distortions that set off my astigmatism. If you want to recolor this one with anything fancier than a simple woven or felted texture, stick with vertical striping. Available in General/Pets for $270, 1129 polys.

So the blanket was my crossover piece, for cats (and dogs) and toddlers, but here's something just for toddlers-- Ja's Alice Charisma Toy cup, retextured in a whole slew of patterns I shamelessly stole from Sunni and/or Sun & Moon. Javiera, ages ago, made a great set of skill-building toddler toys using extracted Maxis meshes-- this one uses the Popularity aspiration failure cup-friend. Cup-friend is a little cutie, but doesn't really suit a historical or fantastical game aesthetic... so I experimented with alpha editing and wouldn't you know, you don't have to have the hands or the stick, you can just have a nice cup!

There are a couple issues to be aware of here-- first, the cup-friend is off-center in the catalog thumbnail, but you can see a flailing paper hand and a streak of white at the bottom of the pic. Second, while there's no indoor shadow, the outdoor shadow leaves blobs for the hands on the ground. Third, if you zoom out far enough, you do start to see a little alpha-shimmer of the hands and stick-or-straw. I feel like these are all super-minor issues to contend with in exchange for being able to grind Charisma early, while it's fun.

Textures are from Sun & Moon's Grapes of Rad (Glass and all ten bottles), Sunni's Barrel of Inebriation (Barrel Glass), Wizard's Tower (Wizard Gold; you also get the silver recolor but I didn't get that one done right before loading my game for pics), and default replacements (Protein, Cider, and Beer). Also included is Ja's required placeholder for toys, don't lose that. Available in General/Kids for $12, 241 polys.

(Shown wearing Verdigris; see also side view, Pooklet Naturals swatch, Aelia Autumn swatch, and CuriousB ACYL swatch.)

I'm equal parts thrilled and frustrated with this one-- it's RS & Dragonarts NDN Seminole doll, from the Turtle Island set on Mod the Sims. It's the best simple rag doll I've ever found for early games, but it's also meant to be, well, Native American. And because I suffered a short-circuit of the brain and went "Oh! Rag doll! I'll use my usual eight linen colors for the body and not have to think too hard about what 'skin tone' goes with what clothes!" these dolls skew hella light. Therefore I totally invite more recolors of these, and have included a PSD with textures, a dirty overlay (although these don't seem to actually GET dirty), and select-guides for all the little bits and bobs.

What I love about these is that they're just super-simple cloth dolls. They're not really gendered, and their hair and clothing is about as basic as you can get. Dolls have been popular toys throughout human history (although Medieval Europe, I am told, took a dim view in case they turned out to be idol worship), but it's shockingly hard to find good playable dolls for historical Sim kids.

Linen and dress textures are by Magpie; the hair is another texture extracted from TS3. Hair colors are all Pooklet's Naturals-- I may have failed at diverse skin, but I actually kept a tally to be sure I wasn't putting all my greens on redheads, or all my pinks on blonds. Available in General/Kids for $49, 2475 polys.

And like you asked, I made you some defaults of Alfi's Origins skins! You said you didn't care which ones, so aside from S1, I tried to make sure these didn't skew light. (Also I fail at getting a proper in-game preview of these, but I did test all the ages and fatmorphs in Body Shop, which I would not have managed in-game.)

You mentioned you don't like the Maxis elder shape but not whether or not you have a less-lumpy EF default, and there's a lot of lovely detailing in each of Alfi's distinct ages, so I used Alfi's regular elder textures instead of swapping them out for the AF textures. With a Warlokk-mapped default replacement EF nude, this can cause some weird issues in the boob area. (A pic that Photobucket would hastily take down is included in the upload.)

Details: Nothing has been compressorized, but every package file should have proper special-character-free filenames (which with some older meshes could mean I renamed things). My filenames skew a little long, so please feel free to rename them. The gift is subfoldered by item, and then subfoldered by color action set where applicable. All the swatches and images are included in the upload. The upload weighs in at 67mb, so. Give it some time. Please feel completely free to share.

Thanks: Quaxi for SimPE, Around the Sims, Ja, RS & Dragonarts, and SimMan123 for meshes, Alfred Askew, ATS, Magpie, and Sunni for textures, Pooklet, Aelia, and CuriousB for color actions, and Shasta for running this event.

I really wanted to do more toys and more usable objects for you, but other people's emergencies tend to steal all my time, it's super frustrating.

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