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So, I wander away from Sims for a few weeks (it happens. I mean, I did a mini show, got sick, went to Disneyland, wrote a 40,000-word Aladdin fanfic, got an AO3 account, and next weekend is Halloween and my last doll show of the year, I've been busy) and GoS goes down. Alarming! So here's me late to the 'guess I better make some backup posts for my GoS exclusives' party.

This post is only for hiders, and it is a goddamn hider-y masterpost.

How masterful a master post? Using my hiders and the hiders by other folks that I shall link to, you can hide everything except:

Modular Stairs
Greenhouse roofs
Linking Logs Trellis Archway Fence
Chiclettina Fjord Counter
One AM swimsuit
One AM tuxedo
One EM tuxedo

I think to hide fireplaces, modular stairs, foundations, awnings, and greenhouse roofs, you have to mess with the same files you'd use to ADD those things in their proper categories. For me, personally, it's not worth messing with.

I can't FIND the damned Linking Logs fence to attempt a hider.

I have made hiders for the Fjord counter, but they don't hide it-- just give it the CC star.

And I have no goddamned idea why those three Body Shop doodads won't hide.

Before I get into the download links, lemme lay some caveats and suchlike on you.

Buy and Build hiders are NOT sorted by expansion, but by category, and each individual object has its own file. You can eliminate every single bit of Maxis fug or assorted doodadery that DOESN'T fit your gaming style, period, theme, or taste on an item-by-item basis.

Each Buy, Build, or Neighborhood file is labeled with my name, HIDER in all caps, and the catalog title of the object. I've omitted a word or a bit of punctuation here or there, but I've also added things like 'TV' or 'RC Car' if the title didn't seem descriptive enough. In Buy Deco Wallhangings, the paintings, posters, drawings, and photographs are all labeled as such, just in case your game's aesthetic means you want to keep the framed paintings but ditch the taped or tacked-up posters-- or vice-versa. Beds are labeled as double, single, or coffin. If you don't want to hide absolutely everything in a single category, you will need to know the catalog names of whatever it is you want to hide or keep.

Strictly speaking, these are default replacements. If you have a default or re-categorizer for a Maxis object, you're going to have to choose between defaulting it out or just plain hiding it. (You could do both, but why would you bother?) As with all defaults, last mod loaded wins.

Yes, if you install all of these files, you will hide EVERYTHING (except the hard-to-hide stuff listed above). EVERYTHING. You can hide important things, like all the phones (including the community lot phone), the OFB open/closed sign, and all the toilets. To regain access to your item(s), just close the game and delete that hider from your catalog. No, installin the hiders will not affect what you have already placed in your game. You can still use the recolor tool on already-placed hidden objects, and while you can't eyedropper them, you can pick them up, hold shift, and set them down to get more. No, having hiders in your game for expansion or stuff packs you don't own won't hurt anything but your loading time.

THERE ARE SEVEN THOUSAND TINY FILES HERE. THEY WILL SLOW YOUR LOADING TIME. However, once you know what you want hidden, there's an easy fix for that. If you have SimPE, open it up, hit the blank-page icon to create a new file, click the Resource List pane, and select Add. When the window comes up, navigate to wherever you've put your very own director's cut of hiders, change the file type from Extracted File Descriptor to All Files (or DBPF Package) in the drop-down menu, select your hiders, hit Open, and WAIT PATIENTLY for SimPE to do its thing. When it finishes loading, save your director's cut with a nice descriptive name, and then compressorize the heck out of it.

Sims 2 prefers to load a few obscenely LARGE packages rather than a shitload of teeny-tiny packages. Not only have I sorted my hiders into single directors' cut files, I've lumped quite a few of my hairs and massive outfit sets into single packages.

INTEENIMATOR USERS: You may NOT want to hide ALL the Maxis double beds unless you ALSO use ACR. InTeen requires Maxis beds to result in teen pregnancy. ACR fixes that little hiccup, so if you use InTeen without ACR and still want the possibility of teen pregnancy, don't hide all the stuff Sims can use to get pregnant.

Hiders have a special policy, so I'm gonna cover that before getting to the goodies themselves. That policy is: So long as you don't take MY name off the file names? Feel free to do anything you like with these suckers, barring profiting from them. Want to sort them by expansion and share those? Go ahead! Got your game all tweaked for your period and think other Ancient Egyptian/Greco-Roman/Medieval European/Italian Renaissance/English Restoration/French Revolution/American Revolution/Regency/American Civil War/Late Victorian/Belle Epoque/Roaring Twenties/Depression Era/WWII/Mid-Century/Seventies/Eighties/Post-Apocalyptic players might get some use out of your sort? Go on and share it! As long as I still get credit and nobody's making a profit off of these, feel totally free to share any combination you please. Just leave my name on it or include 'built with Almighty Hat's Hiders' somewhere so I don't have any reason to sulk.

None of the Buy Mode hiders have been compressorized. I didn't note and can't remember if the Build Mode hiders were compressorized.

2010 Hide Everything Buy Mode Stuff

(27 MB, over 1,600 tiny files, don't say I didn't warn you)

If you don't want everything or have a slower connection, I also uploaded all fifty-one catalog categories separately-- just in case all you want to hide is all the dining chairs or something.

Appliances, Cooking (stoves, barbeques)
Appliances, Large (dishwashers, trash compactors, grocery store fridges)
Appliances, Refrigerators (exactly what it says on the tin)
Appliances, Small (microwaves, coffee makers)
Appliances, Miscellaney (community lot espresso stall)

Electronics, Audio (stereos, jukeboxes, Neukum speakers)
Electronics, Entertainment (Pinball, arcade games, game consoles)
Electronics, Small (phones, clocks, alarms)
Electronics, TV and Computer (exactly what it says on the tin)
Electronics, Misc (vending kiosks, cash registers)

General, Cars (cars and helicopter)
General, Kids (lemonade stand, potty chairs, cribs, toyboxes...)
General, Dresser (dressers and armoires and closets oh my!)
General, Miscellaney (trash cans, fire sprinklers, assorted business fixtures)
General, Party (bars, cakes, balloons, wedding arches)
General, Pets (litter boxes, food dishes, dog houses)

Hobbies, Creative (Musical instruments, easel)
Hobbies, Exercising (Workout equipment, ballet barre)
Hobbies, Knowledge (mostly bookshelves, also telescopes)
Hobbies, Miscellaney (mostly crafting benches)
Hobbies, Recreation (games and sports)

Plumbing, Showers and Tubs (exactly what it says on the tin)
Plumbing, Sinks (just sinks)
Plumbing, Toilets (also includes restroom stalls)
Plumbing, Hot Tubs (plumbing is a very obvious category)

Decorative, Curtains (curtains and blinds)
Decorative, Mirrors (On the wall or on the floor)
Decorative, Miscellaney (The stuff in this category is in here with no rhyme or reason-- the OFB open/closed sign is in here. Also, there are two rocks that refused to hide at all.)
Decorative, Plants (potted plants and bouquets)
Decorative, Rugs (exactly what it says on the tin)
Decorative, Sculpture (usually art, sometimes clutter)
Decorative, Wallhangings (paintings, tapestries, posters)

Lighting, Ceiling Lamps (all things that hang from the ceiling and cast a glow)
Lighting, Floor Lamps (lighting is going to be pretty easy to describe)
Lighting, Miscellaney (mostly streetlights)
Lighting, Outdoor (garden lights)
Lighting, Table Lamps (if you can't set it on the floor or stick it to your wall or ceiling, it's in here)
Lighting, Wall Lamps (requires a vertical surface)

Seating, Beds (exactly what it says on the tin. Also coffins)
Seating, Dining Chairs (they scoot up!)
Seating, Living Chairs (armchairs, mostly)
Seating, Miscellaney (Park benches, barstools, hammocks...)
Seating, Lounge Chairs (recliners and chaises)
Seating, Sofas (sofas and loveseats and sectionals oh my)

Surfaces, Coffee Tables (you know you're just going to clutter them up with mail and newspapers)
Surfaces, Counter (counters and islands)
Surfaces, Desks (exactly what it says on the tin)
Surfaces, End Tables (yup, end tables)
Surfaces, Miscellaney (vanities, food judging table, BV tea table...)
Surfaces, Shelves (for all your displaying needs. Includes Decra-Chill)
Surfaces, Tables (for dining!)

DOWNLOAD COMPLETER SET (the stuff I failed to hide in 2010, but got done in 2011)

2011 Hide Everything Build Mode Stuff

DOWNLOAD Hide Everything Build Mode Edition (full set)
DOWNLOAD Architectural
DOWNLOAD Elevators
DOWNLOAD Fences and Rails
DOWNLOAD Floors, Brick
DOWNLOAD Floors, Carpet
DOWNLOAD Floors, Linoleum
DOWNLOAD Floors, Other
DOWNLOAD Floors, Poured
DOWNLOAD Floors, Stone
DOWNLOAD Floors, Tile
DOWNLOAD Floors, Wood
DOWNLOAD Plants, Flowering and Water
DOWNLOAD Plants, Garden Center
DOWNLOAD Plants, Shrubs
DOWNLOAD Plants, Trees
DOWNLOAD Roof Textures
DOWNLOAD Stairs (fixed-landing only)
DOWNLOAD Swimming Pools
DOWNLOAD Terrain Paints
DOWNLOAD Walls, Brick
DOWNLOAD Walls, Masonry
DOWNLOAD Walls, Other
DOWNLOAD Walls, Paint
DOWNLOAD Walls, Paneling
DOWNLOAD Walls, Poured
DOWNLOAD Walls, Siding
DOWNLOAD Walls, Tile
DOWNLOAD Walls, Wallpaper

2011 Hide Everything Neighborhood Decor

Choose either NH decor download; they're small, you'll get everything, but it'll be a lot easier to sort out what doesn't fit your game configuration.


Body Shop and CAS Hiders

I didn't want to reinvent the wheel on BS/CAS hiders, so let me send you on a fetch quest:

Jordi has hidden most of the hair and clothing from the basegame through to H&M Fashion Stuff, as well as the Happy Holiday Stuff Pack...

Ambular picked up where Jordi left off with Bon Voyage, Free Time, Apartment Life, and Mansion & Garden Stuff...

Marja (who I promised to love forever and OH I DO) rounded out the set with Kitchen and Bath Stuff hiders...

And Aquilegia hid some of the funkiest Base Game hairs in her glorious set of default replacements.

But! You'll notice Teen Style Stuff is nowhere on that list. I noticed it too, and it was, in fact, driving me crazy. So I made a hider for it. Unlike most of my hiders, the Teen Style Stuff hair and clothing hiders aren't piecemeal, because nobody else's are. This makes it slightly more complicated to only hide the stuff you hate, but only slightly.


If you load up all these hiders, you might notice that some clothes and hairs just refuse to go away. I got kinda fed up with that, too, and decided to keep on hiding everything. At the link below you'll find hiders for a few basegame hairs and outfits that refused to disappear, the University cheerleader costumes (and one YA male swimsuit), some OFB hats and helmets, the stubborn Seasons winterwear and Caesar hair, and Kitchen & Bath Stuff's Gelled Rock hair for men.

Before I let you download those, I have a couple of caveats.

I could not hide one adult male swimsuit, one adult male tuxedo, and one elder male tuxedo. They just wouldn't go away. I don't know why. I'm sorry.

Two, if you hide absolutely everything, it's a good idea to make sure you have plenty of townie-friendly hair and clothing in your catalog, for all ages and both sexes in all categories. It won't hurt your game not to have them, but you'll get some freaky floating-head results in CAS if you don't, and sometimes changing a Sim's sex in CAS will make them roll up in hidden hair and clothing anyway. (Changing age doesn't seem to do it.) Townie-friendly hair is pretty easy to find; almost everything that's been binned works nicely. Clothing is a little more tricky, but it's also really easy to do yourself. The last chapter of this tutorial will teach you how to do it, if you're at all comfortable with SimPE.


Jordi made hiders for all the Base Game, Nightlife, Open for Business, and Family Fun Stuff glasses, goggles, and otherwise accessories, but he didn't get up to Bon Voyage.

So I did it.

Now, for some reason accessory hiders work in game but not in Body Shop, so don't freak out when you still see everything there. I also found myself going 'what the heck,' and hid the Bon Voyage jewelry, too, because I don't know about you but my knights and wenches don't really need eyebrow piercings and wristwatches. There are two folders nestled in the Jewelry file-- one for CAS jewelry and one for Vacation Destination jewelry. Hiding vacation jewelry will work, but buying vacation jewelry makes your Sims happy, so that's your call... Also, the CAS jewelry should work if you don't have Bon Voyage but do have a later expansion that carries jewelry forward, like Free Time or Apartment Life (or possibly Mansion & Garden).


Remember, you can always show hidden items in Create-A-Sim by entering boolprop testingcheatsenabled true from your neighborhood screen, then while in CAS hitting Shift+M. (This trick doesn't work for hidden Buy, Build, or Neighborhood items.)

So, okay, counting all my hiders, that's almost seven thousand individual files. In the spirit of completeness, you can also find Maxis makeup hiders by Joninmobile/The Ninth Wave here and Miss-SKH has made hiders for full-face makeup here.

Date: 2013-10-30 10:18 am (UTC)
currantpotpie: (Default)
From: [personal profile] currantpotpie
Soooo much awesome. *bookmarks* Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Date: 2014-02-09 01:24 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] miros1
I love that you posted everything in one place and that I don't have to tell people to "scroll down" on your GoS post anymore!

Re: Thanks!

Date: 2014-02-11 10:03 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] miros1
Oh, I like to read the older posts (and have wasted many hours reading them), but when you're trying to tell inexperienced downloaders what to get to fix their "I hate the raver kimono" whine, a summary like that is so handy!

Thank you very very very much!

Date: 2016-01-09 10:23 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
*bookmarks compulsively*

Holy Sims, you hid all the things INDIVIDUALLY so we can pick and choose? It's AWESOME! Thank you!

Thank you.

Date: 2016-03-22 04:39 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
So much work and so very useful! Thanks for creating and compiling these. :)

Date: 2017-01-24 01:29 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Thank you very much for sharing! I have a slight problem though. Build mode hides everything perfectly, but none of the hiders work in Buy mode. Do you have any idea why this could be?

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