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I do plan to have my desktop reassembled before the end of the month. (Gotta find that can of air. Everything's ready but that.) Until then, I realized I do in fact have one more download I can share with you guys.

"You fucked up a perfectly good monkey is what you did. Look at it. It's got anxiety." --jon_snow_420

CC-free CAS and YACAS screens! If you, like me, are tired of that boring contemporary brick, or if your resolution doesn't play nice with the catalog placement and the one measly mirror CAS comes with isn't enough help, or if you want to show off your skins, clothes, or NPC defaults in-game without having to deal with poseboxes, then this download is for you!

Create-A-Family screen, zoomed out as far as it'll go.

I was tired of the Create-A-Sim screens looking like a backstage area, contemporary and entirely disconnected from the actual game I actually play. CAS came first, of course, because I use it most; if you've seen any of my clothing downloads in the last few years, you've probably seen the Family half of my CAS set. It wasn't ready to share, because I'd changed the room layout to let more light in, which always plonked the camera outside the 'house,' looking in through a window, when I switched from Create-A-Sim to Create-A-Family.

So I moved a wall, moved some windows, ensured everything had a roof, and CAS is done!

Create-A-Sim featuring a three-way mirror set up with all the placement cheats.

Couple of caveats here-- these pics were taken on my laptop, using 1360x768 resolution. My graphics cad is adequate but not fantastic, and I currently do not have all expansions installed on the laptop (specifically for this project, actually). Thus, teenagers do not photograph well, everyone's faces get a little cut off when you're trying to change hair or apply makeup, and I honestly do not know how pets look. But! That's why there's a carefully-placed three-way mirror behind the Sim being created; not only should you be able to get a good look at their face from one side or another, you can see how long hairs are as you try them on. If you have Seasons or higher-- any expansion that lets you set hairstyle by outfit-- you can keep an eye on the length and volume of each outfit's hair, for consistency.

Young Adult Create-A-Family, zoomed out as far as possible using Gunmod's camera mod.

Next came YA!CAS, for collegiate Sims. For some reason, with this one, I decided I really wanted to go Greco-Roman rather than flat-out Medieval, to set apart that Higher Education feel. While my CAS screen would work with your average High Fantasy game or any period from Dark Ages to Jacobean, the YACAS screen meshes nicely with any theme that includes fluted columns.

Unlike your garden-variety CAS, YACAS only deals with Sims of one size and species, so you won't lose heads like you do with Teen Sims. Camera mods and screen resolution still leave us with the catalog being an obstacle, so there's another three-way mirror behind the Sim being built.

The mirrors aren't angled quite the same as in CAS, but they're less vital.

To use these, you will need actually quite a spread of expansions; I made these with Basegame, Uni, Nightlife, Open For Business, Happy Holiday, Family Fun, and Glamour Life Stuff installed. Neither screen has custom content installed.


These are default replacements. You can only have one custom CAS and YACAS in your game at a time. If you have multiples installed, last mod loaded wins. Last mod loaded always wins.

Everything you need is in the download file; CAS!.package is the Create-A-Sim and Create-A-Family screen while YACAS!.package is the, well, Create-A-Young-Adult-Sim screens. Do not rename these. Don't do the thing. I don't think they work if you rename them. Also included are four files by Windkeeper; they make the cheval mirrors, photo backdrops, lights, couches, plants, and whatnot turn invisible. You need to leave these installed or you're gonna have a bunch of weird stuff clipping into your nice historical CAS screens.

You also get a bunch of pictures in the .zip file, different ages and different zoom levels, to better show how to see what you're doing on high-resolution screens. Don't install those, they'll just slow your loading time.

If you can figure out how to edit these (rather than building your own), feel free, because I apparently forgot to save any Regular Lot versions. I don't know offhand how they work with any camera hacks besides Gunmod's. Generally I do not care what you do with these so long as you don't put 'em on paysites. Don't do that.

And now?

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