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I'd like to thank everyone who ever donated to help with Harley's vet care, who spread the word when she needed surgery, or who spared a thought for her now and then. After Harley's latest downturn, nothing helped. She refused to eat or drink, couldn't sit up much less stand, and no longer seemed able to meow or purr. Bearing in mind she was in the neighborhood of fifteen (my sister and I remember her being born in different years) and immunocompromised from her chemotherapy, we made the decision to let her go. Harley passed at the hands of a very supportive vet today just before two in the afternoon. I held her while she went, and while I wish we could have figured out what was going wrong, I know it was the best (if also the last) thing I could do for her.

I'm not okay, exactly, but I'm doing better than I was yesterday. Unlike my last post about a personal loss, I'm not going to disable comments, but please I ask any commenters to not post, reference, or link to the Rainbow Bridge thing? It gets me misty on my best day despite the overall sappiness, and today is not my best day.

Keep track of time, friends. And if you have a critter in your life, go and give them some love for me.

Anti-static bracelet isn't here yet, so the desktop languishes. But I mean I knew what I was getting into when I ordered one from Hong Kong for a tenth of the cost of one from Radio Shack.
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